Agnarr play nice policy?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Smak, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Smak Augur

    I heard that Agnarr has no rule against kill stealing, and camps are not recognized. Yet guilds a protected because they can use agents of change to spawn instances for a raid. Why is there not a way for a group to create its own instance of a zone to avoid kill stealing and /pickzone named farmers?

    I suggest leaving the current pickzones, and raid instances as they are, but also adding group instances that apply a lockout for the players in it from creating or joining the same zone/instance for perhaps 8 hours.
  2. snailish Augur

    I wouldn't hold out hope for this, adjustments were made to pickzones to reduce server load of mostly empty picks. LDoN was designed for single group play, everything prior was meant for much more... take Old Sebilis which can support quite a few groups if people play with courtesy. Give each group in the current multiple picks of that zone their own instance you'd likely have more instances of it running than the entire active zones on the server combined.

    Lack of courtesy from some players will spread out and lessen as expacs unroll. Already with Kunark there are more options of where to go that aren't appealing to the community-harming few. If we all insist on playing on top of each other in the same few zones we aren't helping ourselves.
  3. daffie999 Augur

    Server load.
  4. Galleyan Augur

    He doesn't, but he's also not wrong.
  5. daffie999 Augur

    Take away the sarcasm and he asked a question. Rhetorical. Obviously the OP would like a zone to himself or his group. And? So what? It's a more realistic request than people asking for something like "class balance" on a TLP. Obviously they have an issue with too many picks and performance which is why they close, otherwise I'm sure we'd see personal picks in game.
  6. AgentofChange Augur

    If you can spawn your own instance of every zone in the game,where the mobs respawn, and do that every single day... Well then you may as well be playing a completely different game. It sounds like EQ is not for you, and that's OK. It's not for everyone.

    For some people, nothing will ever be enough. If calling them on it makes me a DB, then I will gladly own that title.
  7. McJumps Augur

    I've read your posts, some of them anyhow. You are kind of a DB, but you're not the DB we asked for, you're the DB we NEED. Sometimes people need to be told when they are being obtuse or just downright ignorant, and you provide that service well. :)
  8. daffie999 Augur

    Think about it though... list some pros and cons. The biggest pro I can think of is it would eliminate 99% of the posts on this forums. "He trained me", "He is boxing", "He stole my camp", "camps don't exist", "Be nice", "You're a ding dong"...

    Not to mention you basically do have your only personal instance if you visit anything other than Lguk or now Seb.
  9. Illusory Augur

    You have a very legitimate argument, but few things must be said,

    Allowing groups to spawn their own instances completely negates the idea of a TLP - which is to try and recreate some of the old EverQuest magic (aka social game-play). One could argue that load balancing does too, but the difference here is that today you have 5,000 people on 1 server and the implemented load balancing walks the best line to maintain EQ's magic in 2017. Additionally, the EQ load balancing feature is probably quite costly. It takes a lot of resources and if you're familiar with any resource based cloud pricing model then you know just how costly hosted servers can become. Believe me, $15/month * Agnarr population is probably just enough to break even.

    Your name versus your post... Oh the irony. :)
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  10. McJumps Augur

    Pro - Less Forum Traffic
    Con - It would make the game unplayable because the server load would be too high. (I assume anyone asking for this does not understand how servers work)

    There ya go, some pros and cons. I'll leave you to the analyzing.
  11. daffie999 Augur

    Yup, that's why I posted that initially. I also really dislike EVERYONE posting endlessly about all the custom changes they want to a game, those get old... I personally don't see this as some crazy request though. EQ is basically there already with all the instanced areas, voice chats, and boxed groups. EQ is a shell to click buttons over and over in to get pixels.
  12. McJumps Augur

    I was on Agnarr about 2 weeks. Long enough to make about 50KR and dip out. Phinny was pretty bad in classic, but those people take it to a whole other level. Probably because of the servers "locked" status I assume. Lots of people from p99 coming over and thinking since they have been playing p99 for so long, they know how to play EQ still. Then they get here and realize its night and day. Not to mention the mouth-breathing, basement dwellers who make an appearance on EVERY TLP in one way or another. These people are like a fungus. They like dark places, and they feed on the corpses of other peoples fun.
  13. The Hated One Augur

    all AoC zones are spawnable instances by 1 group. Been doing it for 2 years. They just don't have respawns.
  14. Artanthos New Member

    Not giving individual instances because you are recreating the game as is was originally is one thing.

    No longer enforcing play-nice policies and turning a blind eye to kill-stealing and camp stealing goes directly against that stated goal. The original game had moderators and guides that cared about the play nice policies.
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  15. Velcoro New Member

    Either they do or don't care about money. I haven't bothered to resub and have been watching the forums to get a feel for where this place is headed. If they realize they might make more money by moderating the in-game community a bit, then there's hope for a change of policy. I'm itching to experience the Kunark era again but until they get the players under control, I'll just miss out.
  16. Febb Augur

    Artanthos, if they had the resources they would be enforcing the play nice policy. Daybreak is a small company now. There is maybe 30,000 unique subscribers left in the entire game if even that, compared to 500,000+ they had at the peak when they had GM's everywhere. They won't enforce these rules now because they don't have the money to pay a GM full time to just watch over EQ 1. Those GM's are now working through multiple games now most likely. You can point out that these TLP servers should be bringing in lots of new money to pay someone but SOE/Daybreak has always funneled their money into projects that bring in the most money and Everquest stopped being their flagship game long ago.
  17. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If they don't have the money to invest in a server that arguably is their most successful ever then what the heck... the money thing doesn't add up. Adding a gm or two to set the attitude of "no wild west" is an investment in player retention. The net effect is more prodit.

    I mean... if agnarr is not making this division money then eq and dbg need to part ways cause this server is so packed at launch you have trouble logging in.

    Keep them happy and they'll pay you.
  18. MaxTheLion Augur

    Going to make up some numbers but only as an exercise to play devil's advocate. ~90% of players on Phinigel accept DPS race rules. Of those players, many are long-standing customers with multiple paid for accounts. ~50% of players on Agnarr disagree with DPS race rules. Of those players, many have single accounts and have only been recently re-subbed for ~4 months. Many Phinigel players also play on Agnarr on the side. Start using a stick-up-the-pooper GM as the deciding voice on Agnarr and you'll piss off more of the core players than you'll make tourists happy.
  19. Sagarmatha Augur

    Every Faceless toon I've grouped with was pretty cool and good at their class.
  20. Artanthos New Member

    Back in the day, volunteer guides were able to resolve many of the PNP issues that arose.

    I'm not asking them to pay more moderators. I'm suggesting more guides and giving guides the ability to intervene on issues of camp stealing, killing stealing, griefing, etc.

    A very minor investment for a more pleasant community that returning players will find enjoyable.

    In the case of my family and I, it's not really a debate. Our camp in LoIO was stolen yet again last night after we had been peacefully playing there for almost an hour. We ended up logging out in frustration and will likely cancel our accounts and move back to another game.