Agnarr -- Chancellor of Di'zok

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  1. MyShadower Non Member

    I think this is where these discussions always go sideways. You do not need to take any stance on RMT. Daybreak cannot reliably control how people choose to acquire pixel configurations outside of normal game play without introducing other detrimental/unwanted effects on normal game play while other aspects of it are entirely beyond their control.

    If Krono doesn't exist, the 3rd party sites still exist, farmers that sell items still exist, and certain pixel configurations still have a $ value. The preferred exchange method just happens to be Krono at this time which probably works out better for Daybreak than the preferred method before they existed.
  2. Wolrok Elder

    Are the fire pet nukes instant, or could you bring a couple of SKs and Harm Touch the guy down?
  3. daffie999 Augur

    You don't need to take a stance? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Don't care? That's your stance. Everyone has a stance on everything if they think about it. Stances can change over time as well.

    Objectively I can see some benefits to RMT. Overall? I hate it. Gold farmers, Krono Farmers, AFK bots, hackers, trash players who buy a "win"... I don't even like in-game markets for games because it has become this sub-culture where people don't even play the actual game. It is just a virtual sell high/buy low game to them.

    Now, the reason people *should* think about their stance on RMT is simply to educate themselves. People in this very thread despise the Chancellor farmers, but then just purchase a Prod from them. If they are somewhat indifferent to the whole krono farmer thing than sure, but by purchasing the prod you are a small part of the problem.
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  4. Wayylon Augur

    Why did you all hijack this thread and start talking about economics and BS?

    Even if kronos didnt exist, even if the key was no drop, we would still be in a crap situation with a 2 hr respawn and one pick.

    Either up the spawn or remove key requirement for HS.
  5. Ricky T New Member

    Haven't been to one spawn without this guy being there.

    Charmingmeme you definitely win the battle of the neckbeards.
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  6. MyShadower Non Member

    You have valid points.

    People can enjoy this game without caring about what others are doing and trying to change how others find enjoyment. For me, taking a stance means I would be attacking or defending in some capacity. If I have a stance against RMT but I do absolutely nothing to get RMT out the game, do I really have a stance?

    Sure, this situation is ignorance or...other things. People make comfortable livings talking out of both sides of their mouth so to speak.

    I would argue "small part", think prostitutes/johns or drug dealers/drug users, it's symbiotic. Trying to enforce one extreme (tacit approval or complete intolerance) gets expensive, not just financially.
  7. Wayylon Augur

    Ya RickyT that's the box crew that has been there 24/7 didn't wanna name and shame though so this thread gets locked.

    Anyways regardless of box crew, we need faster spawns, random sarnak fort spawns, a lower pick thresh hold, or the removal of HS key requirement.
  8. Wayylon Augur

    39 in zone and no /pick available... another part of the problem.
  9. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    All of your problems will be no more on the PVP progression server!
  10. Galleyan Augur

    Every TLP thus far has been forced PVP w/o direct player interaction... so they might as well give us a RedTLP. At least we'd have some way to combat the horrible stench of decaying humanity on these servers.
  11. Atabishi Augur

    The crying never stops. The tears are the true fuel for box farmers, not the krono.
  12. Kahna Augur

    I actually completed my Mage epic not by tracking the COM spawn, but by tracking the sleep patterns of the boxer who was camping it for 16 hours a day. A boxer who seems to have moved on to the prod camp. It just takes a little persistence. I found he took a 4-6 hour break, but at irregular intervals. I got my item before I really got enough data to establish a pattern.
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  13. MyShadower Non Member

    Perhaps you could send him a meth care package as a thank you.
  14. Illusory Augur

    That's the problem.

    As soon as you introduce 'free to play' or 'real money trading' it's no longer just a game and everyone wants a piece of the money pie.
  15. Eratani New Member

    why isnt a new pick spawning with 39 in zone - thats the real problem

    Picks should spawn in LOIO with around 30
  16. Asphixia New Member

    its differenet for every zone. ~60 for OT. low teens for Dalnir. Infinity for Neriak and Cabilis because **** enchanters.
  17. Wayylon Augur

    Wow this dude is straight server cancer.

    Mark this thread as resolved though, I just unsubbed.
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  18. Ermok Lorekeeper

    So maybe you all will be happy to know I really got under this guy's skin by outsmarting him over the last few days. So much so he qq'd to me in tells:[IMG]

    Of all people wishing for bans is this guy because I cost him a few $.

    By my count I cost him 28 krono in lost revenue that went to making keys; not sold. Feels good. :)
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  19. Wayylon Augur

    Bump for:

    Non-classic caster dmg farming prods
    Non-classic charm/gate mechanics
    no pick zones available

    Why have classic key mechanics with all this garbage?
  20. HoodenShuklak Augur

    You buy prod for krono = dbg makes money that would otherwise just be looted for free

    This aint rocket surgery!

    Dbg wants these camps because its the short game to better financials. The long game, of course, is the alienation of the people who actually purchase krono direct.