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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kyrin Kye, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Kyrin Kye New Member

    [Perhaps I can post this now on the correct forum..sheesh.]

    Do you maintain a "do not group" list, and what gets a person onto it? How do you manage it, just put them on ignore? Or do you store it somewhere else.

    Obviously the bigger reasons (just being a jerk, abusing master looter abilities, etc) exist, but what other things rub you wrong?

    Does leaving a group after 15 minutes get them on it? Or people who fail to find their own replacement and just bail on the group? Poor player? The tank who afks too much. The Enchanter who won't CC. The healer who lets people die. Bossy people who tell others how to play their class, or the tank who curses his group when they didn't traverse the entire zone to save him from a root.

    While I'm not sure if naming players and their infractions is allowed here, I think it would be valuable information as reputations on this server should matter, and with so many players, it seems a bit like the wild wild west and could be more player-managed. Sure, some may give zero you-know-whats if they're on someone's list, but over time, what comes around goes around. They may not need anyone today...but someday they might.

    Feedback appreciated. And if allowed, who's on yours?
  2. ayoforYayoh Augur

    I'm a necro main that prefers to solo.

    You're ALL on my do not group list.
  3. jdillma2 New Member

    I feel like blacklisting folks is probably not what you want to be doing on a message board.

    Anyway I've never had such a bad experience with anyone that I'd leave if I saw they were part of a group.
  4. Kyrin Kye New Member

    The intent isn't a server-wide blacklist, but if you haven't had a bad experience, I'd think you haven't played much. I've met some of the BEST of people since the server went live, but I've also experienced the worst. The only people who'd be afraid of such an effort are the ones who want to keep doing what they're doing with no real repercussions.
  5. Vypervenom New Member

    Sorry, can't carve a safe space for yourself beyond using /ignore on people. It's a video game, if you don't like the community, don't play.
  6. MabbuAgnarr Journeyman

    I don't group with Mabbu... unless I want to WIN.
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  7. JustACleric New Member

    When I started playing on Phinigel, I kept a list of people I grouped with and notes. It's helped curate a nice reliable group of people to do stuff with.
  8. Kyrin Kye New Member

    We're the community, and I like it.

    But in any community/society real or on the internet, there are going to be people who don't deserve to be apart of it. And if that's too much to accept, perhaps you should find a different hobby.

    I do have a list for that too, I certainly have met tons more fantastic people than I 'bad guys' list is very small, I hope it doesn't get added to either.
  9. jdillma2 New Member

    I get where you're coming from, but if folks start posting character names on here and telling everyone not to group with them that's not a good thing. How do we know that the person is actually a jerk? What if you're the jerk? What if it's just a difference in personalities.

    I understand your intentions and if I came across someone that bad I wouldn't group with them, but I don't think a message board is the place to name names.
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  10. Semah Augur

    I once partied with the integers under division, but I wouldn't call it a group.
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  11. Kyrin Kye New Member

    Where's the place then? Just curious. How does a self-policing society like the EQ playerbase share information? Back in classic, a bad reputation made its way to all the major guild leaders and reputations mattered.

    Your approach is just to shrug your shoulders, question the validity of the accusation and move on. Sure, that works I guess.

    I'm not going to name players even if its allowed, I was more interested in what makes someone worth saying to yourself "I will never be in a group with that person again"...
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  12. Sonyeq Journeyman

    My character that I am boxing and my main got into an argument and now refuse to group with each other. It's a really awkward situation.
  13. Rebelicious Lorekeeper

    One of the things I loved about OldSkool EQ was the NEED to group was such an overriding concern, that people who hated each other would behave in order to xp.
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  14. Sulidar New Member

    Repeated intentional kill stealing, often combined with arrogant taunting about it; Loot ninjas; people who train groups intentionally; obvious krono-farm bots (not that those people ever group). Those make my list. I keep a macro I can check in game with a list of names.
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  15. Yruc Augur

    I may add someone to my ignore list but if I do, i usually for something pretty bad, like cussing out the group after they pulled 3 mobs when the healer had 10 mana and scream heal! HEAL! HEAL ME!!! until they died then proceeded to cuss out the healer in group until booted. He's the only one on my list.

    I'm pretty tolerant otherwise. It's a game.
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  16. UNDEADCRUSHER New Member

    mages that afk in the group so 50% of mages
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  17. Kahna Augur

    Naming names is not allowed, and the only thing it is likely to do is get you a vacation from the forums. It is far too open for abuse. I would rather let 1000 bad players keep being bad than let one innocent person get dragged through the mud because some crazy cyber stalker wants to bad mouth them.

    Where is the right place for some sort of community name and shame list? No where. Healthy communities don't keep lists like that. If someone really is a jerk they will make it onto enough individual ignore lists eventually.

    So far the only thing that made me say I will never group with that person again was inappropriate sexual comments. Everyone can have a bad day, have to go AFK, make mistakes as they re-learn the game. I'm not going to shun them for being human. I also can't say that I have ever grouped with anyone more than once, barring guildmates. At least no one that has made enough of an impression that I was aware that I was grouping with them multiple times.
  18. jdillma2 New Member

    Exactly. The population of Agnarr is such that you can create a list in your own dome and go about your gameplay with a clear head. There are so many other folks to run around with. If the person or persons are really that bad it'll be dealt with naturally. I've been in groups and seen someone in the zone say "LFG" and half the group says "ugh, do not group with them" That's enough policing for me.
  19. TLP Addict Augur

    I have a pretty good memory, not photographic or anything but usually the names of asshats tend to be remembered.

    People that go against the agreed upon rules of the group.
    Incompetent players.
    Ninja AFKers.
    Loot and drama queens.
    Trainers, Killstealers etc.
    Whole guilds if enough of their members piss me off.

    I 2 box now so that I can be picky about where I group and who with to avoid as many asshats as possible.
  20. Phantom Ghost Augur

    If I cannot remember them without a list, they did not do anything worth being blacklisted.

    People who make lists would be the first I'd put on my list if I had one.
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