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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by RaptorGesus, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. RaptorGesus New Member

    Looking to piddle on a server when i get the chance. Nothing crazy hardcore. I do not want to box, to lazy/ kills the fun for me. I deal with enough vms and hard multitasking throughout the day, Last thing i wanna do is deal with boxing when i get home to relax.
    That said which class would be best to solo like that? I like tlps but the pace is to fast for me, i would never get keyed prolly. So I will prolly play on live. Any advice?
  2. Tatanka Augur

    Most popular recommendation is SK, then maybe pally, since you'll be your own tank. This assumes you want to eventually handle fairly tough content. Many other classes could be very good (necro, mage, beastlord, ranger) but probably would run into content that's hard to do without a real tank.

    Some other classes can really rock given the right situation (chanter, druid, wizzy) but the places where you can get those optimal situations will limit where you can hunt.

    I'd recommend fleshing out a bit more what you want to accomplish, and that would help with more specific advice.
  3. MarcusD New Member

    This is interesting to me because it took me a long time to figure it out but I fell in love with druid. So for me, there is no question of what class I am going to play, only how I could design a strategy to achieve my goals, and that also includes no-boxing.

    Do people feel more flexible in what classes they pick (as a main)?
  4. Marton Augur

  5. bigpapa Augur

    a shaman can solo very well , specially at higher levels , best root in game ( aa single root and aa ae root ) last 4min + you can keep mobs rooted all day long and can cast dots on several mobs at same time.

    real tank could be good ( are you FTP ? ) , later on a real tank need lot of aa;s into tanking ability , good augments and gear since they will take lot of hits, but play what you like the most, and having fun to do it, that is the goal of EQ.
  6. Fluid Augur

    Just about any character that can DOT and run can level. I'm with Tatanka in that I find a Druid a lot of fun to run. Understand the current live servers just about require a team to do quests like Gribbles to get experience at a suitable rate. It's not that you can't advance, just that it take you 500 kills.<sic>

    I use the same strategy for just about all my characters I solo. For instance with a Ranger I will snare, dot, and run with SoW. I'll add a root and shoot with arrows to the mix too. Ditto for an Enchanter except instead of SoW and arrows, I will mix in a horse and mix some charming. You miss out on a lot of dungeons because they are designed as group content. A SK is a good choice for limited access within dungeons. You will still run into problems splitting MOBs to minable size. The good thing about them is if you are ok with molo leveling to 50 is just about automatic.

    I'd also recommend the FV server as it has a good population and the highest experience for kills.
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  7. Tatanka Augur

    Actually, that was MarcusD ;)

    Ironically, Druid has been my main (and 1st char rolled) since 20 years ago! However, it wouldn't be my recommendation for the OP's request. Provided the goal is to see as much content as possible. True, under the right circumstances, druids can generate XP better than almost any other class. The big caveat is, you'll be very limited on where you can do that. Another other option is moloing with a tank merc, which works so-so, and you have to fight below your level. The only other option (nixed by the OP) is boxing. That's where I've been the last several years, because, as much as I'm frustrated with how poorly druids are able to molo and see a lot of content, it's my favorite char, and I can't cut the cord and main something else ;)

    Of course, this is all predicated on not looking for groups/guilds/peeps to play with. My schedule doesn't work with that very well at all, and it's not what the OP specified. It's been so long since I've grouped regularly, I'll offer no opinion on druids in that role.
  8. Vumad Augur

    The solo methods are tanking or kiting. Tanking is obviously going to include someone who can take a hit and someone who can heal. Kiting is going to be about avoiding hits. Kiting can put out more damage than tanking, but requires space and mobs that don't summon, so tanking is going to work in more areas.

    Tanking setups...
    War/Pal/SK + CLR
    Mag/Nec/Bst + CLR
    ENC charm + Clr
    Shm/Clr/Dru + War/Rog

    Kiting setups all of which would use a caster merc
    Nec, Brd, Dru, Wiz, Rng

    Probably best to stick with tank setups. I'd prefer a class with more versatility.

    For example, NEC are the ENC of the undead. They can Paci, slow, Mez, snare, their pet can tank solid, they can kite, etc. NEC are extremely versatile while soloing.

    BST have a lot of options too. At low levels the pet can tank one while the BST tanks another. At higher levels whem mobs hit harder, the BST can FD split and patch heal a pet tank.

    Druid will out heal a SHM, but SHM can slow. A rogue merc is the better DPS if it can take the hits. A cleric can heal a rogue better, so the average of a SHM/DRU healing a tank while dotting will balance out with a cleric healing a rogue, however the cleric wont keep up with the SHM/DRU if a rogue merc can tank unless it's against the undead and the cleric can help DPS.

    SK gets snare and FD for splitting which are not level capped. Pal gets pacify which is level capped. War has to count on pure tanking ability and fight whatever comes. All 3 work out to about average. Personally I find knights easier to heal when playing my cleric because warriors are completely gear dependent, while knights help.
  9. Vumad Augur

    If you are willing to humor the idea of boxing, consider boxing a mage. I box a mage because it's easy. It gets you an extra merc and you can get half your DPS with /pet attack. Nuking is optional. A BST+MAG box would be a great casual box. Run where you want with mage who gets both kinds of invis (where BST gets neither). CoH your BST. Pull with BST leaving mage in camp. Hit a hotkey on mage that is /assist /pet attack /malonuke /nuke /nuke. Tank/rog merc and cleric merc. Feeling lazy just play the BST and let the mage stand there afk while 2 mercs help you instead of 1. Also endless supply of pet weapons (or arrows if playing a melee class) is also super nice.

    Mage + anything is easy to box. With both Invis and CoH moving around is simple. CoH is midgame however, so you would have to deal with follow for a while, but your bst/pal/w/e would have invis until then.

    If this doesn't sound good, then the no-box answer is one post above.
  10. EternalNewb Journeyman

    Honestly it depends what you find fun. Soloing (even with a mercenary) is going to be extremely slow and tedious post 75 for any class. Depending on the server it may be 1000x times harder to get or find armor because the game is geared around finding armor/upgrades in groups or raids. EQ developers never really added a catchup mechanic that doesn't involve grouping significantly. Even the hero's journey is impossible for some quests/achievements to solo unless you out leveled both the content and rewards entirely to make it pointless to do the content. My suggestion is to play a dot class as mentioned above, and hope that you don't get one rounded if you make a simple mistake when a root fades in the inopportune time because you don't have the best gear from mostly soloing.
    Aside from that, you should choose FV as it would help you get raid/group gear easier. The other option is the test server as it doesn't require a paid account for full benefits, and people routinely give away stuff in the general chat server throughout the day if you are paying attention.
  11. Korsei New Member

    The one thing that completely upsets me about this game is that it is not solo friendly. It's a dated game with amazing content and lore, yet when it comes to solo play, it falls short.

    Good luck though!
  12. Tatanka Augur

    This depends on A LOT of factors. The biggest one of which is class choice. There are a few classes which can solo quite a bit of content, and all classes can solo more of the content as they start to outlevel it.

    But, yes. It's an MMO. It's not going to cater to, or be tuned to, the average soloer. For those, like me, who mostly solo or 2 box, we have to remember that we're always swimming upstream. But you shouldn't be upset about it. Just adjust your expectations to reality.
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  13. Elskidor Augur

    I did Mage to 105 solo when TDS was current. Certainly doable but then decided to try boxing and I never looked back. A real tank opens so many doors.
  14. Korsei New Member

    So what you're saying is, play in outdated expansions and be happy that this game is not catering to the solo player? lol. I have adjusted my expectations years ago.....Play another game.
  15. Tatanka Augur

    If you're having fun, good for you. I'm having fun playing EQ my way.

    If you're playing another game (for years now), why are you even posting here?

    PS - I didn't say either of those things
  16. Korsei New Member

    Really, it isn't about you. Its about the state of the game, it isn't set up for solo play which is a shame, because almost every other MMORPG is and unless you're a die hard EQ fan you stick around. I enjoyed EQ and visit the site because I'm free to, much like you're free to play in outdated content. lol.

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