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    Q: Help! I can’t get past character select!

    A: There are many updates to the UI related to the advanced loot system. Please reset your UI to the default until your custom UI is working again. The patch notes contain a list of the UI files that were modified to get the advanced loot system to work.

    Using the Advanced Loot System

    Q: How do I link all?

    A: Insure that “Group by NPCs” is checked and right click on the NPC’s name, select link all. Alternatively, use alt+left click on the NPC’s name.

    Q: How do I automatically loot everything?

    A: /advloot, click on the “Edit Filters” button, select the “Auto Loot All” checkbox.

    Q: What does apply filters do?

    A: If you do not want to use your AN/AG/Never selections from your filters temporarily (or ever) you can disable the “Apply Filters” checkbox. This only affects you when an item appears in your Personal List.

    Q: Why do some of the items in my “Personal Loot” list have a lock icon? What does this mean?

    A: You were out of range, dead or out of the zone when the NPC died and need to right click on the corpse to unlock it. Until it is unlocked, you will not be able to loot items from this corpse even if they are allocated to you by the master looter.

    Q: How can I find a corpse that is locked so that I may unlock it and loot my item?

    A: Make sure “Group by NPCs” is checked and click on the NPC’s name. This will target the corpse if you are in range. After you right click on the corpse, the locked icon will disappear and you will be free to loot the item.

    Q: How do I hide corpses in the advanced loot system?

    A: /hidecorpse listed will hide all corpses that are in your personal or shared list, /hidecorpse listedunlocked will hide corpses that you have access to (once without the red lock icon). These settings will persist across zoning and play sessions. Note that a group or raid’s use of the advanced loot system is based solely on the current master looter’s selection.

    Q: How do I add an item to my filters?

    A: There are multiple ways. You can select AN/AG/Never, or you can drop any item on the cursor onto the Edit Loot Filters window’s list.

    UI Configuration

    Q: How do I make the Advanced Loot window stay visible?

    A: /advloot, click on the “Loot Settings” button, and uncheck “Auto Show Loot Window”

    Q: How do I import the filter settings from another character?

    A: /advloot, click on the “Edit Filters” button, and click the “Merge / Replace Filters” button. The files must exist in your userdata folder. You can either merge their settings into yours, or completely overwrite your settings.

    Q: How do I turn off the Advanced Loot System?

    A: /advloot, click on “Loot Settings" button, and uncheck “Use Advanced Looting”

    For Master Looters

    Q: The “Set all to:” button doesn’t seem to change all of the items to the state I wanted?

    A: Set all to will only set items that can be changed. Asked items cannot be set to free-grab, free-grab cannot be set to ask. Asks must complete before you can roll on them.

    Q: What is the [IMG] symbol and what does it do?

    A: Every time this item appears in your shared list, it will automatically start an ask with auto roll enabled.

    Q: How does AN/AG/Never work for master looters?

    A: Just as it does as a player. You will automatically select need or greed or no every time this item appears in the shared list.

    Q: How does leave on corpse work?

    A: Once all of the items that have been given to players are looted, and everything else is marked as leave on corpse, the corpse will immediately be unlocked to be looted by anyone.

    Q: Someone selected ND when they should have selected GD. Do I have to start another ask for them to make their selection?

    A: No. Click the manage button. After the ask has completed, the list of player choices will show and you can make changes to their selections as needed before hitting the roll button.

    Master Looter Pro-tips
    • You can right click on an item to quick set it to free grab mode, leave it on corpse, or give it to a player.
    • Make sure that you split up stacks as necessary prior to setting an item as free grab or starting an ask. After starting an action on an item, you will be unable to change the quantity and the quantity slider will disappear.
    • Items that have been asked on cannot currently be changed to free grab, and items marked free-grabbed cannot be asked on. You may always give the item to a player on demand regardless of setting.
    • You can change an ask’s auto roll state while the ask is in progress.
    • Items which you take no action on will auto ask/roll a few minutes prior to the corpse unlocking to everyone.
    • You can make corpses instantly unlock to all players, grouped or otherwise, by setting all of the items to leave on corpse. This will not automatically unlock however if an item has been allocated to a player and that player has not yet looted the item.
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