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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Wayylon, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Machentoo Augur

    People keep saying that and yet by all measurable quantities, the player base on TLP's is higher now than at any other point since Krono were released over four years ago. I know that SOME people are alienated by krono. Many more declare that they are alienated, but take their sweet time actually doing anything about it like unsubscribing. For the most part it seems to be a winning strategy all around for Daybreak.
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I'm saying the camps drive krono sales where otherwise its a plat sale/no money.

    Didn't delve into whether or not that drives people away.
  3. Gingyr Lorekeeper

    The currency involved doesn't change a single thing. I am starting to wonder if you ever played anywhere but your walled off safe spaces like p99. Even there tho, there is nothing to compel anyone to give up a camp to you so farmers can still lock down content and sell the items/plat made from them. Yantis made a lot of money selling content way before Krono existed. You whining about Krono being the problem is stupid. Your issue is with human nature.
  4. Death Strudel Augur

    Look, it's real simple. If DBG is actually profiting from Krono sales due to bot armies creating artificial scarcity, then there is one simple solution: DBG can sell those items in the marketplace and we can buy it directly from them. I would prefer to do it this way, I'd rather pay the people running the game than pay the people ruining the game.

    At this point, after 18 years, we all know the drop rates and spawn times of all the mobs in the game. If they go and mess with that to drive people to the marketplace, we're going to know. At the same time, I am fairly certain that they are losing a lot of revenue to illicit krono sales on unmentionable websites. Why not just claim it all? Sell all these high value twink items in the marketplace, and either the bot armies compete on price or get lost. People who want to buy their way to digital victory can do so, while those who want to go sit and earn the item themselves can also do so (and the time played consumes their sub $, so it's win-win for DBG).

    The real issue is these bot armies are creating a virtual monopoly for themselves. Take that away from them via marketplace competition from someone who can fabricate infinite items, and their business model comes down around them. The trick is to price the items reasonably, and allow a krono for marketplace cash trade in (easy enough to establish based on existing cost models).
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  5. Wowjustwow Elder

    What?! Box armies at the Chancellor camp monopolizing it with overpowered pets that instantly kill him? No way!
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  6. daffie999 Augur

    People who threaten to unsubscribe or quit can trip on their way out. To me that type of behavior just shines a massive light on the entitlement people think they have today. Let the developers make a game and you play it... or don't. There are a million and one games to play out there.

    However, I hate krono. RMT is a cancer that causes more issues than it's worth going into here. If I didn't absolutely love EQ and have great memories playing it since beta I would quit. Not a threat, just a simple statement that I would not play the game. The micro-transaction model has taken over video games which is okay in some genres. Not in an MMO.
  7. Machentoo Augur

    Right. Good post. Krono are here to stay, like them or not. So you can either put up with it, or quit. Continued calls for a no krono server or for Daybreak to limit them in some way, or to change the way the game works to nullify their impact, are going to fall on deaf ears.
  8. Xanathol Augur

    Don't ya know? They are doing you a favor, allowing you to buy it from them... o_O
  9. Wayylon Augur

    Ya there's no problem at all here...

    Unlock HS
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  10. The Hated One Elder

    I've said it before. Keys should not be a thing on servers that are fast progression and made for people came back to experience all the game has to offer. They create drama/chaos for the server. Seriously...there are instanced zones. Why do we need keys for anything on a TLP fast unlock server? Phinny and Agnarr would have MUCH less drama if all zones were open for everyone to experience play. How great would the server be if you could go and experience the whole game with your friends the first day or week of each expansion? Pop your instance and dive in doing something you may never have or havent done in a long time. I mean, isn't THAT why people come back to play?
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  11. Erebuss New Member

    Daybreak please , Simply change the Jade Prod to no drop, and increase his spawn like you did for hunter/forger , along with VP parts, there should be no "time sink" bottle necks in a fast progression server.
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  12. Velerin New Member

    Just make it get returned with the key from the quest giver. i.e. Hand in prod plus fang get prod plus key returned. Multiple people can use 1 prod. Price drops dramatically. Krono farmers leave and camp returns to normal.
  13. RandomStrategy Augur

    Krono Farmers now selling LR to Xalgozian Fangs. There's not a simple solution to it other than rapidly increasing the spawn timer (10 minutes, perhaps), and even then there is a chance of it being locked down (like the Grotesque Alloy Mask in Classic) where whoever may already have one would destroy it to prevent others from looting a rot. This is why the GAM was still 1kpp two months into Classic.
  14. HoodenShuklak Augur

    What are you even arguing for?
  15. malaki Augur

    They already dramatically improved spawn times on VP key stuff.
  16. Gingyr Lorekeeper

    That you guys need to head back to that place thats stealing DBG's IP where they hold your hand and forum quest over there and stop littering up these forums with your incessant whining about things that have been working out for the past 18 years. If you want uncontested keys, go to a live server and get them, a TLP in Kunark era is going to have competition for access to the best group and raid content, you clearly are not cut out to compete for it in era.
  17. Healbro Elder

    I literally got my Swamp and Kaesora groundspawns my first attempt trying to get either one. No 3rd party programs no warping. You can click faster than they can warp trust me I did it twice.

    Git gud

    Edit: Wrong thread but the same conclusion applies. I also managed to beat the mage army to chancellor on my 2nd try.
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  18. Gingyr Lorekeeper

    Powerlevel me bro :p
  19. Gingyr Lorekeeper

    what does red99 have to do with it?
  20. Bandzamakeherdance Lorekeeper

    If you look at logs and the parse all pets attack at the same time. While not concrete evidence it would give a strong indication of using software not allowed on this server. This person also violates the rules of monopolizing content and disrupting the zone with their antics. I foresee no action by DBG though.
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