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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Corilleous, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Corilleous Journeyman

    Dawntreader is Recruiting!! We raid on EST time, Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday. We also do other stuff during the week, Chardok Royals and other epic fights. We pride ourselves on doing more with less!

    We are looking for more mature players, hopefully with experience who wish to enjoy the TLP enviroment! We are looking for Level 60 Rogues, Rangers, Wizards, Mages, Monks, and Tank types, preferr a couple of Warriors to add to our ranks. We are looking for people that can meet a majority of our raid times. If you are a tank, you will be expected to have serious raid attendance.

    Visit our website at or contact Iyacc, Treewoc, Allden, or Carpediem in game!
  2. Corilleous Journeyman

    Forgot to add, times are Friday 7pm start, Saturday 6pm start, and Tuesday 7pm start
  3. Corilleous Journeyman

    We are still looking for more outstanding people to add to our roster! Check out our website or contact Iyacc, Treewoc, Allden, or Carpediem in game for details!
  4. Corilleous Journeyman

    Updated our recruiting needs. We are looking for Level 60 players, exceptions can be made after talking to one of the officers. We are looking for people that will meet a majority of our raid times.
  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Been with this crew for 3 or 4 weeks now. Its nice to see a capable raid force that doesn't just recruit everyone and zerg stuff down.

    Definitely recommended and if you're a shaman or Necro then this guild could be your loot pinata!
  6. Daija `Vu New Member

    Great guild! Good people =)
  7. Corilleous Journeyman

    Still looking for more people, hit us up in game or here, thanks!
  8. Warlord1999 New Member

    BUMP for good people!
  9. jeskola Augur

    What happened to the S?
  10. Nedrom Augur

    So I used to be in Dawntreaders. I am stoked to hear you guys are still around :)

    /Wave Iyacc
  11. Iyacc Lorekeeper

    So it's a whole big thing with trying to get the guild created and DBG not being able to tell me why it wouldn't work. In the old days if you owned a guild name, you could create it on all servers. Now, once it's created on one server, it's blocked everywhere else.

    Problem was, DBG tech support couldn't actually tell me this and put it in words. All they could say was - it exists already.

    Dawntreaders still existed on a few servers but I was having trouble getting DBG to help me find all my old accounts to find them.

    By this time we had already started playing on Agnarr and recruiting so it didn't make sense to delete DT everywhere else, then have to recreate it here and maybe lose a few people in the process.
  12. Iyacc Lorekeeper

    Hi! I'm still running into old DT even this far along in Agnarr's evolution. :)
  13. Iyacc Lorekeeper

    Could really use rangers/monks/rogues/wizards that want to raid on an eastern time zone schedule. Other classes are open as well. Look me up in game.
  14. Corilleous Journeyman

    Also look up Carpediem in game if you have questions.

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