Agnarr and what the heck to main?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by northstar, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. northstar Augur

    I am extremely tempted to make a Halfling Warrior, love the race and I can tank pretty well. The Two biggest issues I have with the class is Transportation around the world is a pain, but that will be cured as time goes on. Second, the amount of work gear takes to acquire is a bit of an issue. other than that I love playing a warrior... hmm it is something for me to really think about. hopefully I can find the items I need in order to make one. lastly would be finding a guild that I can raid with. I would be pretty excited to try tanking a few of the end game content. :)
  2. Malokhan Elder

    Not if you don't like voice chat. Most raids/guilds won't even deal with you in an important position like Raid Warrior MT with out good comms. Being able to hear the DT/AE calls outs, time swaps with other tanks, give orders, etc., etc. Yes it can all be done with out voice comms, we did it for years. It isn't any more. Adapt or die.
  3. v01d Journeyman

    Unless you want to tank, pull, or heal? (pre-luclin):


    Any of those is a welcome addition to any group. Why?
    Because the Magician offers constant DPS from the pet as well as burst from their nukes, which are >=75% as good as a wizard. Get low on Mana? Sit and let the pet put out better melee DPS than a Rogue.
    Enchanter because they are a group on their own with a charmed NPC pet, and offer the best buffs and debuffs (tash, haste, slow, clarity) in the game.
    Necro because of similar reasons as the Magician, as well as ridiculous DoT's, FD and infinite mana.

    All have bind/gate which, with Origin, makes travel trivial.
    The rest of the classes have tremendous downsides, and/or require a pivotal role in a group or raid.

    Honestly? Playing a magician is like having two players/duoing all the time. The pets are extremely powerful and if they get into trouble, you just nuke it down. There's a reason multiboxers & krono farmers use them.
  4. northstar Augur

    Good point. but perhaps maybe its a matter of finding the right guild, or creating my own.. I am not afraid in any way to form a guild and work out the kinks. I have a lot of time and playing a specific style that didn't require VC isn't something I am afraid of either.

    I found that communication through typing channels often enhanced gameplay rather than deter it. people seem to think its complicated, its not. I also have the ability to help new players in learning tactics that you described, patience is a virtue. :)
  5. Malokhan Elder

    I hope you have success in that. Writing out the details is usually better as there is smaller chance of misunderstanding, which is good before an encounter. But when you have 50 people all with different chat settings so some of them will miss important messages once things go active, and half of them with the memory retention of a gold fish, the vocal commands help "mitigate stupid". I've lead guilds, been class lead, etc, in many games . You can only train some people so far, and you can't beat the stupid out of most of them, believe me, I've tried. Voice comms have helped greatly in herding cats (a.k.a. raiding), you just need to make sure that it is limited and on point when it is time to do things.
  6. Niskin (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)

    It's funny because back when we used to type everything, voice chat seemed like the best thing ever. And it was actually, in a group with friends at least. Voice chat with large groups of people is where it all falls apart. It is quite often the most effective way to go, but that doesn't make it any less annoying.
  7. Rhodz Augur

    Everyone but raid leaders are muted or kicked.
    Problem solved.
  8. taliefer Augur

    i disagre, it makes for a very sterile raid environment. especially on progression servers, the content isnt hard. BSing with people is part of the fun of raiding.

    you just need strong raid leaders who can tell people to shut it down during parts where comms need to be clear. if people dont want to partake in the chatter, they can manually mute everyone but the raid leaders
  9. Niskin (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)

    Yeah, on a raid it's pretty straight forward. It's more annoying when you are in a guild where they want you on VC if you are online and you end up idling with 30 other people trying to have a conversation. I'm personally a typer more than a talker, but I get why VC is so important.
  10. northstar Augur

    To each there own I guess, it also depends what kind of raiding were talking about. personally I would like to mostly raid Epic bosses and help out the beginners with being a stepping stone if they would wish to move on to a top tier raid guild or stay. With Agnarr capping at LDoN I wouldn't focus so much on the planes more so stuff like Keys for Ssra possibly VT and the lesser expansions. Also unlocking all LDoN (group) content would be primary focus. Tradeskills would also be something I would be interested in. in all Very Casual.

    if people would want to move on to a Top Raiding guild my guild would at least give them a bit of direction on what it would be like. Its all about what others are capable of, not necessarily what I Expect from them. and if we wipe to a target. we would just try again and solve the issue. rather then nostril ranting over VC. Wiping to a target isn't a bad thing I found that if or when the raid target does finally go down, people are overjoyed at the accomplishment!
  11. Aramathia New Member

    I think the most paladins I have seen on at any given time as like 100. SKs are like mages, way too many and most don't know how to tank. Warriors, well they are undervalued atm due to taunt being broken. The one I liked especially though was the monk that claimed he was a tank. Yeah we let him into the group but the pets were tanking better than he was, and not because he couldn't take a hit. Because he couldn't taunt in any way except dps.
  12. Rhodz Augur

    Want to socialize on a raid then do it in another VC channel, raids can be bad enough without nikinumbnuts prattling on about god knows what.
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  13. northstar Augur

    Rogues and Bards are a Warriors worst nightmare in groups, trying to peal from any of them might as well need a surgical scalpel....
  14. taliefer Augur

    or provoke and smart weapon choices
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  15. Rhodz Augur

    Smart rogue is better
  16. cidude New Member

    with all that doubt, go CLR, I did on Quarm, really great time, most rotations are still handled thru channel not voice, so only gruff voice you would hear is "Melee IN"
  17. northstar Augur

    Heh yeah, I never really played a cleric past lvl 52, I had one capped at 52 as a naggy/vox twink to roll with my twink zerker on live. fun class the afk factor though for me is kind of meh. if I sit longer than a couple hours without a Cig I get cranky LOL! same with the Enchanter, love the class but far too intense to main.

    I suppose the issue mostly is the rolls of class. I can play some where I fall asleep at the keys and wake up every ten minutes to look at the screen and cast a nuke... Heck I have PvP'd in wow like that. and others you need to have a bucket under your chair and don't realize 4 hours have passed...

    I will probably stick with the Mage. I know the class well and I enjoy both the solo and group ability's.
  18. Kaicera New Member

    If the rogue doesnt constantly hide to drop aggro then its a bad rogue. early on fine , but later theres no excuse to keep pulling unless your tank is legit that bad and you are purposefully tanking so its not killing healers etc.
  19. Urshulgi Augur

    I hate voice chat for casual xp groups, but for raids it's really easier to just use voicechat. My policy in WoW, SW:TOR, and in the everquest TLP guilds is this: if the raid leader or officers that need to speak regularly have annoying voices, I leave that guild. If they allow people to speak regularly, who have annoying voices, but who don't need to be speaking, I leave that guild.

    I can tolerate all kinds of idiotic comments in guildchat or group chat, but I cannot handle people with annoying voices talking a lot. You see, your voice is something you can actually change with practice, to a certain extent. Not everyone can have a voice like Barry White, but most people with annoying voices could have taken some time at some point in their teenage to adult life to work on their cadence, tone, and delivery and come up with something better than what they currently vomit into voice chat.

    This game is really easy, so there's no need to put up with guilds that allow people with annoying voices to assault your ears during raids.
  20. Xanathol Augur

    Completely with you on voice chat. I wish there was a ban on it (removal of in game and scan for 3rd party apps included). People should learn to type, take the earphones off and converse with your wife & kids while you play instead of isolating yourself. I've raided the game all throughout the years and I have yet to see voice chat actually speed up much of anything; if a guild was slow without it, they're still slow with it.
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