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    I recently made a mage on a FTP account and was going to level him to 111 just for an Ignatius coat mule per say. He is level 77 now. Do you think its worth it to upgrade to all access so i can make his leveling go faster with aa's? i know ill have to buy the new expansion to get that spell. Or should i just push to 85 FTP so my 115 can run him thru gribbs ad nauseum?
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    I would wait. There are a couple things that help you level faster in addition to the AA's.

    You can work on some TBM armor and augs and progression with the 115 and him grouped now. The Mage won't get exp yet but he can get some good armor that will last him to level 100:

    You can do the DON progression and some others that will give you increase in stats that don't count in your AA count. Look under your special AA for ideas on that stuff

    The 115 can group with the 77 and kill the mobs for him in the Franklin Teek kill 5 daily. Get like 3 around his level and he will get the experience when the mobs are dead. The fact they are grouped will not affect that hot zone exp given at the end of the task since they are solo tasks.

    I would avoid the Gribbles when he gets up to 85. Unless they are in the Clayton Teek daily bonus HA.
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    As a free to play character, you will be limited to level 110 (unless you buy the new expac for that account). If you are using him for a buffbot only, I recommend not paying for the account, as you do not plan on adventuring with him. Once he reaches 85, you will be able to use Overseer to move his experience along faster. In the meantime, as you drag him along to soak up xp, invest the the best EM ear you can find so his pet can help earn xp.
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    thank you also, i looked into the tbm armor and it doesnt look any better than hot, but all that wont matter because he will be basically dragged around and powerleveled till 111, then yes i will have to buy the expansion. All this just to have a buffbot lol. My 92 beast is currently pl ing him, its just slow in hot. yes i believe he has the energized coil wire and i also bought shard of something or another when he hits 80, which hes halfway to 80 right now.
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    When released Overseer was paid accounts only ... has this changed?
  7. Qbert Gallifreyan

    Overseer was available for free-to-play from the day it was released. The number of quests is limited to three instead of five, but that's about the only thing different.
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    Mostly. Overseer was open to all account types to start...the only difference were the number of quests. Then on the first patch after release, silver/ftp no longer could access tradeskill item, collection, or ornamentation rewards for finishing quests (you got currency or xp). At some point this last year, they changed back so that everyone could get all the rewards.
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    So i got my mage to 85 and took my 115 with him to complete the third quest to unlock the armor for tbm. Took a bit lol, not a fast easy task like Gribbs at all. You only get like 120 remnants for finishing that, not very much at all. My question is do i continue with the same quest, into the temple b or is there another one worth doing over and over? i will try some don progression tonight when i find a guide for it.
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    If you can do these they will give you about 1200 remnants each. Also make sure you check with Clayton Teek cause if he is offering any of the TBM tasks as that day's daily then they pay double - so like 2400.

    Bane of Decay - We Make Our Own Rewards - In Defense of Health - Fate Rewards the Bold

    Also this was posted recently in the forums and you can see which ones you need to do in TBM to get upgraded stats's_Special_AAs

    For DON I actually like the bottom portion of this on Allah: Its a long quest line