after playing 2 hours a day 99% iin level 115 and no aa left..

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by LheoXX, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. LheoXX New Member

    and its only 4 months and a half in new expansion ....we need many more (useful aa --no the trading aa crap).... DPG should make DLC expansion is just not enugh content...
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  2. Sokon Augur

    Here's an idea. Think of it kind of like stats from exping/killing mobs, like the Artisan's Prize is stats for tradeskilling.

    Give us 7 more AA lines. One for each Herroic stat. Each Herroic AA would cost 100 AA and raise that Herroic stat by "1". There would be 100 levels of each Herroic stat, meaning it would cost you 100 AA x100 to get 100 to each Herroic or 10,000 AA for 100 to each Herroic, totalling 70,000 AA for all Herroics.

    Tying in a special reward for completing all 7 AA lines and getting all 70 thousand AA required, something like "the maximum your strength, dex, sta, agi, wis, int and cha and resistances can be increased by items is raised by 100" might make it a bit more enticing.

    So 70 k AA grind would take you all year+++ of grinding your face off, but with the result being something like 200 all stats(herroics included) and 100 all resists, might make it a bit more enticing.
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  3. Duder Grand Poobah Troll

    A dream come true to afk botters everywhere.
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  4. YellowBelly Augur

    Obviously trolling the path to 115 thread. :rolleyes:
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  5. Ninelder Augur

    Stop playing the easy-mode classes. Try playing a rogue or wizard, with no real tank to tank for him, or if you like nightmare mode try playing a druid or cleric. You will have a hard time just finishing progression in a year much less maxing out.
  6. Whulfgar Augur

    Well done!
  7. kookoo Augur

    is your evolving earring maxed as well ? i know some in our guild might not be able to max it out this year , playing * 2 hours per day * .

    are you one using is _ bo_er and playing 10 + toons and killing in 15 sec + ?
    you are one using 10 toons with 2 shm and zerkers and bard ? those saying the game is too easy while using that 3rd party software should try without and see how less efficiency you will be .
  8. kyong Augur

    I'd much rather be able to "Bottle Up" AA and sell that exp to newbs (I'm on FV after all). BTW non boxer rogue main single account here.
  9. German Augur

    I hope you mean solo because all of those are sought out for groups.
  10. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    I don't use 3rd party software and have had my main maxed out for months now.

    If you can't find groups you need to learn how to box good, if you can't box good than you need to learn how to make/get groups. If you can't/won't do either of the above then yeah you're in for a rough time and it will probably take you all year or longer to finish.

    The majority of the population seems to be able to do at least one or the other (Group/Box), from what I've seen there are lots of people already 115 on our server. The pick-up raids on our server are getting so big we almost have enough to form 2 full raids and everyone is lvl 115. This is less than 6 months into the expansion.
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  11. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Why is IeSBooxer even allowed ? if people were forced to use only social hot keys with delays to box, then would we have 20 toon box teams farming Krono's on every server ?

    Would it be easy for customer service agents to use a monitoring program to see that a pile of toons all engage a mob at the exact same time stamp?

    Its not that difficult to set up actual in game social hot keys with spell cast time delays, using a guild hall dummy, and without having to cheat to play. However, the max I personally play comfortably is only 3 toons.
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I main a wizzy, she is max level and Max AA and has been for a while, never really had a hard time finding a group. But then I'm not fussy on where I go or what I do, just pleased to help.

    Clerics are always in demand, I would go as far as say the easiest class to get a group.
  13. kookoo Augur

    well, imo ,DB need to be carefull on that, many are using it and might result on a big $$ loss .

    on the other side the cheaters using it could be banned , they doing lot of plats ( and that let them pay for their subs with kronos they get from players ) , and they can even buy TOV expansion from players as well now .
    so while cheating they play ** kinda ** free.
  14. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Following that mindset, cheating pays $ so make rules against it but don't enforce it. Even create a system to capitalize on the $. Sounds like making certain things legal in Colorado and then taxing sales.
  15. Thraine Augur

    we are already doing this year long grind for the silly rallos zek earring
  16. Balthozzar Elder

    This is off topic from the OP, but since the discussion got going, I'm going to chime in with my opinion. I first started boxing when TSS was still relatively new. SOE was still doing account to account transfers at the time, and I split off my Wiz alt to group with my warrior that I started within 2 weeks of The Nameless going up (Oct 1999). There weren't any mercs yet, so that was just to be able to play both of the guys I liked with my friends that had healers. When I switched to EQ2 for a few years, I continued to 2-box. I came back to EQ in late 2016, I think it was. EoK was recent, but I had to go from lvl 75 to 105, so it was almost time for RoS when I finally hit 105 and was wearing amorphous cohort. I added a third account around then and have been 3-boxing ever since.

    I have never used any 3rd party software to assist with boxing. I don't like the idea of one key press initiating actions on all three characters. Nor do I like the idea of anything being automated beyond what the in-game macros can do. This means that my 3 characters are operating at a fraction of what they are truly capable of at any one time. A reasonable tradeoff for the benefit of having a full group at anytime I am able to play, with minimal preparation before setting off to try and accomplish something.

    If people want to play single-player video games with various cheat codes on, go right ahead. But it certainly does affect the game economy to have bot armies out there farming ultra-rares and other drops to sell for plat and Krono, obviously. That negatively affects everyone playing it straight whether they are even aware of that happening or not.

    I love EQ, but ultimately it is a game. If the game couldn't financially survive without the botters, then I'd paraphrase Capt. Kirk - Let it die.
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  17. Zataos Journeyman

    So like dpg already has the tech to put a stop to the use of isbox if you are using it and log into a tlp it DC's you on the next server tic they dont need to read your log files of toons assisting at the same time or some such. If they didnt want it on live servers it would not be on live servers and that's that . Isbox does not do any thing any one would consider automated it gives one command per button press there is no functions to add delays or any reading of the game it just press buttons you tell it to . I under stand you guys want to cut trees with a hand saw but dont get mad when the guy next door fires up his chain saw and does it with less effort
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  18. Ninelder Augur

    They are always in demand for the 1pct of the expansion that can't be molo'd with merc healers by tank,melee, and pet classes. But the cleric can't in turn put out a tank merc and accomplish even a tiny fraction of the other 99pct. This is where they usually fall behind, and have for years. They shouldn't have to beg for help on stuff that everyone else can molo in their sleep.

    Wizards, rogues, druids and zerkers are more capable than clerics in group progression, but still miles behind the others due solely to disparity in merc capability.
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  19. Nadisia Augur

    Yeah, they can block the multiclienting if they want, that's the main purpose of the truebox servers.

    But it's not an issue with isbxr.
    Some people seem to confuse multiboxing softwares with automation/cheating tools.
    Isbxr is a multiboxing software, basically it's just an input broadcasting tool.

    You can do the exact same thing without this software.
    It's pretty easy, with some basic computing knowledge, to achieve the same results with OS hooks.

    You can also do it with some dedicated hardware. (multiplexers)
    And if you love to tinker with electronics, you can even build your own super cheap multiplexer for almost nothing (arduino for the win :p).
    In case of hardware multiplexers, you can even bypass easily the true box servers limitations.

    On the other side, there is a well-known cheating tool, which reads the memory used by EQ.(and prolly injects some stuff too)
    It's completely different.
    The first times I've eard about this cheat engine, it was around Luclin/PoP era, I don't remember exactly.
    Almost 20 years laters, it's still the same, and still the same name.

    For the scripts, well ... it's complicated.
    You can script many stuff, just based on the logs provided by the game.
    It's running on a computer after all.
    Remember : If G.I.N.A can read the logs and activate visual warnings, cooldown bars, or whatever and put them into a layer, any LUA, python, JS (node), perl , or any basic scripting tool can do exactly the same, but also interact with your inputs.
    And by the way, it's exactly the same for high level languages.
  20. Bobokin Augur

    Now you can help others and group.

    You know, a real group with real players ....
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