After next patch, you can transfer from Aradune to Rizlona. Please keep in mind ....

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  1. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Rizlona and Aradune share the exact same ruleset minus Truebox and
    2 character limit.
  2. Mercanyin Augur

    Aradune Ruleset -
    Mangler Ruleset for XP Progression
    Agents of Change Enabled
    Pick Zones Enabled

    By playing on Aradune you agree to:
    Absolutely No Automated/Unintended Game-play, any incident of automated gameplay is immediate suspension, second offence is a ban including Aradune associated accounts.
    Boxing any more than 2 characters will result in the following actions taken against your account. First Offence: A written warning from the GM. Second Offence: A 7 day suspension of account privileges on all Aradune related accounts. Third Offence: Permanent ban on all Aradune associated accounts.
    Rizlona Ruleset -
    Mangler Ruleset for XP Progression
    Agents of Change Enabled
    Pick Zones Enabled

    By playing on Rizlona you agree to:
    Absolutely No Automated/Unintended Game-play, any incident of automated gameplay is immediate suspension, second offence is a ban including all Rizlona associated accounts.
    To play on Aradune or Rizlona server when they launch, all you'll need is an All Access Membership.
  3. Mercanyin Augur

    No third offense for Rizlona. only two.
  4. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Ok, didn't know that! Official rules wise it's just that and truebox/2 character limit then. Anything else unofficial like blocking specific 3rd party programs on one server is not listed.
  5. KimchiGoddess Augur

    True it's not listed however there was a whole long thread about I S Boxer not working and devs were right on it and got it fixed. So some things are allowed even though it's not stated in the ruleset.
  6. Mercanyin Augur

    The key phrase is. "Automatic" and "Unintended" gameplay.

    No Automatic or automated game play of any kind.

    No unintended game play. Play the game the way it was intended to be played. Which is what? This is the grey area.
  7. TrollMan Elder

    So is EQ Baby server transferring? Rumor has it some are... maybe we can rule BOTH servers!!!
  8. PeterPansicle Journeyman

    No one wants that toxic guild on Rizlona but you'll probably all transfer just so you can claim all the OW spawns with zero competition.

    I don't want you on Aradune either, it's a lose-lose. Well I guess a lose-win because whichever server you're not on will win.
  9. Healiez Augur

    Had another great encounter with another boxer on Rizlona in open world fear!

    Him: hey what you guys after?
    Us: mainly monkeys and gorgons, an Eyrazzia would be pretty dope also.
    Him: need pally, necro, and wiz, I have a monk but you can have the monkeys. If I see an Eyrazzia its all yours.
    Us: cool man, we will keep in touch

    Over the next hour rots were called, both teams got some gear, and we helped each other with some corpse recovery.

    most toxic server ever!

    So far every time me and the brother have gone into fear it has gone down something like this. Box teams communicating with each other so they stay out of each others pull paths and arent fighting for mobs. Will it inevitably happen that there is a less then stellar encounter? Im sure. However that happens on truebox servers too. Multiple parties racing for the mobs they want before the other party can get them. Open world raid targets are probably another animal, but I honestly dont care about those with AoC's, so if you do care about open world ymmv.
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  10. Accipiter Old Timer


    If I logged in with one of my other five 20-year-old accounts it would say "New member".
  11. Accipiter Old Timer

    I have always assumed they meant unattended as well. I suppose both are appropriate. Warping would be "unintended" I suppose.

    But I'll accept that Dreamweaver said the words, even though their actual approach to Rizlona is much different.
  12. Accipiter Old Timer

    But clearly they do not.
  13. TrollMan Elder

    I think EQ Baby should transfer, they might have some true competition with all the boxers...oh wait, we don't want competition. We will continue to kill Eye of Veeshan just to spite Toxic Few :)
  14. jack of all trades Elder

    That dumpster fire of a guild doesn't have the balls to transfer. They can't train raids out of zones when the zones are picked clean of everything except light blue trash that can be AOEd down in the middle of a boss fight.
  15. Drencrom Lorekeeper

    Moot. It's a different word.

    while we are at it: Quite and Quiet are also two different words that are not interchangeable.
  16. Gnothappening Augur

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  17. code-zero Augur

    Unintended = using any sort of exploit

    An example would be using shrink and/or illusion to get through locked doors. They've fixed that now of course.
  18. Urshulgi Augur

    Generally speaking, the cleric box that automatically heals anyone below 60% or the enchanter box that automatically mezzes adds is doing a better job than the player who is afk or watching netflix while "contributing" to the group.
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  19. KimchiGoddess Augur

    I remember way back in the day using shrink to get through that crack in the door leading to the hole. I didn't think anything of it then, funny to realize it's an exploit now.

    One thing I DID exploit back during kunark era (but was too young to really understand it was an exploit) was standing on the wall in Freeport to kill guards. They couldn't get to you to attack you so it was easy XP as a necro. Someone showed it to me and I did it myself. Didn't take long before a GM popped up and told me I couldn't do that, lol. Was fun while it lasted!
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  20. Lionari Elder

    Because only the absolute worst boxers use the ini files you can download. It's the equivalent of auto-attacking with a melee and doing nothing else. Somebody would only make a such comment if they were ignorant or terrible themselves.

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