AFK issue - my fix

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Bigz_Zupdarty, May 22, 2015.

  1. Bigz_Zupdarty Augur

    Lots of threads on this but I don't want it to be drowned by all the rage n hate.

    What needs to happen is people who are afking need to be punished. so people know when they are done with their play session its time to log off. People who are AFK for more then 1h should get a 1-3 day ban from ragefire.

    I've said it before the hammer needs to hit hard to get people to play by the rules on this server, and be courteous to each other.

    Many will say "ok i'll just set up a macro so I don't go afk, or num lock into a wall" After the AFK detection script is finished a script to detect people using these methods to avoid the AFK script will need to be written. People using these macro/autorun methods to avoid the script should receive a 1-2 week ban from ragefire.

    These people that are AFKing in game are causing some very bad PR for you right now at DBGs. Please show them that you will not let them bring you down. I think too my self what would verant have done in this situation, and this is what I came up with.
  2. Unique_Moop Augur

    Holly tweeted that there are over 4000 people on the server and here we are trying to blame a couple afk people. Fippy / vulak had huge populations for months. Clearly someone needs to send damdor to yell at these devs
  3. Bigz_Zupdarty Augur

    I think the number is closer to 6000 right now.. the server is so over loaded atm its causing lag on normal live servers.. if even 10% of those people are afk, its a big issue imo.

    banning the offenders will keep them offline for the weekend and will give people a chance to play, a hard lesson to learn if your going for server firsts.
  4. Unique_Moop Augur

    Yeah well making afk illegal sounds really smart. They need to just open another server like every other time.
  5. vardune Augur

    stupid @#$ idea. HOW ABOUT ANOTHER SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Brulia Elder

    I think punishing AFK'ers is not the answer. How about planning ahead to have a product ready to meet it's demand.
  7. Lennyn Elder

    My Ranger on Luclin-Stromm was lagging in DN when I logged in to check on a mob. There was only one other player in the zone. And Luclin-Stromm isn't exactly known for having a large population.
  8. Kaayne New Member

    Well of all the really stupid posts, this one is the clear winner. Did they really fill your head with enough BS to make you think the problem is people afking and NOT their problem? Logging in and doing nothing is a punishable offense? Wow, that is a whole new shade of stupid. On every other server we log in and sit afk because they have given us NOTHING to do, is that punishable too? lol, pathetic.
  9. Lemuelbaruch Elder

    While i love your idea, i think its more work than it is worth. If they opened another server, people wouldnt need to stay afk in fear they wont be able to get on.

    While their at it, I think its time to merge all the low population servers together, why they havent yet is beyond me.
  10. Bigz_Zupdarty Augur

    Well if you get a chance to login, and do a /who in any zone you go too count the number of AFKers and tell me it isn't a major problem.. I'm trying to be constructive.

    Doing nothing for an hour is an ok use of server load in your eyes? circumventing the afk detection system they are applying is also ok? just so you can stay online and others can't?

    I don't think opening another server is the answer, I played on vulak last round, so im speaking from experience.