Aggro on raid mobs/burn mobs with no fade

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Arcainos, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. sojero Augur

    If you are only going to tank 1 mob and no adds, why would you not dump it all up front that way you can do more as soon as it pops, if you don't, your just wasting agro, with very minor exceptions. That is like a dps saving discs for named only, yeah they may burn hard for 1 min, but their total event parse sucks.

    As a dps for someone like that, its well, I could have burned hard from the get go, but I had to wait because I knew I would rip it off that tank cause they don't agro till 30 seconds in. As a dps I can tell how a tank agro's the first time they tank for me, usually within the first 20 seconds, and that tells me how my interactions are going to be from then on with that tank
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  2. Triconix Augur

    [Aggro mod disc on - your choice] Start: Projection + either ageless or Area taunt + blast + remaining aggro things at the beginning is just not fair in terms of aggro development :) It's disheartening that not every warrior knows how or bothers to utilize projection correctly.

    Pop phalanx a minute into the fight and you have more hatred developed than Hadres...or would Innoruuk be more appropriate?
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  3. Roxxanna Augur

    Behind every Parsetard is a healer giving them dagger eyes.
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  4. Lianeb Augur

    Completely agree with that about projection. I was mixed up when you said projection last post i thought you were talking phantom for some reason.

    What does it matter if i can keep you below 20% whether or not i use it all up front or spread it out? I have tanked a couple times on your raids and if you holding back then please don't. I gauge my aggro disc usage off of where other people are. I personally do not think it is smart play to dump it all willy nilly, and hope I hold out. Otherwise i have never had aggro issues.
  5. Repthor Augur

    cuz the way projection and phatom works . u want to pop projection taunt off it use your aggro cooldowns wile the projection fades you then after that time you wanna pop phantom . so you gain 50% off 400k aggro rather then 50% of 40k aggro. you lose out of a massive hate increase if you go in guns blazeing rather then beeing smart about it
  6. sojero Augur

    Thus the minor exceptions part :)
  7. Repthor Augur

    also there never a point in time where sks paladins or warriors runs out of aggro things to push. with warrior haveing the longest cooldowns of the 3 even we warriors allways have something to use at all times
  8. Triconix Augur

    Why use it if you don't need it? Does it matter if I'm 80% ahead of a person or 50% ahead of a person? A simple button press and any movement a person does along the aggro meter just disappears.

    Especially when a warrior can be concentrating on how to gauge their defensives based on what the raid is doing, how much damage your taking, the healing on you, etc.
  9. sojero Augur

    Not aimed at you, but yes, since that is the point of the thread that some are taking agro, it does matter, and many are used to being at the 1% so when they start climbing they may be weary, especially after these changes. If you can keep them at the 1% why wouldn't you, for their peace of mind.

    As for concentrating on the other stuff, agro is probably the least thing to concentrate on for a warrior and there is plenty of time to deal with the rest.
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  10. Triconix Augur

    If a person gets worried at being at the 20% mark, they clearly have mental issues. Two, obviously my statement is about if I see I'm not having aggro issues. If a person isn't taking aggro from me, why am I going to continue to waste additional resources into something that doesn't won't make any difference? I can be concentrating on other things and be more efficient with my time.

    It's silly to expect a warrior to stare at the aggro meter and if anybody moves a notch above 1 to just start clicking away. And like what we've been saying, if you use aggro smartly, you won't have problems. Hence again, why waste more time and effort on something that isn't troubling you? In the case of Lianeb, if he sees he has solid aggro, why bother continuing aggroing the mob?
  11. sojero Augur

    I guess we are looking at it in different ways, I am looking at the first 1 second to 1 minute of the fight during the burn part most the time, after that, yes a war has nothing to worry about agro wise. As you said before, dump a bunch, then do phantom in a bit and your gold, its after that, that you don't need to worry any more.

    edit to add, in the case of lianeb, he guests with us and we are a mid tier guild, most the time our burns don't start till a bit in, but after the changes, I cannot tell you if it was him, or one of the others, we went through a couple as we were light on healing, but I did get up to the 80% range when I started my burn and I waiting to do my burn till the adds popped on the event to AE them down, I also had to turn auto attack off, as it was taking a bit to long for the tanks to grab the adds and I was taking a bit to much damage. In the upper tier that I guest to, it is a different story.
  12. Tyraxor Augur

    omg ty Roxxanna lmao Parsetard...awesome, i shall use this in the future.
  13. AB-Muvien Elder

    I agree I've noticed higher agro overall aswell. I somehow too managed to get myself killed on Vitio, mine on the other hand was during a tankswap :)

    I don't mind though, just means I need to rethink and adapt my playstyle abit and Im sure I'll work it out.

    Maybe zerkers do need some more tools, they already had it rough before.
  14. Roxxanna Augur

    I can't take credit for others work, I read it earlier in this thread.
  15. Songsa Augur

    Basically every thread started in this forum containing the word dps or agro end up with "you should learn how to play" or this kind of degrading comment. A little more respect between people would be the best evolution this forum could have. But its so easy and tempting to be rude behind a screen.
  16. Mintalie Augur

    Eh. A lot of people make excuses for their terrible play and point fingers at everyone and everything else except themselves. Although I do agree that we should be more respectful, there is merit in the fact that some people just suck.
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  17. Roxxanna Augur

    I will continue to use the term PARSETARDS as long as they continue to post the parse on only the named, and completely ignore the hoarde of undead I just destroyed on the way there.

    Or how I rezz'd, buffed, and QM'd them before the burn call.

    Don't be a Parsetard.......respect your healers.
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  18. Bigstomp Augur

    Thank you sir. I didn't think it would affect us tanks much, was just curious as I hope we'll do it again one day soon.
  19. Brogett Augur

    I'd love it if we could SEE the heals, but we can't. Only the person being healed or the healer themselves knows what's happening, although we can usually see the spell cast message.

    That does make non-dps parsing a bit trickier though.
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  20. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Long ago agro management was backing out of combat range when you started getting hit which generally lead to the mob flipping back to the closer tank who you were barely higher than on the hate list. That is not an option these days; because when you start getting hit you are dead before you can back out of attack range or even turn off attack. Add to this when you have done an event for a long period of time with no issue and suddenly you are stealing agro that is an issue; if you are not as likely to watch that 'new' agrometer when you never had issues before.

    Also, hate to break it too you, it never got anywhere near as easy as you claim; good tanks used to have agro issues all the time back in the days of no fade. Even with fade, it has never reached the point where it is impossible for agro to be stolen; there are classes who if the burn is early enough in the fight that they could have to burn their fade and after that build it all back up and only not steal agro again by using all of their agro reduction abilities.

    The Fade changes were ill-conceived and poorly implemented; and in no way is pulling any more challenging, require any more skill, or is any more difficult than it was prior to the change. Since the change, pulling is simply more annoying and takes considerably longer to do with any class who does not possess active CC abilities. In short, the Devs reason for the changes to Fade (and Fling for that matter) as being to make pulling more challenging and have it return as a 'needed' role was an out and out lie.

    As for all the tanks and people who are saying that they didn't see any issues with their guilds berserkers when they did the events in question, did it ever occur to you that your guild's berserkers knew of the issue already by that time and made a point of watching their agro extra closely? That does not mean the issue does not exist, it just means that they came into the raid aware of it.

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