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  1. Beggly Augur

    I noticed 2 adds for EQ and EQ2 while I was looking at You-tube videos. Nice to see that somebody is advertising this game. It's venerable and should be given some chance at new players. Keep up the good work.
  2. Flatchy Court Jester

    it started last week or so but good effort on starting a thread ;)
  3. Aurastrider Augur

    Now if they could spend some time clearing up the questions and concerns some of their active paying customers have regarding 3rd party programs. There is no point in paying money to bring in new business while potentially losing current customers due to poor communication.
  4. Beggly Augur

    I don't use any third party programs, and I would not really know how to do so, except getting maps from Map Fiend, and that does not seem to apply as a third party program, since it does nothing but provide maps, and those maps have been trading around for over a decade.
  5. Critts Augur

    It looked pretty good.
  6. Jaay Lorekeeper

    They clearly stated what you can and can not do in the long post that covers it?

    They clearly said they wont name any programs cause after theyve named it that creator might change something making the program no viable anymore.

    So just cause they didnt mention the two BIG programs ppl use doesnt mean they cant be used in some form.

    "Roxxlyy wrote Jul 28 2018"

    Like I previously mentioned, we cannot give direct programs or a comprehensive list as things can always change when dealing with third party operations. I was able to get a summary that should hopefully shed at least a little bit of light on what behaviors are and are not okay.

    Third party programs that work by reading logs (from the /log command) or by reading the generated output files (from the /output command) are generally okay to use. Results of these programs must be displayed in a non-client window.

    Third party programs that automate play or provide an advantage that is not obtainable in-game are not acceptable to use.
    Third party programs that alter the client directly are also not okay; this is why the above states that programs must present their displays in non-client windows/formats.

    Cheating bans are targeting those who are unfairly hacking the game in order to provide themselves with massive advantages that are not otherwise possible to gain.

    If you have a question about a specific action, you can open a ticket with our support team at:

  7. Aurastrider Augur

    The statement is clear as mud specifically the "unfair advantage" portion. It's rather subjective to the extent that even the player base is arguing over features that they see as an advantage or arguing that a feature is not an unfair advantage. I agree they can't endorse a specific program but they should state what the terms unfair and advantage actually mean when applied to their product instead of leaving it up to players and potentially a GM who "feels" one way or another should a decision be made regarding someone's add on use. The support ticket was a joke as all they did was basically reference the same words used which directed the players to submit a ticket. Rules should be defined and not left up for user interpretation when ever possible and all this does is leave to much speculation about what right or wrong.
  8. I-WANT-IT-NOW Augur

    Seems pretty clear just people using stuff like is boxer to automate 2-18 rooms at once don’t want to listen. It might be something over looked on live since at this point so many use it or something close and may impact the bottom line to much. But to honestly play dumb that playing one toon that then automates however many more is not a massive advantage is beyond silly.
  9. Jaay Lorekeeper

    Its not hard at all to know what they mean, Only ppl that have a hard time "understanding" or wanting to understand are the ppl using the "programs" and dont want to stop.
    Dont break the rules and you wont have a problem simple.
  10. Aurastrider Augur

    Where is this automation you speak of. Every action performed requires user input and it's not as simple as some people think. There is a huge learning curve and tons of practice and muscle memory involved to control a full group. Besides the fact that it was commented on by a SOE employee at the time that its use was ok. So now here we are years later with the belief that broadcasting was ok as long as there is no automation involved and have to question its use. You can claim playing dumb but here is the question and that is "how does someone using broadcasting impact your experience?" Is there some kind of special trophy or ring one gets for beating EQ and being named the champ? No so one has to wonder why even care? Unless someone is actually preventing you from having an enjoyable experience and its because they are using a certain feature odds are it's not the feature that's the problem it's the player.
  11. Aurastrider Augur

    So your suggestion is people stop using broadcasting? With that they will either quit or significantly reduce their number of subs and expansion purchases. Yeah this seems healthy and intelligent for the community especially when odds are the use of this feature has zero impact on you. The last thing this game needs is less players.
  12. Jaay Lorekeeper

    Your logic is very strange, So you mean that just because DB makes money they should allow people to use cheats and programs that gives an unfair advantage?
    I strongly belive that the majority of the EQ population that plays 1 account or box more within the rules want these Box armies to go away, cause they are not helping the game grow they are simply making more ppl quit the game cause they are sick of it...

    Yea I do think making one key click go to between 2-40 chars is an unfair advantage, This is not how the game was ment to be played.
    I box 5 chars, all by alt tabbing in between them, Not the most efficient way but its not against the rules.
    Stop with this "omg the game will die if the boxers go" cause no one cares...
    And again to quote the post made by the GMs.

    Third party programs that automate play or provide an advantage that is not obtainable in-game are not acceptable to use.
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  13. Aurastrider Augur

    Again this is the "subjective" part that needs to be clarified by the company not the player regarding broadcasting especially. You see it as cheating or some "unfair" advantage while others see it as efficient logical gameplay on non true box servers. Players were told it was ok to use so they used it and now its use is put into question by the recent verbiage and you are so hung up on your own feelings about its use to realize that paying customers should have some clarity regarding it from the company they pay? If DBG says it's not ok or is ok this conversation is over. No need for anyone to dispute subjectivity because the law will be set in stone unless they decide to change their stance at a later time. It's cool that people like yourself don't care until enough players leave and you are stuck playing on some .
  14. Aurastrider Augur

    And for kicks and giggles man is your own words

    You clearly dont know what you are talking about, Cause sending a key click to a character thru a macro on your keyboard isnt cheating, using IS boxer isnt cheating.

    Read up before you talk crap,

    And AGAIN, if ppl wanna box let them, at the state the game is in currently it would be dead if it wasnt for the boxers, so when you see one, pat them on the back and thank them for making you able to still play the game! "

    So clearly your own opinion sways back and forth depending on what YOU feel suits YOU or dependent on how YOU want to interpret things.
  15. Jaay Lorekeeper

    I know what ive said before, and I still dont think sending key clicks is cheating, I think it is... wait for it...
    AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE, want me to quote my line aswell? well here it is..

    I never said ppl should stop boxing, I said they should box within the rules of the game, like I do, alt tabbing between 5 chars and controlling them ALL manually, not automating and copying everything with 1 key click, that little buddy is what I call unfair....
  16. Flatchy Court Jester

    Your both spouting YOUR OPINIONS. Until DB says yes or no it does not matter. I have been boxing before you all made your lil armies and have done a lil of both. I used to use WinEQ all it did for me was make separate windows that ran smoother. I still had to click the window to go to it and then run the toon. I hardly see that as cheating , more like a better video card. I also played on 2 diff computers till one crapped out on me. Now this was only 4 boxing before the advent of mercs ( easy boxer mode). Imagine poor Sam D.
  17. Aurastrider Augur

    So if broadcasting is illegal as you claim why even have true box servers? Do you really think this concept was to keep people from doing alt tab boxing? If you honestly can't see where there would be some confusion from some players you are the one acting dumb. I don't know why you can't understand why players who have tons of money invested into multiple accounts want some clarity from the company regarding broadcasting. Those of us who use this add on don't want to get our accounts banned but at the same time we don't want to play like the Jaay's of the world just because they say this is how we should play. If DBG says we can't use it those players willing to adjust will do so but is it really all that unreasonable to be informed one way or the other in an official capacity.
  18. Jaay Lorekeeper

    I cant tell you if its illegal or not, and yes I would prefer if DBG would simply say, "This and this program is not allowed" or "This and this way of playing isnt allowed" It does indeed make it a pain for the ones that use broadcast or whatever its called.

    So you youve got a point there, Im simply interpreting what the GM said in the post and yes IN MY OPINION using broadcast would be against the rules...
  19. Jaay Lorekeeper

    Truebox server was added due to the overuse of people boxing and they wanted everyone to only be playing 1 char, the ppl that did not want to do this could simply play on another server, if you use 2 computers next to eachother fine, but that still not what the server was made for.

    If you cant understand that people get pissed of when they see a 6 boxed group doing things syncronized and with only 1 person pushing 1 key (On a truebox server), then you have issues...
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  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You are missing the major feature of the true box server which is that you can only play one instance of everquest per machine while playing on this server. The fact is that on the true box server you are not even allowed to alt-tab to play other characters and each one is supposed to be on its own computer.

    This is easily verifiable by reading the FAQ for the server.
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