Agnarr- Kunark Plane of Fear

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Puroah, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Puroah New Member

    Is plane of fear updated for Kunark on Agnarr?

    My guild did an instance of fear tonight, and it seems like Dread, Fright, Terror, and Dracoliche had Mark of the Mighty III? Is this intended? It was my understanding that MOTM 3 was for velious level mobs. Additionally, Dread was dual wielding a dagger and a sword, which was not on his classic loot table.
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  2. malaki Augur

    It shouldn't be. The Fear update should be in Velious.
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  3. Mokuton New Member

    He was most definitely dual wielding, and hitting for 675. Significantly more difficult than before.
  4. Verli New Member

    Aside from dual wielding and hitting for 675, he also had an AOE DOT that was hitting for 50/tick. His aggro radius had also changed from close to the top of his tower to the base of the tower just west.
  5. Vanishin Lorekeeper

  6. Protocol Augur

    Shame that this thread will get this awesome accident nerfed.
  7. Puroah New Member

    It should be nerfed. I for one don't want velious level loot on Agnarr until velious. It kind of defeats the purpose of a TLP.
  8. Protocol Augur

    It's Velious level loot for defeating a Velious level encounter, while wearing nothing but classic and early Kunark gear and probably sub 60's.
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  9. Vanishin Lorekeeper

    And? It isn't supposed to come out until Velious, it's an oversight on their part it isn't exactly that big of an accomplishment. If you can box those bosses down get back to
  10. Prathun Developer

    Verified. Looking into a fix.

    Edit: Fixed internally.
  11. qweasy Augur

    Hotfixable? My sham wants his epic.
  12. Galleyan Augur

    Damn. This was actually super fun in classic gear.
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  13. Trevalon Augur

    Thank you once again Prathun for preserving the progression on these servers. Hopefully this can be or already is hotfixed into the game.
  14. Mydixie New Member

    lol people crying cause they arent able to solo a mob with their box
  15. Xeris Augur

    Will any of the new loot that drops there be removed once the zone is fixed? My guild intends on raiding it tomorrow but we don't want to waste our time if our loot will get removed... Anyone have any idea?
  16. malaki Augur

    Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.
  17. Olestra Lorekeeper

    I "Fixed internally" code for broke completely?

    I moved my character to fear for our raid tonight and the AoC is not even there.
  18. malaki Augur

    Fixed internally usually means they need to patch it in. They probably just took down the Fear AoC in the interim until they can patch.
  19. -wycca Augur

    Sorry, no out of era loot for you!
  20. Galleyan Augur

    Daybreak Headquarters: Don't worry guys... We fixed the bug. No one can do Fear instances anymore. Patch next month.