After next patch, you can transfer from Aradune to Rizlona. Please keep in mind ....

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  1. KimchiGoddess Augur

    I feel this needs to be said though I imagine a lot of people who need to hear this don't come to the forums.

    If you're going to transfer from Aradune to Rizlona, realize it is a boxing server. There are a handful of people running around with 12-18 characters. There's plenty that play only one or two, some that play full groups some that only play 3-4. Many of us are willing to drop a box or two and allow a LFG player to join us if they can't find a group.

    There's already a guild for Aradune Refugees that all re-rolled on Rizlona.

    Boxing is allowed here. A program to facilitate boxing is allowed here. Another program is allowed as long as you're not AFK playing or using it for unintended play like warping etc. This is not a 2 box truebox server like Aradune. Unless there's unresponsive AFK play going on, there's no point in petitioning.

    Even then as other posters in various threads have pointed out, sometimes AFK/unresponsive play going on is dealt with by simply moving your group in and taking over. We also look into these things and don't just walk over people because we can (with few expections of course). Someone is in the same spot for days with their toons never logging off? Yeah take it over.

    There's always going to be a few that think they can do as they please because "camps don't exist" but on the whole we are more civil with each other. We work around each other, we respect camps for the most part and don't have huge drama angry naming shaming outbursts in general chat. There's probaby been some but I haven't witnessed any myself, witnessed it daily on other truebox TLPs during the early eras.

    Also remember this is *not* truebox. You can play all your toons on one computer. If you want to fire up more accounts and fill out your group, go for it! Always remember - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

    Krono is more expensive on Rizlona than it is on Aradune, but there are plenty of cheaper prices floating around for lots of other in demand items. I've seen people selling GEBs for as low as 1k yesterday. Not sure what the going rate on Aradune is, but I generally haven't seen them that inexpensive until much later on other TLPs.

    Also feel free to inbox me if you're in need of some buffs or ports to get you going once you transfer or even if you decide to walk away from Aradune and start fresh because you aren't that heavily invested. I'm currently working my way towards 40, but will hopefully be 50 by the time the transfers happen. I'm happy to help people transition over and enjoy themselves on Rizlona when I'm around online.

    Most importantly - have fun, say goodbye to queues and never zoning to the other side.

    TL;DR - Don't run around reporting everyone, the rules are different here. Don't turn our community toxic.

  2. discordkitty Augur

    Good to know, I personally can't wait to get off the cancer server.
  3. trevock Augur

    Appreciate the info but we know that Rizlona is a boxing server. This is mostly the reason why we came to Aradune. That and Brad of course.
  4. mark Augur

    awsome will it be aradune2.0 or just rizlona with 6full general chats or more from the 4 full general during peak hour.
  5. kit74 Lorekeeper

    What this tell's me is they (DPG) don't have a fix or they can't fix Aradune server in a timely manner so this is the only other option they got sorta a bandaid but it is what it is
  6. Healiez Augur

    I assume the first program you are talking about is [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software], which is 100% allowed.

    I assume the second program, which we will call, zacro nest too, im pretty sure is not legal in any iteration, regardless of how you use it. I mean, even its name is blanked out when you type it in ex. . I would love to see documentation saying its allowed unless you are using it for nefarious reasons, as from what I understand its hands down better then [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software].

    The reason being
    11. You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running EverQuest.

    Pretty sure it does that, regardless of how you use it. Would love if someone has a source saying its allowed if you dont use it for evil/automation/etc.

    Or I could have the second program you are talking about wrong.

    Hmmmm apparently Eye ess Boxer is blanked out also, but they have verified its ok.... so that example is mute
  7. Tucoh Augur

    DPG can inspect your processes with as much fear of repercussions as someone running macro quest 2 on Rizlona or live servers. There are parts of macro quest 2 that allow player to take bannable actions, but in its typical state macro quest 2 is totally fine to use. Personally I've never used it because I think the program would make the game boring to "play", you can just watch some vids of people "playing" it where they enter an encounter and stick their thumb up their butt till its time to distribute loot.

    Where problems arise is when people use it to play EQ while AFK, which is bannable on any server even if you're just using your pet to kill stuff for you.
  8. Healiez Augur

    while true, I could have sworn I saw something saying that program is a hard no, regardless how its used. Would be awesome if the rule changed. The only place I can find saying its OK as long as its not used for bad touches is the website of said program, and not sure how much I trust the seller tbh.
  9. KimchiGoddess Augur

    There are threads on other forums with screenshots from the official discord of Dreamweaver agreeing things were okay as long as it wasn't AFK/Unintended. Easy to find on google.
  10. Tucoh Augur

    I encourage everyone who is tired of queues, lag and the culture on Aradune to move to Rizlona. DPG's strategy for managing a crowded server is to wait until subs drop off and that's probably not going to change. They conducted a data server move a few months ago where they transitioned to under-provisioned hardware knowing that they would run into these problems. They don't have the budget or in-house expertise to properly resolve their problems at a software or hardware level, they are just counting on you, the player, to either play a different game or go to a different server.

    Kunark's release will be just as big of a disaster as the recent XP bonus. By the time it cools off the fresh TLP experience will be over. Key item farming areas will be as packed with level 60 RMT necros farming drops as there are level 50 necros farming them today.

    Personally I'm staying on Aradune, I'd take all that if it means I can enjoy the emergent gameplay of socialized grouping instead of the fragmented gameplay of box groups that don't need each other running around. I get enough of that running my own box group on live!
  11. Sikkun Augur

    All agreements are secondhand backhand deals. The closest tool you have to officially endorsed is Gameparse that they allow to maintain a forum post with download links on here.

    Outside of that you are violating some rule, that may or may not ever be enforced. May or may not of had arrangements made with their authors to not ban people. And they may or may not decide to change their minds.
  12. Febb Augur

    I may or may not like this post.
  13. That0neguy Augur

    and yet he worded it very carefully to not outright endorse said software for obvious reasons.
  14. Machen New Member

    This is not correct. They've made it crystal clear that it is ok to use as long as you are at the keyboard and not using active hacks (warp etc). Holly even explicitly discussed it in the guild leader discord chat that got dumped.

    This has been selectively enforced and/or ignored for a long time. But for what it's worth, m q 2 does not intercept the transmission to/from the server, that's how Show EQ works but not m q 2.

    Magelo and the Allakhazam item tracker are good examples of programs that work somewhat similarly to m q 2 (reading info directly from eq client memory) and directly violate the language of the EULA, but have been allowed for as long as they have existed without any issues.
  15. taliefer Augur

    funny how your 100% allowed software program got forum censored huh?

    DPG just likes to live in the grey area of plausible deniability. but they have been pretty clear that macaroni quest is just as allowed as your censored 100% program above.

    i am cooking macaroni 6 at a time on rizlona, and see no reason to hide it as long as im not using it for afk gameplay. until DPG says otherwise, i will continue to do so. or until i get bored of 6 boxing in my non mangler time.
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  16. ForumBoss Augur

    Nice post. I just dont want the queue, zone time issues, witch hunt petitions, and toxic camp stealing to move to rizlona.

    So on that note, yes, it's an antisocial ghost town on rizlona. Stay away before you're stuck there forever.
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  17. Pumpernickel Lorekeeper

    I just don't want to be *in* a group with boxers. Most people can't pay attention to one character let alone boxes. I was in a group with a dude who was pretty obviously four boxing on aradune and it was extremely frustrating. Rizlona just seems like every group/raid would have that same experience. Hard pass.
  18. Machen New Member

    Good, this is exactly the sort of attitude we don't need on Rizlona.
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  19. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    That's the difference between a lot of the Truebox boxers and real boxers. It is much easier to box efficiently without truebox, and the average Rizlona boxer is much more skilled at handling boxes than the average Trueboxer.
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  20. curious2 Lorekeeper

    its almost 3 oclock est and there are 4 people on rizlona lfg
    /who all lfg 1 50, 4 people lfg

    by comparison, aradune /who all lfg 45 49, 16 people

    if you are a single player, dont go. i have a friend there, im going