Ak'Anon Quests - Tinmizer's Fabulous Compactor

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Nniki, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. Nniki Augur

  2. Paladin Augur

    I was thinking it was a rare reward, but I can at least confirm that 9 tries (Scrap Metal Quest) have failed to award me the Tinmizer's Fabulous Compactor.
  3. Nork New Member

    I've turned in at least 4 stacks of scrap metal with no compactor rewarded, would be nifty to have it confirmed that it's still possible
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  4. Anselmo New Member

    I've done over 2000 scrap metal handed in, no compactor, not a one.

    Safe to say it is not a reward option and needs to be fixed. Achievement is impossible until they do so.
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  5. Paladin Augur

    I have now done 30-ish hand-ins and got all sorts of junk, but not a single Tinmizer.
  6. Hegsheoshed Augur

    There are a few patch messages from 1999 that I am unable to find. Tinmizer's fabulous compactor was removed about the same time the Ring of the dead and the Glimmer ring . There was a mention in one patch message about fixing the font for the spell Harmshield or a misspelling because it looked like Hamshield. I can't find the patch where Winged Courier was removed or the change to Global duel messages no longer being broadcasted from other zones. Some of the duel message names were funny, some were very inappropriate. There are only 2 sources I know of for the older patch messages.

    The compactor was removed as a reward and existing glimmer rings were converted to a cloth cap or shoulders.