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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Vicus, Apr 16, 2020.

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  1. ArtremasEQ Augur

    Legit counter is simple, It just isn't what you want to hear.

    I want them making NEW CONTENT FOR EQ, simple as that. I have no interest in another game sometime in the future at the cost of the now.


    Dev's, keep fighting the good fight in EQ.
  2. Xyphen Maximum Augur

    People on these forums, despite being a--holes for the most part, are not stupid. You can't just run out the door shouting crazy ideas and expecting everyone to fall into place. There have been dozens, if not hundreds, of posts about pipe dreams with virtually no data to support the feasibility of any of it (just like this post). It just has things you personally think are neat.

    If you actually want to gain even an iota of traction, you need to go back and do real research into what you're proposing. Virtually all of your suggestions just sound like a kid saying how cool it would be for dinosaurs to fly space ships.

    P.S. To correct my earlier post, AMZN actually has a $1.12T market cap, not $900B. Good luck funding their competitor with Kickstarter, though.
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  3. Vicus Augur

    Please refer to any post on the last 2 pages by me, I am unable to edit the first post and I have included in detail that I support new content for EQ.
  4. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    Are you having a hard time seeing the screen? Nobody here besides you wants the game to stop seeing new content.

  5. Vicus Augur

    I already went into detail about my experience and don't need to present a Powerpoint to gain your trust. Don't need to be a genius to know that no action = no solution. If you believe everything should be left as is then I am not here to sell you on anything.

    Also there are Dinosaurs in EQ (Thulisaur Island) theoretically speaking we could port them to Luclin...= Space Dinosaur

    The Amazon comment while informative pointless. Blizzard/Activison has a 51 billion market cap and will destroy "New World" in market space and subscriptions as the game will be dead in the water because it's a "survival MMO". Microsoft has a 945 billion market cap and Sony has 81 billion, but the last three generations of home consoles the Playstation has outsold the Xbox.
  6. Xyphen Maximum Augur

    Ok, let me water it down further. Your idea is bad. Not only is it bad, it's not feasible. You don't know why your bad idea isn't feasible because you haven't actually done any meaningful thinking about it. Daybreak can't afford bad ideas. Other companies can afford to try good ideas and fail with little impact on the balance sheet.

    So, you have a bad idea. Everyone that needs to think it's a good idea thinks it's a bad idea. Anyone reading this at Daybreak will think, "well, that's a bad idea and no one likes it".

    You're just sitting there, posting bad ideas. And I'm sure like many others, I feel dumb for even responding to this thread.
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  7. Herodotus Augur

    Speaks volumes to your PoV. I still play regularly, two paid accounts, no characters on a TLP. No interest in a TLP. Not alone in this. TLP's generate revenue and I am glad for that, but if I had to play on one I would quit immediately. For reference, I am a history teacher, but I don't want to live in the past. I like indoor plumbing and antibiotics.

    I think you are letting your narrow PoV skew your outlook. Wanting something new is not really bad, but in this case you seem to want to "throw the baby out with the bath water". Lots of us like EQ. We wish it were more stable to be sure, but the fact that so many of us still play it after 20+ years speaks volumes to it's success.

    P.S. Anyone read my post about routers in the Player Support forum? Apologies for the self-promotion there. With all the school stuff at home now, my wish has become my need.[/quote]
  8. Herodotus Augur

    I just think of it as a sort of intervention. Answering a cry for help sort of thing.
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  9. Vicus Augur

    Thanks. It is all so clear now! You didn't explain anything or give reasons other then it's bad but it really cleared stuff up. But good news I still learned nothing other then then trolling is still a part of the core of Everquest and that a grown man can still act like they are a child.

    Since Daybreak Games acquired Everquest in 2015 they have gone from 500 million to 84 million revenue. I'll fix it for you, "They can't afford anymore bad ideas." Since they are pretty good at making bad ideas yearly, I figured I would add too it. What do we have to lose?
  10. Vicus Augur

    I was referring to new revenue with the TLP's but I do like them yes. I don't think there needs to be a team live and team TLP which just promotes a unnecessarily rift. I agree that the game and it's longevity is amazing but it doesn't change the fact that EQ is supporting not just itself, but every other game that Daybreak games supports. Their other games are in the red. Something is going to give and if it wasn't for the revenue of the TLP's on EQ 1 and the few on EQ2, there is a good chance that this ship would of sank already. Maybe they sell off or close the other franchises and let EQ stand on it's own two feet but until that happens or a new game is created, EQ is basically paying the light bills for the entire apartment complex.
  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    The responsibility for keeping the game healthy falls on the team looking after it, but also on the owners of the studio, they however seem to be happy with EQ just pootling about so long as it generates a decent enough profit they'll keep the team onboard & allow them to keep the lights on.

    I don't see the parent making any major investments into an EQ3 even though for any games company that is the only way they will provide a pathway to a future audience, a future business even, but Darkpaw isn't some AAA monster development studio, even if it once was & I have doubts it will be developing any new game in the franchise under the current owners, that's okay by me so long as EQ is kept as a going concern.

    Dreams are nice, speculation is fun and I wouldn't ever want to rain on those bonfires, but if it comes down to seriously choosing between a game people know & one they have no guarantees will even see the light of day I know what I would pick, I mean I am rooting for Pantheon but there's still plenty of risk it won't make it to launch & even if it does plenty of risk it won't last long after that, seen a whole host of promising MMO fall down chasing the dreams of success, this is one of the hardest genres to do well in.
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  12. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Present your best idea with only one sentence.
    Keep it simple.
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  13. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    I wouldn't want to see the EQ team putting together a new MMO in any case. Sony / DBG / DPG has shown several times over the course of years that they are unable to re-capture the magic in another sequel to EQ. Many of us, myself included, dumped a not insignificant amount of money into Landmark / EQNext… that was my last investment in any new venture this company presents. until the end, EQ is the only game from this company i'll be logging in to.
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  14. Bigstomp Augur

    We don't want a new EQ. We want the EQ we know and love to keep going. Even if it has some historical quirks.
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  15. YellowBelly Augur

  16. p2aa Augur

    The game would go on without problem without TLP income.
  17. Vicus Augur

    Since everyone just wants data and assume anything you say has no legs to stand on, why do you think this? I agree that EQ would be fine by itself if it was just paying for itself but its not. The revenue it makes is absorbed by Daybreak Games, and is used to pay the salaries for EQ, EQ2, DCOnline, H1Z1, and Planetside 2, among other positions that have nothing to do with gaming at daybreak games (housekeeping for their office space, mailing services, rent for their buildings, ect). With all the other games doing SOO well (yes sarcasm), and their revenue decreasing yearly, can anyone show me the data that supports this at all?
  18. kizant Augur

    Darkpaw Games is just EQ1 and EQ2 so hopefully more of the revenue stays with those projects. Either way clearly people don't want a 3rd game and if you have ideas on how to make EQ1 better then just post them. There's plenty of things they could do with what they have.
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  19. p2aa Augur

    You aren't reading what people write. I said it 2 times yet.
    At least 50 % of the actual income comes from Live. Been said by Holly some time ago. And given atm nearly all Live server players have medium to high population, and TLP servers are all low bar Mangler which is high, I would even go to 60 % of the income comes from Live.
  20. Vicus Augur

    I did post them and adjusted but they are in my replies since I am unable to adjust my original post (another system not a fan of).

    (NO EQ3 or remastered way).
    Crowd fund/Kickstart to hire more coders (via contract companies) (how many they determine to rewrite the original EQ code into a more modern flexible code that allows faster, easier updates). 1 additional coder to assist with fixing bugs and helping with changes to the current game because its obvious the devs have more then they can handle. Once the overhaul is complete DPG games can continue to use the coders until their contract runs out. At that point they can renew or cancel at their own expense. With the new database/system, they would be able to expand on the game in ways they never could before. Doesn't change the core of the game, the graphics, your character, just adds to it. Faster expansions, maybe more updates in between patches, more dynamic TLP's, better raid mechanics, more bank space, housing storage space, ect.

    No new game..just good old EQ for a longer period of time.

    Average Freelance programmer contract (via Indeed) is 45-65k for 1 year. Say they add 3 extra coders we are talking a crowdfund goal of 300-350k. Most of these coders work from home. Anything extra that DPG would like to add to gain more support and funding they can add to stretch goals. Freelancers normally charge three ways. By the hour, yearly salary, or cost per task. DPG can do the math and determine what's the cheapest way to accomplish the goal.

    Obviously the crowd funding stuff would also give us stuff. Donate 10 dollars get an illusion (insert whatever ) wand. Or a free mount. Whatever.

    Since we would be donating it wouldn't cost them much. Daybreak games would hopefully step up and cover any hidden cost that come a long. The ability to push out faster updates, add functional items to the store, have more diverse TLP's with events, leaderboards, ect will keep people longer and draw back people. Increased subs = more profit = Everquest last much longer and hopefully doesn't continue this constant crapshoot of downtime, bugs, and content that wasn't really asked for.
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