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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Vicus, Apr 16, 2020.

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  1. Vicus Augur

    Can we please just stop expanding on this game? I mean this in a positive way. Just stop any and all future expansions. This game owns all the records for MMO's with expansion content. 26 expansions is enough. The code in this game is so old and so complicated that one wrong move turns into what happen today. Please stop trying to be Tom Brady..there is only one Brady. (I'm sadly a Bills I have to look elsewhere for good football play).

    My suggestion is simple. Devote the dev team to creating Everquest 3 (or whatever type of EQ you wanna call it.., ect) and just have a small team (or same team) release 1-2 TLP's for the next 3-4 years. Launch a Kickstarter to fund EQ3. In your Kickstarter to anyone that buys one of the tiers (any tier..even the 10$ dollar one) AND is subscribed to all access for at least 12 months from the launch of the Kickstarter and the launch of EQ3, will get a special mount in EQ3. This will promote people to buy a package from the Kickstarter AND stay subscribed to EQ1 or EQ2 (all access) while we all wait.

    People who refused to leave EQ will still have the TLP's to play on and plenty of content to explore. Especially if you change some rulesets and make fun adjustments to any future TLP's for them. For everyone else who loves EQ and has been waiting years for the next one...just make EQ3 already (not a mobile game though...).

    I am begging you. You will meet whatever money quota you set in record time. People would flock to a EQ3.

    P.S. Pick ANY game engine you devs are most familiar with so that the game is easier to create, update, patch, and has some room to grow. EQ3 does not need to be state of the art anything. Just keep the lore, community, and challenging group and raiding content. Trying to hard to create something EQ1 never was will just backfire.

    P.S.S If you still refuse to make EQ3 then please do everything above the same way except instead of making EQ3 just make a EQ remastered. Update the graphic engine so you can create new content much faster and easier. Still kickstart for the funding and have TLP's in action to continue revenue. When EQ remaster is up and running you will make your money back 3 fold because every expansion will feel "new" all over again. I mean just think of everyone seeing Gore for the first time in remaster graphics. It will be an entire zone saying "Gore looks awesome" while ofcourse training him to KC.

    PSSS If none of the above, please sell the franchise Daybreak Games. Everquest deserves better then to have an ending like Star Wars Galaxies where the game gets turned into something it isn't. Delayed Tiers to force prolong content?, Overseer (WoW mission tables), ect. Whats next? Pet Battles and in game card system?

    I do respect all the hard work to keep EQ alive..I know it seems like I don't but I really do. But it is time to do something, anything else with the Everquest name before all the devs see the writing on the wall and go find "once in a lifetime opportunities".
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  2. Astral64 Augur

  3. kizant Augur

    I'm going to have to veto this idea.
  4. Dazzler Twodirks Lorekeeper

    They tried that idea with Founders packs for Landmark costing up to about 100 bucks.
    Didn't go over well when the game was shuttered.

    Many people got burned and won't shell out cash again hoping to help build EQ Next.
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  5. Vicus Augur

    Would love to hear an idea...any idea that progresses the legacy of EQ. I don't care if mine isn't used as long as someone gets to an outcome where launching 1 expansion with reskinned content/missions/mobs every year is all that is left (though good job with the new ice model does look good). It use to be ok because the raid content was still challenging...and now we don't have that.

    To all the old timers (like me) who are just afraid of change or stuck in their ways, can you not imagine all the hype you and your long term friends will generate over the next few years of them creating a new EQ? The excitement on launch day (think the current Torment of Velious x1000...). Does the current state of EQ really make you that happy? Or is it just because you enjoy playing with your friends. Because EQ3 or EQ remastered ..wont make you "lose" friends and will probably make all of them much happier.

    Anyhow your right to Veto but I hope for something more then this for the end of days of EQ.
  6. Vicus Augur

    The people who play EQ know that these aren't the same people behind that crapshoot. Even people who don't play Everquest anymore still check in time to time and know that Smedley and Sony are no longer a part of the equation.
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  7. Xyphen Augur

    No offense, but do you have any idea how much it costs to build an MMO from the ground up? For reference, Amazon (yes, that company with a $900B market cap) has been working on an MMO since 2016.

    One of the many problems, as you put it, is that its appeal is really relegated to "old timers and their friends" which is a market virtually no gaming company aims to target (sorry). The prime demographic for PC game development, which is now a niche market, is 19-32.

    Once again, no offense, but your suggestion is the antithesis of simple and your projections are a bit... off.
  8. Skuz Augur

    As we already saw when EQ2 was released, a lot of EQ players stayed in this game, I expect any EQ3 game if one ever sees a release would have a similar situation.

    So long as EQ can run profitably & it can fund the expansions there's no real reason not to continue making them. Some things cannot be expanded upon due to hard code limits (classes, races) & while it is a nice thought experiment to think about a new modern code-base & engine for this game it's realistically never going to happen.

    I would look forward to an EQ3, maybe there could even be some way to carry over the server names & player names from EQ to EQ3 to assist in players adopting EQ3 with a reserved name system, but I do not agree that the development of EQ should be stopped and the game put into maintenance mode only.
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  9. Tarvas Augur

    I'd probably look at it, say that is pretty, and continue to log into EQ. I ran into the same issue with Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Oblivion and Skyrm were nice, but Morrowind is my go to game when there is not internet. I think I have bought it about five times in my life.
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  10. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Taking all of the joy devs receive to do their job in EQ sounds like an idea to veto.
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  11. Goburs Augur

    Fixed it for you.
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  12. Beardsy Lorekeeper

    You got the ~300 million and 7-10 years it'll take for them to make EQ3? Pantheon ain't too far out. Maybe another ~2-3 years before it releases.
  13. Yinla Augur

    They need to stop changing back end stuff the old girl don't like it

    If server merges or TLPs need back end stuff changing just don't do it. Offer free transfers off servers instead of merging and forget about trying any new rule sets for TLPs if it requires code changes.

    New content is fine if it doesn't mean changes to the back end.
  14. p2aa Augur

    Worst idea ever.
    The big majority of the Live server population doesn't want to play on TLP servers. Not because of the current rules. Just no interest ever at all to go back playing older content. Can change the rules of these olders expansions all you want, won't change this fact.
    Try doing this, and you will loose at least 50 % of the actual EQ income.
    People that play on Live servers are paying to buy new expansions and experience new content.
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  15. Buster_Shruggs Augur

    Trakanon has a free transfer off the server in place. If they want to close down a server versus merging
    multiple low population servers, then maybe a "forced migration" off the server they intend to close would work. The free transfer off Trak has been in place for a while now and I have never come close to using it. However, an imminent closure of the server due to low population( which from their pov I understand, but don't like) would definitely make me start to look for a new server.
    They've certainly demonstrated that they're not afraid of making unpopular decisions. Eliminating a few low population servers would possibly only offend a few people( mainly boxers on Trak) myself included.
    If that would lighten the load for DPG and allow them to focus on creatively extending the life of EQ, then I am ok with it. That's just my opinion of course. I have no knowledge of how much of an undertaking "eliminating" a server would take or if it simply wouldn't make a difference.
  16. ArtremasEQ Elder


    Dear Devs,

    Please totally Ignore the above, and continue to ignore all the associated doomsayers.

    Keep up the good work, under challenging circumstances and legacy code base.
  17. Kelset Lorekeeper

    Opensource the old code, graphics engine etc, and let the Darkpaw devs work on new content for revenue streams...not that any opensource developers would want to touch that 1999 code....
  18. Vicus Augur

    Good Morning,

    So while I've slept I have't really heard a legit counter to any of my ideas. My ideas were catered to everyone and once again it is the same generic responses.

    Do you know how long it would take?
    Yes 6+ years if you try to create a AAA MMO. Less if you don't. Even less if you do a remaster. Especially if you only remaster the first three expansions, release them and while everyone is progressing (4-6 month per expansion) you continue to develop the other expansions.

    Do you know how much it would cost?
    Yes I do. Using Amazon as a reference is not realistic because they are breaking into the MMO world to establish a name for themselves and have payed a lot of older developers big money just to have their name on a product that IMO is going to fail because ultimately it's an open world game that no one asked for and they missed the market on survivor games. But if it has some amazing raiding then they have a chance but I doubt it.

    Back to EQ. For Everquest 3 it would cost 3-4 times as much as making a remaster. Let's not act like Daybreak games is some mom and pop company that doesn't have cash flow to support a new game. If this is the case then they are hiding that they are in a worse position then I thought. A remaster would be drastically cheaper. DPG would only need to release the first three expansions (the classic that everyone loves and comes back to the TLP's for) to start seeing a return on their project. 4-6 months per expansion would give them over a year to work on the next 1-2 expansions and then release them. Each expansion would be a source of income with the collector packs ect. Hopefully they would add new things to each expansion (small ones..not large ones that completely change the game) to keep it fresh. The income from the kickstarter and the relaunch of every expansion would allow them to bring on new developers and on top build back up the name of EQ again because right now the last thing anyone outside of current playerbase remembers is that we were robbed by Smedley, Sony, and EQ next.

    What the live players either don't understand or refuse to acknowledge is that this boat has 2-3 years top in it's current heading to continue to be profitable. Myself and my friends have been watching this game like a hawk the last two years and have been able to see every mistake before it happens. Heck not only me but Machen has called out many of this same mistakes (taking your bets coder..making them the boss and not replacing her). You think the many technical issues are just because of Virus and working at home? Miragul server was predicted to be a dud unless it was non-truebox, it was worse then we thought. Overseer system wasn't even liked in EQ2 and was forced on us here.

    The two new TLP's which have already missed the high market mark for best chance at a large profit (many countries are starting to go back to work) are going to give you a false hope because they will be decently successful. They are using the Aradune name which will help it a little (unless the botch the rulebase again) and Rizlona will be successful due to finally being a non-truebox server people wanted. The devs are correct that PVP and FV is a very very small playerbase and new servers for those won't be successful (they will try in a year or two anyways because they are out of ideas that they can afford). So people will log onto the two new servers and see people and proclaim that EQ isn't dead because look at all these people.

    At this time DBG (because DPG literally has no power for purchasing) can use this momentum to create something for the future or watch the franchise disappear after that. You don't think the current dev team has seen the writing on the wall? People have been fired or reorganized yearly and this is going to be one of their worst years with the Virus profit wise. One or two people leaving the company at the wrong time = unrecoverable. I also don't think the dev team is going to stick around listening to the playerbase bash them like they have this past month because its just going to get worse over the next few years. The code is a monster, there is no testing because they can't support it, they are nerfing things that don't make sense (mounts), people who normally don't complain are starting to do it daily.

    All three of my options are better then just letting EQ die which is what many of us "old timers" rather see because you fear disruptions in your lives. EQ has been a bubble you have hid in for so long that any type of ripple scares you. Whats outside of the bubble could and would be much better then EQ in it's current state and can keep you in a much larger bubble for longer.

    Start with EQ remaster...rebuild the name...drop EQ3 (when can and have a much larger dev team).
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  19. Karango New Member

  20. Endorek Journeyman

    Might be the worst post I've ever read. I want new content, and while I am not at all happy about the overseer system nerfs, if things like that keep money flowing into the game to support the development of that new content I'm all for it. Getting bent out of shape over a couple days a year where you can't play is the most entitled thing I can think of.
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