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    Faceless Empire is currently recruiting all classes for Luclin! Join us now and get ready to raid Ssra Temple, VT and other Luclin raid targets!

    Our history on Agnarr:
    ·All Classic server firsts
    ·All major Kunark server firsts including server first VP clear
    ·All major Velious server firsts including a full clear of all Velious content within the first 30 hours of expansion launch

    Guild Details:

    • Official instance raid nights are Tues, Friday and Sunday at 9PM ET
    • We use a DKP system to distribute loot, and only require 20% 30-day raid attendance to maintain full bidding rights
    • We operate a batphone system to pursue open world targets
    Guild Requirements:

    • Level 60
    • Discord (mic optional)
    • Willingness to learn and improve
    • Willingness to sign up for the batphone system
    The Faceless batphone has a bit of a reputation on the server, but it’s simply a mobile notification system that almost anyone with a cell phone or computer should be able to participate in. There is a major misconception that you have to abandon your real life responsibilities to respond to a batphone, nothing could be further from the truth. We do not expect or require anyone in this guild to maintain 100% batphone response or 100% raid attendance. Instead we simply ask if you join faceless you have enough play time so that during your play window each day you’re available to respond to a batphone to mobilize and kill an open-world raid target.

    This system is alien to some, especially because of how common instancing is now even on EQ TLP and obviously on other MMOs, but it’s a necessity to pursue targets in the open world where any guild can kill them. There are many times when a batphone raid is over very quickly and efficiently due to the experience and abilities of our raid force.

    There are significant benefits to being a member of Faceless Empire, including but not limited to:

    • You’ll be joining a tight knit community of like minded raiders, some of whom have played together across multiple servers for 6 years
    • We get the greatest quantity of loot of any guild on the server, to a dramatic degree. What this means is we actually are one of the easiest places for people with middle-tier play time to gear up. Our highest attendance raiders are the best geared people on the server, with many of them already wearing 5 or even 6 items from Vulak. At the same time, we have members with RA as low as 25% who are wearing items like Sal`Varae’s Robe of Darkness.
    • Due to all our excess loot we allow alts and secondary characters to acquire gear in our system, and many of our boxes and alts are extremely well geared.
    • We fund any spell reagents your class will need to use during our raids
    • With our excess resources our guild bank acquires and then bids out for DKP high value tradeable items such as Crowns of Narandi, Mana Robes, and Shields of the Immaculate--as an additional benefit to our membership
    Current Needs:
    Bard - High
    Cleric - High
    Druid - High
    Enchanter - Low
    Magician - Medium
    Monk - Medium
    Necromancer - Medium
    Paladin - Low
    Ranger - Medium
    Rogue - Medium
    Shadow Knight - Closed
    Shaman - Medium
    Warrior - Medium
    Wizard - Medium

    While these are our levels of need, we are accepting applications from *all* classes at this time.


    Please register on our forums and make an application post in the “Everquest Applications” forum:

    And/or contact:
    Sieger or Vash in game
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    We're still recruiting for Luclin, get in on the action today!
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    Luclin is cool
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    The Luclin recruiting process continues! Come enjoy EQ's 3rd expansion.

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