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  1. Randomized Augur

    My reply that if other servers had the same ruleset as FV kind of implies that. Yes.

    And why would you upgrade gear that doesn't need upgraded if you're not going to upgrade your play style? Of course heroic stats matter not to.l you when you're pulling singles all day long.

    I like to push myself. If I'm not tanking 3-4 at a time on my SK, I'm bored because theres really no risk of dying. Wasnt any issue with my T1 gear either when I was pulling singles. But if i wanted to be a better tank overall, that involves taking on more of a challenge, in which every stat you can stack is an advantage you want.

    Then by your accounts you'd find it fun trying to get as close to 94 ranks of HF/HV
  2. CdeezNotes Augur

    And the same thing can be said simply by making everything heirloom. You can just bank all your old augs/currency and transfer it to your alts. Same result, less dev work.

    I don't see many people creating AP tanks for their tanks. If they are filling the same role, why bother duplicating the roles on the same account? May as well have vastly different classes.

    Do we know how APs are handling augs right now? Are they bypassing the need for distillers? Because those augs will need to somehow migrate from your main's armor to the armor you have for your AP.

    Unless you're planning on just packing hundreds of distillers at all times, including perfected ones, I don't see how APs reduce the need for aug farming.
    They could've just made achievements account & server based rather than this "feature" with very clear and obvious ulterior intentions of generating revenue through microtransactions and heroic character purchases.

    And the Hero's vit/res/fort is very minimal effort to get a decent amount of ranks of. I'd argue people with alts on same account already have a lot, which now gets wasted for all intents and purposes.

    Furhtermore, for tanks it's maybe a couple thousand hp at the most. The difference between 0 and max Hero's Fort is less than 100 ac. It's virtually meaningless (and this is coming from a min/maxer tank who spent countless hours doing the little things for my main war). Again, if a person is so concerned about those, and is willing to just use the same slot 5,7/8 augs regardless of class is wildly contradictory to me. You're literally going to have hundreds, if not thousands, if improper heroic stats for your AP. The stat differences from slot 7/8 and 5 augs are going to make a much more noticeable difference in tanking than the silly Hero AAs. Heros gets you a total of what, 250 stats? 20+ slot 5 augs with non ideal stats is a differential of what, 50+ heroics PER aug? It makes me wonder if you know anything about a tank at all?
  3. Petalonyx Augur

    "94 ranks of Hero's Fortitude and Vitality actually adds a LOT to your top end."

    94 ranks of HF adds 78 AC and 940 attack, total. The attack is noteworthy. The AC is less than that from a single modern Type 7 aug.

    94 ranks of HV adds 2,350 hp total. That's essentially the same amount as a single modern Type 7 aug with HP and HStamina.

    I guess it would add a lot to a low level alt. Maybe that's what you meant?
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  4. Micker99 Augur

    So you can pull more mobs with the hps from the progression lol? I used to swarm dozens of mobs with my SK, but that all got nerfed. I can tank as many mobs as anyone with my SK, I'm sure he is close to the top in AC /HPs. I like to max out stats, but in reality, they don't really make much difference. An extra 20Khps or whatever is never going to be noticed, especially with raid gear, it's a tiny percentage. Not saying the progression is completely worthless and I have those maxed out, but it is just something to do really and not anything necessary in the least bit. I certainly wouldn't level up an AP, just for that non sense.
  5. Endorek Lorekeeper

    This whole concept just doesn't make sense to me, and I'm beyond frustrated at the quality and quantity of content in the new expansion that's been compromised as a result of trying to implement something there's not a need for. You're not attracting any new customers with this, but you're probably going to lose many by releasing the biggest pile of steaming excrement in the long history of the game.
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  6. Angahran Augur

    DBG hasn't shown the slightest interest in attracting new customers in at least a decade, probably 2.
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  7. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I agree. Since they introduced Ragefire/Lockjaw, they seem to have 2, and only 2, objectives: get older players to come back and subscribe to play on the TLP servers and also do just enough to try and hold on to the aging player base on Live servers.

    Right now, in modern EQ, everything seems to scream "GO AWAY!" to actual, "never played EQ before", new players, beyond the virtual "Play TLP!" sign hanging on the server screen.
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I don't think APs should get the experience from doing progression missions on a non AP toons but AP toons should be able to complete them again for exp.