Adv Loot crashes.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Durbah, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Durbah Lorekeeper

    Like seriously, this thing has caused crashes for YEARS, why hasn't anyone ever looked into it and fixed it? It's so obnoxious, and now im stuck out of the game because DBG can't even maintain a login server. Makes me question why i still play...
  2. ZoomBox Lorekeeper

    This issue has supposedly already been fixed, and yet even after the fix i have still had the advanced loot client crash my toons.
    It happens most often in a new zone (for the advanced looting system) you may have been there hundreds of times before or your preferences files have vanished from your machine (factory reset / new machine / reinstall / whatever) and the Advanced loot system fills up with the various items that have dropped. This can happen really fast if killing a swarm pull of grey con mobs.
    As soon as you try to update the (random number here)'th item with a preference . . .. Poof Client crashes and you are looking at a stuck screen for a good long time.
    It has happened to me on the first item I try to update out of a list of maybe 5 items, it has happened on the 3rd item of a list of 50 items. There doesn't seem to be any consistent reason for the crash, it just crashes the advanced loot client.

    Before I go swarm pulling an old zone for the trade skill junk I need, if I can remember it . . . I try to kill only 3 to 5 mobs at a time until the preferences for the majority of the loot that will drop have been set . . .otherwise i am litteraly wasting 30 minutes trying to get the game restarted and not crashing back out as soon as I reopen the advanced loot window.

    Good luck with it.
    I really hope they fix this soon
  3. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    ZoomBox gives a very good description of how the AdvLoot window crashes usually go, I also sometimes get the crash when changing the setting of an item i already have a setting for, the new items being given a setting is definitely the most common one though.
  4. Bummak Journeyman

    Had a guild member ask me about this very issue yesterday. He said every time he tried setting an item to greed, it crashed his account and left him looking at his desk top. I personally have never had this issue, (crosses fingers and knocks on wood), but I can imagine the frustration of it happening. My advice to him, was to quit using the advloot system altogether, but that really isn't fixing the issue. Come on guys, if your going to invent a nice way for us to consistently loot everything without corpse grubbing, at least make sure it works BEFORE you roll it out to the masses.
  5. Elskidor Augur

    If that's their definition of fixed then that explains so much...

    Best way around it is to slowly set up the items to auto greed or ignore and loot them up before the window is so jam packed with junk the simplest check box will crash you out. If it's too crowded it also seems to cause it. If you're nervous then just right click the item icon to loot certain things, but I try to keep the box free of clutter until each item is set to a preference.

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