[Agnarr] Open Plat POTIME Saturday Oct 10 8:30pm EST

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  1. Xeris Augur

    We are BACK with another PLAT RAID on Agnarr! Bored of Mangler? Tired of Aradune's awful server performance? Want to raid and earn plat while you do it? You bet. Come on down!

    This next plat run will happen Saturday October 10, 8:30pm EST.

    Who am I: I'm an officer of Charge the Lair and our primary raid leader. I've been on Agnarr since server launch and have been raiding Time pretty consistently since June of last year. I've also hosted many public backflagging events over the past several months.

    How will this work: Mob dies. Item drops. I will ask for bids (in tells), and the highest bid wins. Provide me the plat (or krono equivalent), and then the loot will be assigned to your character.

    Who can join: Anyone who is lvl 65. I want to make sure that we have some minimum requirements of certain classes to actually ensure the raid works (I.E. we need 5-6 clerics, handful of tanks, etc), but otherwise no particular restrictions. I don't care what guild you're from, whether you're a main, box, or what.

    Box policy: Boxes are free to join the raid, but please let me know if you're boxing a character, which character it is. I will prefer mains to boxes, so if the raid becomes full, I'll start booting boxes for mains. I won't ask, I'll just start removing boxes. Preemptively, don't be offended if you have a box that gets removed, it's not personal!

    What happens to the platinum after: I will take a raid log every 30 minutes ("tick"). At the end of the raid, I will distribute the platinum to each person, based on the amount of ticks they were at the raid for. 2% of the platinum generated by the raid will go to me

    Raid start & end time: Raid will start Saturday October 10 at 8:30pm EST. I'll probably start forming the raid at about 8:00 and aim to start promptly at 8:30. The raid will end when Quarm dies.

    More specific rules:
    - The minimum bid for an item is 15,000 platinum during Phases 1-3. After Phase 3, the minimum bid will be 30,000 platinum.

    - Regardless of how many boxes/alts you bring, you will count as 1 person for purposes of the split. If you're not happy with this, don't bring a box. If I find out that you have boxes at the raid that aren't declared, you forfeit your split and will be banned from future raids

    - If there are is a tie, each person will be asked to submit a new bid

    - I'll use the Agnarr discord - you must be in discord to be eligible to receive plat. I don't care if you talk or not, but being in discord to listen to instructions is required. If I see someone in the raid that isn't in discord, I'll forfeit your split. I may or may not give warnings

    - We'll try to clear as fast as possible, but I'll leave enough time between bosses to do loot and make sure the raid is ready, so it may take longer than you're used to clearing with your guilds

    - Bids ideally are in platinum. Krono bids will be allowed, and a conversion rate will be announced at the start of the raid. I will also update this thread with the rate

    - People please bring heal pots, I likely will NOT be selling them, but would love if people did!

    - I'm expecting people to contribute on the raid. People who are consistently not contributing will be removed from the raid. I'll give 1 warning out to people who are egregiously not doing anything

    Final note:
    Remember, this plat run is a bit later than usual. Keep that in mind please. Hope we can get a good turnout and knock this out!
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  2. SoandsoForumUser Augur

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  3. Protagonist Tank

    Aradune hasn't had server issues in months. I get that nothing ever changes on the prison server, but that's not the case on the servers with people on them.
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  4. Encephalitis New Member

    Aradune has been fine for............. 5 months now lol. have fun with the 9 people on agnarr still.
  5. Xeris Augur

    i'll never tire of the positivity and friendly nature of the folks that frequent the EQ forums =D
  6. Protagonist Tank

    You tried to talk down another server, got the stupid slapped out of your mouth, then passively-aggressively and sarcastically complained that people weren't friendly enough.

    A+ interneting.
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  7. Xeris Augur

    Nah, I was just too lazy to edit the post which came from the last run I hosted when Aradune was in classic. I play on aradune sometimes. Cheers tho.
  8. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    Agnarr is the most pleasant server I've ever been on. i'm pretty sure there is more than 9 people playing there..

    * On a side note the term prison server seems to be ignorant to the fact people are allowed to leave via server transfers if they so wish. I guess ignorance is bliss ;)

    Nice to play with cool and normal people who come and go at their own pace not having to play catchup on 20+ years of content...
  9. Fizon Elder

    Rofl all these aradune people coming here talking crap like they didn't have the lowest pop tlp ever
  10. PipotheAFILADOR Journeyman

    I've got hundreds of krono saved for this. Let's get some quarm hammer this time.
  11. Xeris Augur

    Yesss let's hope for some good drops ! Last time we got a Quarm hammer.

    Also, the cool thing about EQ is there's tons of servers available to suit people's preferences. People who like the pop era enjoy playing on Agnarr
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  12. Xeris Augur

    looking forward to all 9 of you tomorrow!!!
  13. theRTG New Member

    word up big xeris. make another fun video of a dual kill. viva CTL.
  14. Xeris Augur

    Fun time, almost 4 mill play generated :) almost 2kr for the folks that showed up the whole time.
  15. Everdork99 Lorekeeper

    Grats man! That sounds pretty cool. I don't play there but Agnarr sounds pretty neat with stuff like this going on. Way to think outside the box!
  16. Budrip New Member

    Good times thank you Xeris!
  17. Pumpernickel Lorekeeper

    Didnt everyone already transfer off Angarr?
  18. Xeris Augur

    Nope. Still a few hundred people left. :p
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  19. Jimmy2times Elder

    What’s the population on Agnarr these days? ... thinking of coming back?
  20. Xeris Augur

    Depends what you're expecting. There's probably a few hundred people on the server. 3 guilds, 2 of which are still fielding fill raids. Prime time prolly has about 150-200 people online... Non prime time is like 80-100.

    Server pop is healthy enough where if you're persistent you can find people to group and play with.
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