Agnarr - Necro or mage?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Snapdragyn, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Snapdragyn New Member

    Or perhaps more accurately, why should I consider a necro?

    I've only played either on previous progression servers, & never past mid/high teens. With that notably limited experience, however, I'm left wondering what necros offer.

    Mages have stronger pets.
    Mages have stronger nukes.
    So... necros have...?

    Just considering which to play. Yeah, yeah, 'play what you like' yadda yadda - but I wouldn't post the question if I didn't find enjoyment in both.
  2. Xarbokk Elder

    Necro has FD and snare so they can single pull and keep runners from bringing adds. Plus necros can kite like a BOSS
  3. Zephiron Elder

    Necros can mezz two mobs up to level 55 and have extremely high dps poison spell inherited from shaman buffed dots. They can summon corpses and res, pull, charm much stronger undead pets than mages will ever see this server. Best mana Regen in game, able to feed mana, able to solo efficiently with little fear of wipe. Later in server life they slow, mezz and just out right own undead and just have much more utility than mages will ever have. Mages get MOD rods and coth with sub-par mana efficiency.
  4. nantalbus Elder

    depends on how you plan to play. if solo then necro will own the mage. mages have to have a pet to solo necros don't. if it can be snared/rooted and don't summon then its dead to a necro.

    if grouping most of the time then it depends on what your play style is. If you want max dps in a group setting then mage will own the necro in fast fights. if you don't care bout max dps and want to bring more to the group then as zephiron posted necros bring a lot more non dps based things to the table.