Agnarr Journeymans Compass; unreachable zones

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  1. Stash McWhalen New Member

    How much of this is do-able? I've only finished LoY, but as I look over the region/expac lists, some zones seem impossible on Agnarr. Anyone able to assist with what regions are obtainable?
  2. Donroy Elder

    All of them are obtainable except the classic EverQuest tab since Nedarias and the housing stuff etc will never unlock. Realistically you only need to finish 4 different expansion explorers since you get the AA every 4 completions and Agnarr only has 6 you can do. Unless you’re a completionst not just after the journeyman speed AA.
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  3. Krezzy Augur

    It looks like PoP includes Plane of War for some reason.
  4. Donroy Elder

    Correct, but Prison of the Forsaken and Plane of War are both optional and not required to complete the meta achievement/compass progression.

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