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  1. Raato New Member


    About us:

    Initially we came over from P99. We are an EU guild that is mostly European, but we have members from all over the world. We have a tight core of skilled and friendly players that have played together for years.

    As far as our history on this server goes we've been around since classic while managing to clear all raid content in-era and we continue clearing Plane of Time on a regular basis. We have also kept our raider numbers strictly in balance with the content rather than recruiting a force capable of steamrolling over the content, that's why we haven't actively recruited before this.

    Now we feel it's time to open up recruitment more and offer a home for all EU time-zone players in the server, whether it be raiding or grouping or however you want to play the game (as hardcore or as casual as you like).


    We are currently recruiting all classes with a minimum level requirement of 35. We have a minimum level of 60 (65 for PoTime) to attend raids, although Fridays fun raid we may sometimes relax that rule.

    Although we value skilled players in our raiding ranks we still value good and friendly personality even more.That said, we care more about the kind of person you are than your class, level, gear or skill/experience. We set certain expectations how our members behave towards guildies and other players in this server.


    Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday – 20:00-23:00 CET.

    Currently raiding Plane of Time, Elementals and LDoN Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays on a rolling rotational basis to give all our members who might not be able to make certain days a chance to raid all the content on offer. Fridays is reserved for our now infamous Bolthan fun night where we mostly do older content like VT, Kael (which included a hilarious AOW fight in the pvp arena), VP, backflagging when needed or anything really that members like to try whilst getting drunk or sipping a cup of tea if they're that way inclined :p

    We require use of Discord voice comms on our raids. You don't have to speak, but you are obligated to listen to raid orders.


    We use a blind DKP bidding system. You are able to bid for your alts with certain bidding restrictions - we still want the best loot going to our mains. You are also welcome to play max level alts on anything other than Plane of Time to help keep people interested in the game. Trialists are allowed to bid and we have a fairly high max bidding limit for anyone with less than 25% RA, which is enough to get a lot of the really good items in PoTime.


    Website: http://www.europa-agnarr.com/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/aUtsAgU
  2. Raato New Member


    No particular needs for any classes, but recruitment is open for all!

    Currently clearing all the content with around 30 players on each raid.
  3. Raato New Member

    Oh we doing split Quarms these days with help of well geared alts. Check us out if you want to raid all the content in casual friendly guild on Agnarr!
  4. Raato New Member


    Still raiding and having fun at EU primetime. Splitting Quarms and such. Could use more DPS on our raids to make things faster and couple warriors, but we'll accept all classes if the player behind is nice person!

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