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  1. Mazame Augur

    Up grading to elite agents I keep getting the same ones so I decided to try and find out how many different agents there are. I wish I would of started this sooner as I converted a lot of agents before I started tracking. Here is what I have so far.

    Currently there are 190 different agents

    Agent Rarity
    advocate of Brell Common
    akanon engineer Common
    AkAnon guard Common
    barbed bone skeleton Common
    blighted scarecrow Common
    captive elemental Common
    cargo clockwork Common
    cauldron merchant Common
    coral carver Common
    dark reflection poisoner Common
    darkvine entrancer Common
    darkvine thistle Common
    deathly harbinger Common
    deathspore decomposer Common
    dragnol cook Common
    dwarven blacksmith Common
    dwarven lorekeeper Common
    Eldritch wanderer Common
    enraged dwarf skeleton Common
    faerie courtier Common
    faerie guard Common
    faerie royal guard Common
    faerie troublemaker Common
    fallen noble Common
    firstlight refugee Common
    free diving limnologist Common
    goblin mapmaker Common
    guardian of the keep Common
    ice drake Common
    kelethin guard Common
    kelethin herbalist Common
    kirathas druid Common
    kirathas villager Common
    nightrage decapitator Common
    nightrage narcissist Common
    nightwalker scavenger Common
    orc emissary Common
    orc legionnaire Common
    orc scoutmaster Common
    rogue clockwork Common
    scavenge diver Common
    scion grave scourer Common
    servant of the ancients Common
    siege specialist Common
    sleepers acolyte Common
    sneering gargoyle Common
    soul seductress Common
    steam trader Common
    steam zealot Common
    steamwork hunter Common
    steamwork shock trooper Common
    tormented dead Common
    trueborn embalmer Common
    undertow skeleton Common
    vicious worg Common
    wandering greenblood Common
    wandering minstrel Common
    wandering tinker Common
    werewolf gypsy Common
    avatar of tunare Elite
    emperor crush Elite
    firiona vie Elite
    king kazon stormhammer Elite
    king tearis thex Elite
    marcia attamilgad Elite
    mayong mistmoore Elite
    meldrath the malignant Elite
    phinigel autropos Elite
    barrith the brave Rare
    bimbalicus the soulbleeder Rare
    butler syncall Rare
    cavalier devolah Rare
    dabner drednever Rare
    galeth veredeth Rare
    garanel rucksif Rare
    gearheart Rare
    joren nobleheart Rare
    lady chiasa Rare
    lord nethryn the arbitrato Rare
    lorisyn oakwynd Rare
    lyirae oakwynd Rare
    maid issis Rare
    nylianne the true Rare
    nyzil bloodforge Rare
    ognit eznertob Rare
    overvolt rigster the iv Rare
    princess joleena Rare
    shifty jenkins Rare
    the collector Rare
    thubr axebringer Rare
    banker rylisan Uncommon
    challice Uncommon
    clockwork viix Uncommon
    commander gearwell Uncommon
    dwigus lowater Uncommon
    equestrielle Uncommon
    exiled legionnaire Uncommon
    forpar fizfla Uncommon
    glyphed ghoul Uncommon
    maukris Uncommon
    minotaur lord Uncommon
    mistmoore advisor Uncommon
    orc arsonist Uncommon
    priest of discord Uncommon
    ssynthi Uncommon
    the prophet Uncommon
    thistle underbrush Uncommon
    tumpy irontoe Uncommon
    zarchoomi Uncommon
    bilge farfathom Uncommon
    corflunk Uncommon
    dark elf courier Uncommon
    elder fire drake Uncommon
    farios elianos Uncommon
    overseer gakkor deepscar Uncommon
    shadowman leader Uncommon
    trapped elemental Uncommon
    acolyte of brell
    ambassador dvinn
    anitohk the everliving
    avatar of brell
    bandit lookout
    captain silverwind
    cauldron cliffdiver
    cloaked dhampyre
    conium darkblade
    crypt ghoul
    crystallos stone trader
    cursed remnant
    cursed treant
    darkvine nightcreeper
    darkvine shadereaper
    deathly usher
    Deep Muse healer
    dragoon szorn
    drangol cook
    dwarven trinket seller
    elder ice drake
    elia the pure
    emissary of crystallos
    ennixy frennor
    estrella of gloomwater
    faydark bandit
    fippy darkpaw
    first ranger kele
    forest gatherer
    goblin grunts
    golden haired mermaid
    guard orcflayer
    head administrator grigano
    inquisitive wanderer
    junk dealer
    Kaladim guard
    kelethin innkeeper
    kelethin lorist
    kimble nogflop
    lanika shadestepper
    lanika shadestepper
    magus tira
    masked changeling
    nightrage protector
    nybright sisters
    orc chief
    orc slavers
    orc taskmaster
    orc trainer
    orc warlord
    peg leg
    pixie jongleur
    pixie trickster
    priest of najena
    reaver lebanezer
    reclusive ghoul magus
    retlon brenclog
    shadowmane warrior
    shadowy scrivener
    signus boran
    sister donna
    steamwork mender
    tandan nybright
    teirdal prophet
    Tunarian scout
    undead barkeep
    unrest noble
    usbak the old
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  2. NightKing Journeyman

    Maybe order it by rarity instead of alphabetically, or color code:
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  3. Mazame Augur

    Elite Agents (9)
    avatar of tunare
    emperor crush
    firiona vie
    king kazon stormhammer
    king tearis thex
    marcia attamilgad
    mayong mistmoore
    meldrath the malignant
    phinigel autropos

    Rare Agents (22)
    barrith the brave
    bimbalicus the soulbleeder
    butler syncall
    cavalier devolah
    dabner drednever
    galeth veredeth
    garanel rucksif
    joren nobleheart
    lady chiasa
    lord nethryn the arbitrato
    lorisyn oakwynd
    lyirae oakwynd
    maid issis
    nylianne the true
    nyzil bloodforge
    ognit eznertob
    overvolt rigster the iv
    princess joleena
    shifty jenkins
    the collector
    thubr axebringer

    Uncommon Agents (35)
    banker rylisan
    bilge farfathom
    captain silverwind
    clockwork viix
    commander gearwell
    cursed remnant
    cursed treant
    dark elf courier
    dwigus lowater
    elder fire drake
    elia the pure
    exiled legionnaire
    farios elianos
    forpar fizfla
    glyphed ghoul
    head administrator grigano
    minotaur lord
    mistmoore advisor
    orc arsonist
    orc taskmaster
    overseer gakkor deepscar
    priest of discord
    retlon brenclog
    shadowman leader
    tandan nybright
    the prophet
    thistle underbrush
    trapped elemental
    tumpy irontoe

    Common Agents (75)
    advocate of Brell
    akanon engineer
    AkAnon guard
    bandit lookout
    barbed bone skeleton
    blighted scarecrow
    captive elemental
    cargo clockwork
    cauldron cliffdiver
    cauldron merchant
    coral carver
    dark reflection poisoner
    darkvine entrancer
    darkvine thistle
    deathly harbinger
    deathspore decomposer
    Deep Muse healer
    dragnol cook
    dwarven blacksmith
    dwarven lorekeeper
    dwarven trinket seller
    Eldritch wanderer
    emissary of crystallos
    enraged dwarf skeleton
    faerie courtier
    faerie guard
    faerie royal guard
    faerie troublemaker
    fallen noble
    faydark bandit
    firstlight refugee
    forest gatherer
    free diving limnologist
    goblin grunts
    goblin mapmaker
    guardian of the keep
    ice drake
    inquisitive wanderer
    Kaladim guard
    kelethin guard
    kelethin herbalist
    kelethin lorist
    kirathas druid
    kirathas villager
    masked changeling
    nightrage decapitator
    nightrage narcissist
    nightwalker scavenger
    orc emissary
    orc legionnaire
    orc scoutmaster
    orc slavers
    pixie jongleur
    rogue clockwork
    scavenge diver
    scion grave scourer
    servant of the ancients
    siege specialist
    sleepers acolyte
    sneering gargoyle
    soul seductress
    steam trader
    steam zealot
    steamwork hunter
    steamwork mender
    steamwork shock trooper
    tormented dead
    trueborn embalmer
    undead barkeep
    undertow skeleton
    vicious worg
    wandering greenblood
    wandering minstrel
    wandering tinker
    werewolf gypsy

    Unknown Rarities

    Please post if you know
    acolyte of brell
    ambassador dvinn
    anitohk the everliving
    avatar of brell
    cloaked dhampyre
    conium darkblade
    crypt ghoul
    crystallos stone trader
    darkvine nightcreeper
    darkvine shadereaper
    deathly usher
    dragoon szorn
    drangol cook
    elder ice drake
    ennixy frennor
    estrella of gloomwater
    fippy darkpaw
    first ranger kele
    golden haired mermaid
    guard orcflayer
    junk dealer
    kelethin innkeeper
    kimble nogflop
    lanika shadestepper
    lanika shadestepper
    magus tira
    nightrage protector
    nybright sisters
    orc chief
    orc trainer
    orc warlord
    peg leg
    pixie trickster
    priest of najena
    reaver lebanezer
    reclusive ghoul magus
    shadowmane warrior
    shadowy scrivener
    signus boran
    sister donna
    teirdal prophet
    Tunarian scout
    unrest noble
    usbak the old
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  4. NightKing Journeyman

    avatar of brell - elite
    first ranger kele - elite
    ambassador d'vinn - elite
    Estrella - uncommon
    Peg Leg - uncommon
    sister donna - uncommon
    usbak the old - uncommon
    elder ice drake - uncommon
    ennixy frennor - uncommon
    nybright sisters - uncommon
    signus boran - uncommon
    guard orcflayer - uncommon
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  5. Wulfhere Augur

    ak`anon engineer
    crystallos stone trader
    dark reflection poisoner
    darkvine shadereaper
    faydark bandit
    junk dealer
    pixie trickster
    tunarian scout
    unrest noble

    cloaked dhampyre
    peg leg (iconic)

    I think we should note iconic ones too, due to their lore-ish play.
  6. Inga Elder

    OvrMiniImageClient.txt shows agent list and its rarity.

    12 Elite
    24 Rare
    36 Uncommon Iconic
    24 Uncommon non-Iconic
    84 Common
    1 Elite Fippy Darkpaw

    OvrJobClient.txt shows jobs and its ranks.

    1 Marauder
    2 Spy
    3 Soldier
    4 Artisan
    5 Harvester
    6 Scholar
    7 Diplomat
    8 Merchant
    9 Explorer
  7. Wulfhere Augur

    crypt ghoul
  8. Mazame Augur

    Thank you for the help in sorting out my list. Inga the file you shared are incomplete I not sure why but they only list 181 Agents. As I double checked my list I found I did have some doubles but I also can confirm darkvine thistle is not on the 181 list. I also have 3 other that I found Pic and names for that are not listed in the 181. So I am not sure if they are pulling / sharing info with 1 of the 181 or not but I have pic and names for 185.
  9. Mazame Augur

    EQ # Elite Agents (13)
    1 ambassador dvinn
    2 avatar of brell
    3 avatar of tunare
    4 emperor crush
    181 fippy darkpaw
    5 firiona vie
    6 first ranger kele
    7 king kazon stormhammer
    8 king tearis thex
    9 marcia attamilgad
    10 mayong mistmoore
    11 meldrath the malignant
    12 phinigel autropos

    EQ # Rare Agents (24)
    13 anitohk the everliving
    14 barrith the brave
    15 bimbalicus the soulbleeder
    16 butler syncall
    17 cavalier devolah
    18 dabner drednever
    19 galeth veredeth
    20 garanel rucksif
    21 gearheart
    22 joren nobleheart
    23 lady chiasa
    24 lord nethryn the arbitrato
    25 lorisyn oakwynd
    26 lyirae oakwynd
    27 maid issis
    28 nylianne the true
    29 nyzil bloodforge
    30 ognit eznertob
    31 overvolt rigster the iv
    32 princess joleena
    33 reaver lebanezer
    34 shifty jenkins
    35 the collector
    36 thubr axebringer

    EQ # Uncommon Iconic Agents (36)
    37 amber
    38 banker rylisan
    39 bilge farfathom
    40 captain silverwind
    41 challice
    42 clockwork viix
    43 commander gearwell
    44 conium darkblade
    45 corflunk
    46 dwigus lowater
    47 elia the pure
    48 ennixy frennor
    49 equestrielle
    50 estrella of gloomwater
    51 farios elianos
    52 forpar fizfla
    53 guard orcflayer
    54 head administrator grigano
    55 kimble nogflop
    56 lanika shadestepper
    57 magus tira
    58 maukris
    59 nybright sisters
    60 overseer gakkor deepscar
    61 peg leg
    62 retlon brenclog
    63 serra
    64 signus boran
    65 sister donna
    66 ssynthi
    67 tandan nybright
    68 the prophet
    69 thistle underbrush
    70 tumpy irontoe
    71 usbak the old
    72 zarchoomi

    EQ # Uncommon Non-Iconic Agents (24)
    73 cloaked dhampyre
    74 cursed remnant
    75 cursed treant
    76 dark elf courier
    77 deathly usher
    78 elder fire drake
    79 elder ice drake
    80 exiled legionnaire
    81 glyphed ghoul
    82 golden haired mermaid
    83 minotaur lord
    84 mistmoore advisor
    85 orc arsonist
    86 orc chief
    87 orc taskmaster
    88 orc trainer
    89 orc warlord
    90 priest of discord
    91 priest of najena
    92 reclusive ghoul magus
    93 shadowman leader
    94 shadowmane warrior
    95 teirdal prophet
    96 trapped elemental

    EQ # Common Agents (85)
    97 acolyte of brell
    98 advocate of Brell
    99 akanon engineer
    100 AkAnon guard
    101 bandit lookout
    102 barbed bone skeleton
    103 blighted scarecrow
    104 captive elemental
    105 cargo clockwork
    106 cauldron cliffdiver
    107 cauldron merchant
    108 coral carver
    109 crypt ghoul
    110 crystallos stone trader
    111 dark reflection poisoner
    112 darkvine entrancer
    113 darkvine nightcreeper
    114 darkvine shadereaper
    #? darkvine thistle
    115 deathly harbinger
    116 deathspore decomposer
    117 Deep Muse healer
    118 dragnol cook
    119 dwarven blacksmith
    120 dwarven lorekeeper
    121 dwarven trinket seller
    122 Eldritch wanderer
    123 emissary of crystallos
    124 enraged dwarf skeleton
    125 faerie courtier
    126 faerie guard
    127 faerie royal guard
    128 faerie troublemaker
    129 fallen noble
    130 faydark bandit
    131 firstlight refugee
    132 forest gatherer
    133 free diving limnologist
    134 goblin grunts
    135 goblin mapmaker
    136 guardian of the keep
    137 ice drake
    138 inquisitive wanderer
    139 junk dealer
    140 Kaladim guard
    141 kelethin guard
    142 kelethin herbalist
    143 kelethin lorist
    144 kirathas druid
    145 kirathas villager
    146 masked changeling
    147 nightrage decapitator
    148 nightrage narcissist
    149 nightwalker scavenger
    150 orc emissary
    151 orc legionnaire
    152 orc scoutmaster
    153 orc slavers
    154 pixie jongleur
    155 pixie trickster
    156 rogue clockwork
    157 scavenge diver
    158 scion grave scourer
    159 servant of the ancients
    160 shadowy scrivener
    161 siege specialist
    162 sleepers acolyte
    163 sneering gargoyle
    164 soul seductress
    165 steam trader
    166 steam zealot
    167 steamwork hunter
    168 steamwork mender
    169 steamwork shock trooper
    170 tormented dead
    171 trueborn embalmer
    172 Tunarian scout
    173 undead barkeep
    174 undertow skeleton
    175 unrest noble
    176 vicious worg
    177 wandering greenblood
    178 wandering minstrel
    179 wandering tinker
    180 werewolf gypsy

    EQ # Unknown Agents
    dragoon szorn
    kelethin innkeeper
    nightrage protector
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  10. Mazame Augur

  11. Inga Elder

    ID Number 113 is probably darkvine thistle and darkvine nightcreeper probably does not exist. file does not exist, but darkvine thistle is using file as its graphic.

    This is why the following bug happened.

    Overseer: agents ALMOST in alpha order and are same graphic.
    nightrage protector probably does not exist.

    Uncommon Iconic Ennixy Frennor has the following flavor text.
    "Works with Dragoon Szorn to extend the influence of necromancy on Faydwer."

    Iconic (3), non-Iconic (2), Uncommon Job
    2 5 Marauder
    5 2 Spy
    3 4 Soldier
    3 3 Artisan
    5 2 Harvester
    5 2 Scholar
    4 2 Diplomat
    5 1 Merchant
    4 3 Explorer

    As you see, Uncommon Iconic Marauder (3) is much rarer compared to other jobs.
    Ennixy Frennor is Uncommon Iconic, so if Dragoon Szorn really exists, the job may be Uncommon Iconic Marauder (3). However, in that case, Marauder will be the only job with 8 Uncommon agents.

    I have no idea about kelethin innkeeper, but if it were Common Merchant, Merchant will be only job will 11 common agents.
  12. Zamiam Augur

    is there a way to bookmark this page or something
  13. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Print it out and start a new tab labeled Overseer. Design the cover art for this section while you're on a conference call.
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  14. Finnster Elder

    what is the difference between iconic and non-iconic agents?
  15. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    You can only send one iconic out on a quest at a time, if it's the same one. For example - Equestrielle. She's iconic. If you have 2+ Eques's, you can still only send 1 out on a quest. The other becomes unavailable. Non-iconic, if you have 4 copies of one, you can send all 4 out to quest at once.
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  16. bigpapa Augur

    same for me , last 2 that i converted to elite was same one that i already had ............
  17. Zamiam Augur

    Not sure if its mentioned anywhere in another thread .. but curious about the common agents ..

    can common agents go up in level ? say for example i have a Darkvine thistle lvl 1 merchant .. if I use said common agent in merchant quests can Thistle become a lvl 2 or 3 merchant ? or how does that all work ..

    I have some quests that require a lvl 4 or 5 but I do not have any lvl 4 or 5 scholar's or artisans for instance .. when I upgrade the commons for uncommons highest i get are lvl 3 ..

    I have not upgraded uncommons to rares yet or to Elites

    on my stats page Research is at lvl 3 and recruitment is lvl 4 .. everything else is still at 1 ..
  18. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Nope...agents do not level on their own.

    If you need agents with higher skill levels in something, you have to do the conversion quests and hope you get a higher level agent that's useful.

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