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    I tested this out primarily for ToV earring xp. Using Ka Vethan the mission mobs have about 70M hp and the raid mobs have 120M hp. If you are hungry for the luck aug it is a good place to go, but it isn't efficient for raw xp or evolving item xp. The xp gains are equal for mobs that theoretically take 71% longer to kill.

    Edit: My recommendation for grinding xp is the below location in Ka Vethan (Instance if you want to avoid being bothered). You can set up in that red circle and it is somewhat safe (there is one cloaked guy who wanders close enough to aggro). There is 13 mobs that you can pull from this location without having to move, and more nearby if you runout. With a full group of Group geared players I never run out of spawns.

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  2. Filter Augur

    OMAD in GD gives 25 AA's and it's pretty easy to do with a mage and/or bard speed (you might be able to preloot the drops on this but haven't tried it yet).
    GD Hero mission you can hit lesson on to boost the given exp/aa exp.
    EoK Hero missions (mentioned above) are great for exp on 1st time completing them. I think I got 120 aa's per completion for my alts, not 50. I could be wrong so don't shoot me :)
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  3. Tucoh Augur

    Lots of good advice on how to effectively gain AAs. My advice for most people: Ignore AA gain and focus on completing the content. Unless you're funneling raid gear, augs, spells etc to a returning player (which from your post might be true) most people will start that long grind of marginally valuable AAs long before they finish the last few expansions worth of content, hunter etc.
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  4. Tatanka Augur

    Just wanted to say, thanks for pointing out OMAD. Hadn't done it before. Started doing it in late July, got it down to a science, and then this past weekend with the bonus XP, banked a metric ton of AAs :)

    Worth pointing out, OMAD has a 30 minute replay timer, from completion.

    Other tips: No pre-looting, you can only get the drops for the current step (i.e. can only get bear drops on first step, if you go to tizmaks before turning in bear meats, nothing drops from the tizmaks, etc). Since you have to keep returning to the quest giver, Druid and Wiz make nice group additions, since they can bind there, and group Teleport Bind spell is a 5 minute CD. Also, for druids, there's a port to other side of the zone, makes getting to bears and tizmaks very quick.
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    And a player does not have to be in the zone to collect the AAs upon turn in.