[agnarr] Flames of Reverence (EST/PST) is recruiting

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by CexiiBish, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. CexiiBish New Member

    With Kunark launching in a few days we will be looking for exceptional players to fill our open raid slots. We have 2 raid teams right now (EST & PSTpride) and recruitment is currently open for all classes. Level 50 is required.

    What keeps us busy?

    We kill dragons...

    Swim with the fish...

    Play with the Gods...

    Slay butterflies..

    Guild History
    Flames of Reverence is the product of two Project 99 guilds; Fires of Heaven and Venerate. Both guilds flourished independently collecting epics and farming Halls of Testing. The alliance enabled the conquest of end game content, including Aaryonar, Cazic Thule, Dain, Gorenaire, The Statue of Rallos Zek , King Tormax, Yelinak, Zlandicar, and regularly completed Ring Wars.

    It was a thrilling time for both guilds, but handicaps that most active raiding guilds do not have, things like gainful employment, a need to pay mortgages, and families, held our alliance and guilds back.

    So here we are on Agnarr, all classic content on farm, kicking without hours of poop socking, racing, and lawyer questing. Want to the join the fun? Submit an app today!

  2. Lorglath New Member

    Recruiting is open! Looking for more filthy casuals that don't want to be required to raid, but take it seriously when they commit to raiding!
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  4. straynge Journeyman

    Great people, lookin forward to Velious
  5. Snapdragyn New Member

    Hello. Spoke briefly to Cexii tonight on my necro, Gnever. Trying to app, but having a problem with the forums - the confirmation email just bounces me back to them without actually confirming anything so that I can make the official app post.
  6. Progress Augur

    Attempted to apply via your website, but the link through the confirmation email does not confirm your account, so you can not post or send private messages through the forums.

    edit : it's not correctly directing to your forums, as the link says forums.forguild.com instead of forguild.com/forums. If you manually fix the address to forguild.com/forums(rest of confirmation link starting with ?) it says that the email has been confirmed.