Agnarr: Claw of the Mature Patriarch , is it doable?

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  1. Herf Augur

    I've gotten claw #4 in the Cabilis BST quest line and am working on 5 (then hopefully 6). But I'm unable to spawn "a corrupt spiritualist" in Kaesora. Some people are saying this can't be completed on Agnarr, which makes no sense unless it's a bug.

    Can anyone confirm having completed this and the final quest in the chain, on Agnarr? Or comment on if it's doable?

  2. Riddish Lorekeeper

  3. Herf Augur

    There are two mobs, one in Kaesora, one in CoM. Both are needed, though one entry says you can skip that part if you get the 3 Lativ drops. However at least one of those mobs is rumored to also be missing.
  4. Catashe Augur

    Are you talking about the Claw of the Mature Patriarch or the Claw of the Spiritual Elder? cause the patriarch one if i remember can be completed but the Spiritual Elder one can't be completed like the other iksar class weapons unless they finally changed it.. I remember trying to get them to allow it but it never got anywhere cause there was never enough interest in it.. but I never played on newer TLPs to check if Lativ spawns in the kunark or Luclin era..
  5. Herf Augur

    Both claws. I'm working on Mature Patriarch right now and one of the two mobs needed for the initial phase (in Kaesora) is not spawning. Rumor has it that at least one of the mobs in the 2nd phase is not spawning as well. Which means we can't get claw #5 OR #6.

    This should really be fixed; there's no reason that all of the other Cabilis quests work but this one doesn't.
  6. Lhus Journeyman

    I believe this quest unlocks in OoW.
  7. GNOME_POWER Augur