Agnarr locked to OOW

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  1. Xeris Augur

    Oow is a more interesting era overall.
  2. PartVI Fought Petey Wheatstraw

    Def the twilight of the 'every fight is a tank and spank' era.
  3. Circadian72 Kabuki - Agnarr

    I like the thought of allowing other TLPs to transfer to Agnarr AFTER the TLP hits PoP (or even right before, no transfers after Luclin or whatever). I think that would breath a somewhat steady flow of new life onto the server.

    I guess the big thing would be making sure all your gear is server approprate and your not transfering with things like herloom or tradable no trades to the server. Maybe a naked / empty bank transfer?

    I also like making additional servers that lock every X number of expansions PAST PoP, sure you can transfer off of Agnarr to those servers, but not back.

    Maybe charge server transfer price or double the price for character copy to new server (leaving your toon on its current server as well).

    Seems like a money maker! :)
  4. Lineater Augur

    Any server imprisoned in the OOW - TBS meleequest era would not work. Class balance is a joke. No silk caster class is gonna subject themselves to that permanent misery.

    OOW is especially bad with the laughable resist rates.
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  5. Xeris Augur

    OOW is pretty dope, actually. I really loved it xd
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  6. Lineater Augur

    I liked Omens during my first playthrough on Mischief. But as far as being deserving of an era lock? 2.0 content isn't repeatable. Raid content is thin and not great. Being stuck doing MPG in perpetuity would be like a Groundhog Day esque nightmare.

    OOW + DoN together would be an improvement but after playing a mage through the 70's meleequest era, I wouldn't go anywhere near a server locked to one of those horribly balanced eras where melee dps is doing 3x the damage of caster dps.
  7. Splittin Journeyman

    I would take a vote on agnarr, casters basically own it. Wizzies easily top dps on time. Monks and rangers are good, though monks are good almost every expansion.
    Maybe a personal level lock on server, if people want to stay at PoP, them that will be the default, if they want to move to DoN, click the option to unlock it.
    There is so much more content with GoD, OoW and DoN. All tied to the same level. You can even do time if you really want, bring on fabled PoP.

    There is so many options, necros get dot crits and we know the necro epic clicks is $$. Infact epic click for all classes was awesome. Zerkers are fun to play, hell you even get to shoulder my burden!

    Yes those expansions require more game involvement but, who didn't like aug farming anguish? Tons of groupable stuff. PoP, it's just time and ldon raids, back flagging is meh, no real appeal. Not to mention the other zones raids are hardly ever touched. Even plane of fire is quiet.

    After DoN the game became too clicky, especially for zerkers. Hell, some fights just clicking self harm abilities would kill you on fights with heavy aoe. They were given dying blow for a reason, a slap in the face really.
    DoN Era is the best before the game became a hot key nightmare.
    I quit playing at times because it just was no longer enjoyable.
    House if Thule wasn't bad, PoR was decent but with that Era, you lose a bunch of content.

    So it's OoW/DoN or bust.
    Can a Dev pop in about a possible server vote? If it doesn't pass, then fine, it dies, if it does, then let's go.
  8. Zansobar Augur

    I don't think they are going to change the ruleset. The server was advertised as a PoP locked ruleset, if that is not what you want why not just re-roll somewhere else?
  9. Fluid Augur

    IMHO there is some fine tuning that could take place. Self serving on my part. There's a number of areas that have Quests that were added in later expansions. That is, level and area appropriate Quests that just weren't ready when the zones were added.

    At least one of the things I've noticed/was informed is level 61-65 are still using the 'ethereal parchment' quests to get them. For the level 61 & 62 spells you need to get to 63-65, nobody hunts those zones anymore! Most regular players are chock full of raid equipment and AAs, so it isn't a challenge for them and not enough traffic on the server to justify farming them for those in need. I don't mind Research skill, but it isn't allowed because of that ~2 expansions past current restriction.

    IDK, IIRC that was going to be part of the charm of Agnarr. Forced grouping, impossible soloing, slow advancement. It is a tough mode server! Still, it would be more new player friendly if there wasn't that speed bump. Maybe make Ethereal Parchments drop in more Planes or allow research through level 62 spells or something.

    I have 3 accounts so I can and am currently hunting zones with the right drops. I wouldn't mind if it was a bit easier. :)
  10. Celatusp99 Augur

    I would doubt its getting moved off pop as that's what was promised. Just come to a new server when you're bored with pop. I kinda doubt we see a era locked server again. I do hope for a tss start at some point though since its the last full xpac, one starting at lvl 1 i mean.
  11. Soriano Augur

    They may at some point make another server that will lock at DoN or PoR. (level 70) I do not see them changing Agnarr it was created as a server that would remain Locked...NOT a long delay to