[Agnarr] Mandalorian - Hardcore Self-Found Guild!

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  1. Protocol Dragon Defender

    <Mandalorian> is recruiting for our official launch on the Agnarr server this February 15th. This is a concept guild with a custom self enforced rule set. We are "hardcore guild self-found" which means that if any member dies in game they must delete their character or leave the guild. Members cannot group, trade or accept buffs/ports from members outside of the guild.

    We have a "bounty" system where groups of players from our guild pursue bounty targets that are listed on our bounty board. Each target is worth a set number of points when killed, these points are used to generate weekly and overall leaderboards within the guild.

    This playstyle may seem strange at first but if you've never done a "self-found" or "hardcore/permadeath" run of Everquest before you will be surprised by just how fun it is, especially after years of doing early eras of EQ ad nauseum.

    Our Rules:
    1. Group with guildies only
    2. No leveling or progress before February 15th.
    3. You must join the guild at level 1
    4. No buffs from outside the guild
    5. No items from outside the guild
    6. No trading from outside the guild
    7. No ports from outside the guild
    8. No binds from outside the guild
    9. No cash shop items, potions or bags
    10. No twinking even within the guild
    11. No Luclin era revamped newbie armor quests
    12. Tradeskill items must be purchased from other guildies at cost +10%
    13. Bounty kills must include a screenshot & whole party must gain exp.
    14. Maximum Level is 60
    15. No AA points can be spent
    16. You cannot abuse /q + "return home" from char select to evade deaths
    17. If you die you leave the guild, join <Foundlings> or delete your character

    Bounty Board:

    Jump in our discord and join today, we've already got about 40 people signed up and many more inquiring!

    Watch live:
    If you're interested but think you won't have the time to play or are hesitant about jumping in at first you can catch tons of our content live on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/zaidegod every M/W/F/S at 8pm EST!
  2. FranktheBank Augur

    Instead of asking for a 'unique' TLP, making your own unique experience. Legit.
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  3. Alavaz Lorekeeper

    Sounds like a good time and a good way to spend some of that spare time between raiding on Aradune!
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  4. Alemorikec New Member

    This is the way.
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  5. lvl99moogle New Member

    Bump bump bump it up! This is next level EQing
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  6. Revs71 New Member

    Oh! I am in! Can't wait to hunt some bounties!
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  7. Ermok Lorekeeper

    This is the way
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  8. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    if you hand in the book to the priest of discord and everyone goes red they wont be able to get buffs or heals from other players and that may help....

    or trolls may come and buff and heal you and take screenshots and then your playing a character that had help and all your hard work is fake and for nothing and you'll always know that one time you almost died but got heals and buffs...

    also rule 5 and 10 seem strange.. you can get loot from guildies but you cant twink so which is it ?

    whats your take on boxing ? some nerds on agnarr box 10 + characters and never group with people as it is so will this guild box also or will all member be able to get groups...
  9. Kermit_P_Shaffer New Member

    This is the way.
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  10. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Alternatively trolls might turn in their books and PK. I've been doing SSF/HC runs on stream for the last 8 months and I've never had someone continue to heal me after asking them not to. If someone is dedicated to griefing then I consider being able to actually come and kill permadeath characters a worse potential result than griefing via heals. Also note that you can block buffs on retail servers so that won't be an issue.

    The only real goal here is to have fun. No one cares if someone runs by and heals you and then posts screenshots saying it's fake lmao.

    Can you reasonably acquire the item you're about to trade/buy/acquire from a guildie in a group of similarly leveled players on your own? If the answer is "no" then you're about to break the "no twinking" rule.

    Again, this is something people are doing for fun, someone cheating is really just cheating themselves.

    I don't mind boxing. Bounty targets involving more than 6 characters don't count so it won't matter much. If you're concerned that someone will use a pile of out of group characters to trivialize leveling and avoid risk well just remember that the primary goal here is fun.
  11. FranktheBank Augur

    Obviously I don't speak for Zaide, but I would imagine someone who does this would only be interested in actually conforming to the spirit of the rules. It's really the opposite of power gaming and moreso for people looking for a cool, new way to experience the game.
  12. Zipper New Member

    Whoever leads the bounty board has more street cred than whoever finishes expansions first on other servers. I have spoken.
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  13. abrupt001 New Member

    This is the way.

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  14. Xeris Augur

    Sign me up prolly
  15. Protocol Dragon Defender

    We have 55 people signed up with more joining every day! February 15th can’t arrive soon enough!

  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Cool idea...

    The fear of death was so tangible in the eq we used to play... if you've only played modern eq you're really missing out on that.

    P99 has or had something like this and it was very successful... so I'd think this is great for agnarr and the eq community.

    55 players is more than Selo most days lol.
  17. Beretta New Member

    Bounty for: The Ishva Mal (In Paw)

    That will be an exciting one on Agnarr ;)
  18. Pyde New Member

    82 Players signed up as of now. This is the way !
  19. Gherig Addicted since Aug 1st, 1998

    How are you going to handle DeathTouch? This is an entirely unavoidable mechanic that can and will happen across a couple mobs in this era server. If it was me, I would make DeathTouch the only exempt Death in the challenge since its a mechanic that is entirely out of the possibility to avoid.
  20. Protocol Dragon Defender

    It's going to kill some people. All rules still apply. This is the way.