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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kyrin Kye, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Adonhiram Augur

    Added to the list !
  2. Doonish New Member

    This sounds like a carl hurley, "I'm putting you on my list!".
  3. RandomStrategy Augur

    I won't name any names, but I was in an assassin/supplier group a while back when a (I think druid) came up and KS'ed our Assassin right in front of us. Then, they offered to sell us loot rights to the mask. We told him to **** off, then another character came up and looted it. I guess they got the mask sold.

    I then vowed that I was not leaving that spot until every single person in group (except the dark elf characters, who did not want/need it) got their mask. Six pops of the assassin later (we all focused on the assassin as soon as it popped to prevent such shenanigans, again), we all had our masks, including the second to last roll to a rogue who joined who actually wore it.

    Some of my group members then spoke to the leader of the guild that person who KS'ed us was in, and apparently they are now in another guild. So, reputation does have some effect, still.
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  4. daffie999 Augur

    The very bad apples used to find ways around it, they would get renamed, transferred servers, etc. In today's world it seems like being an on the internet is expected. There are enough of those people that they can band together and still find groups. Look at the behavior of many "top" guilds (in any game not just EQ). They will cheat/lie/steal/exploit/grief just to win. It's "justified" when it is their own group of buddies doing it. That attitude then trickles down to the regular casual gamer in the non-raid scene.

    Fortunately, it's not EVERYONE, and there are enough good apples out there. To your question, I will /ignore people for many reasons and just not group with them ever again. I'm petty that way, but it's not something that keeps me up at night.
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  5. Urshulgi Augur

    People who are absolutely terrible at their class annoy me. I'm terrible with names, but I guess I'll just wait around and hope they get bored and aren't subbed when Kunark hits.
  6. Tinytinker Augur

    Rude people. Then, /who all necro and /who all druid
  7. Piku Elder

    I group with everyone. Typically I engage in conversations with people in group, trying to fit in with them by talking with them about marijuana.

    When someone admits to using it, I write their name down and at the end of the week I give the list to an anonymous DEA source of mine.

    I am rewarded once a month with a $10 Starbucks gift card.
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  8. Ethereal Augur

    I usually find that the players who are quick to use blacklists, or ignore, do no port lists for inspecting you without asking, etc, are usually the players who are the more annoying, toxic, or general 'bad' players. No offense to anyone, just my observations. I personally tend to just not care, and go on with my day rather then spend any extra effort on scribbling names into a notebook.
  9. Velcoro New Member

    Don't know where one would "usually find those things". Seems that the only people that would really object to such a practice are the ones who know they might make someone's list, or twenty.

    At the end of the day, EQ is a major time investment. For those of us who value their time and don't have an infinite supply of it, we want to avoid problematic players. That's not toxic at all, this mentality just wants to avoid neckbeards with elitist attitudes. I'll take a general 'bad' player any day over someone like that. /shrug
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  10. Rauven Augur

    If the entire server did this. It'd be a really awesome place. I'm fortunate enough to be apart of an entire guild like this.

    I've actually only ran into one bad apple in the entire time of Agnarr. Most people I've grouped with have been cool. Varying levels of skill, but usually laid back. But I have a theory on that.

    Your disposition attracts that which.. well, that what you focus on.

    For you and I, we focus on being laid back. getting some exp, and just having fun.

    For others, they worry about the next person who's gonna screw them over. Since that is their focus, that's what they see. I see this in RL all the time. You're going to find what you are looking for. That's basically how the world works.

    For example, I've been in a group where someone gets anxious because a stray firebolt from a mage hit one of our mobs. They go into a rant in group about how the guy is KSing. If I don't calm them the hell down. They'll go badger the mage. I dunno about you, but if I'm minding my own business and even if I make a mistake and some derp comes at me being all crazy. I might play games with them.

    Might... is a keyword. I have a bit of discipline and a pesky thing called morality that digs at me from time to time. But others who I'm not going to judge in this situation are.. well less likely to have the same inhibitions. Maybe some alcohol is involved (cause I know the dudes I group with love to have a good time) and well s--- happens.

    Those misunderstandings could be avoided by simply having a legit civil conversation. Simply being diplomatic and god forbid be patient. If it seems like it could have been an accident, 9 times out of 10 it was. We derp and make mistakes all the time. It only makes sense that others do it. Hell I put less standards on others than myself for that sort of thing.

    If it happens a second time, time to have a talk, but again patience and diplomacy.

    That goes a long way. For example, I've been in 2-3 groups in Sol A going to the Bar. In all those cases we get there the same time a higher level does. Someone in group wants to push them out. Now why would they want to do that? Its obvious they want a drop off the Bartender. So usually I chat with the high level about it.

    Guess what? We get to have all the mobs and they just take the bartender and give us the items they don't need, as well as buffs. Win win situation. That's called compromise. Everyone's happy.
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  11. Velcoro New Member

    This sounds so clueless that it nearly hurts.

    Bad people exist. People who pick into camps, try to KS mobs, train the camp if they lose the DPS race. People ninja items. People who train just because someone in /ooc called them out. People completely berate others when you don't play "at their level".

    This kind of behavior isn't being sought after. This behavior FINDS people. You can play the "laid back, full of wisdom" act, but just because you have only ran into one bad apple, that doesn't mean others haven't. I've never been robbed at gunpoint, either. But I have friends who have been. Neither of us go looking for that.

    This isn't My Little Pony Online. Remember the bad, /friend the good. Simple as that.
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  12. Ethereal Augur

    Sorry Velcoro, I forgot to put a trigger warning in my post. Please add me to whatever list you need to and move on.
  13. Velcoro New Member

    Just next time talk to me from one account then, no need to use Rauven also.

    Only people getting triggered are the ones who are attempting to question the intent of others who just want to remember players with bad behavior patterns. A few of you (and gotta wonder why...) have tried to divert it into questioning the people who do this.
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  14. Amoeba Augur

    I tattoo names on my left forearm of people I don't want to group with. I tattoo names on my right forearm of people I DO want to group with.
  15. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    I think you are better off (and less work) starting a list of GOOD people you want to play with.

    In reality, we're all human and EQ is ripe for misunderstandings and accidental slights. And EQ encourages us to compete for limited spawns and content, so even under the best of conditions, most of us will be offended AND offending at different times.

    I have used both the /friend and /ignore features in EQ. I have later come across people that pissed me off who were on my /friend list, and I have come across some that I enjoyed grouping with who were on my /ignore list. I think it says something significant about people in general. People are people, we all act like dicks some times and we all act like angels some times.

    Along the same lines as the general misperceptions about boxers and farmers (who they are, how many they are, etc.), I think this thread is really about our perceptions of how nice or not other people are in general. Once you realize we're all just people, it's a lot easier to let it go and not flip out when somebody is an to you. After all, that person doesn't even notice how mad you are (and if you throw a tantrum, they care even less and may even get a kick out of poking you more). So you're only hurting yourself by dwelling on how "bad" everybody is.

    I'm not saying be oblivious, there are still people I won't group with :)
  16. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    HAHAHAHAHAH this is hilarious - great joke for my day :) If it wasn't a complete joke, I suspect your "friend" has a sympathy/pity meeting with you once a week to make sure you are OK. He listens to your paranoid ramblings and gives you a gift card at the end to make you feel better and less pitiable. Then he makes a note in your mental health case file and goes home and smokes a joint.

    If what you say is true somehow, then you are literally the enemy of personal freedom, state's rights, and rationality. And the fact that you enter every group with the intent of deceiving makes you a pretty despicable person. But that's all just in case you weren't totally joking :)
  17. Rauven Augur

    Doesn't find me. More specifically I'll even say it avoids people like me. If you attract people like that, then thats a problem you need to work out.
  18. Rokkeb Journeyman

    I'll try to find a rep, but if I can't by the time it's time for me to go, well sorry but that's the way it is. Also sometimes happens and you gotta go without any notice. To hold a grudge on that is pretty childish, unless you keep grouping with the same people and they just keep saying "peace" and gate out.

    However there was a mage who joined group, loam robe dropped, he needed and won, "sorry g2g", and gated. Then was seen a minute later by my guild mates, in EC trying to get krono's for it. I mean group waited for 15 minutes for him to slowly make his way there, often not responding to tells about how close he was, so we're just wasting time at CE killing light blues. He finally gets there, a crazy lucky drop happens he wins, and bails. Pretty poor behavior, and I won't group with him again. I'm not saying it's wrong to sell the need roll you won, but to be so excited on it you bail instantly from the group you had waiting on your is the move of an .

    I also have people I notice as intentional trainers and KSers I won't group with them. I don't group with scum.
    But like others on this thread, I don't keep a list, it's names I remember in game as them being scumbags. So if they aren't that memorable I won't be not grouping with them.

    Then there are people who excessively spam every channel with their wares in EC. They just get on my ignore list, so if they're looking for a group or LFM, I won't see them. You just need to be in /auc, stop spamming /auc /shout /ooc /general /say /Antonica /faydwer /rogue /NewPlayers etc.
  19. Accipiter Old Timer

    Cool story. Doesn't work anymore because no one cares. Try cocaine instead.
  20. Accipiter Old Timer

    LOL. Too bad your post is going to get deleted.

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