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Discussion in 'Melee' started by sk8jack, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. sk8jack New Member

    Hey guys I've recently started playing a rogue, and would like some clarifications pertaining to rogue's evade skill and disc rotation. Am currently playing on Coirnav which is at the DoDH expansion, capped at level 70.

    So for evade, should I be using it every chance I get? Or only use it the instance I pull agro? One thing which I've noticed is that it has a chance to fail, even more so than monk's and necro's FD, is this intended? My hide skill is maxed at the moment.

    For disc, which disc rotation should I be using for raids and groups?

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  2. Heajol Elder

    I'm not a very experienced rogue but I do have one now at level 94. You should be hiding / sneaking in between mobs at least so that you can use your opener on a new mob which requires you to attack from hiding. Not sure which level you start getting these openers.
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  3. forum troll Elder

    you can press hide during combat and it lowers you down on the agro list
  4. Sumteengex Journeyman

    its been forever since ive done a burn rotation for that level so i cant really remember that far back..the evade thing is a hit and miss , usually i dont pull agro but if i do have it i just stop attacking and hide/sneak ( SoS ) for a second and then get back into it.there are poisons that help keep your agro , Quellious Trauma if i recall..
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