Adding to the million “What class?” Threads

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by tzeriel, May 12, 2021.

  1. Ultrazen Augur

    Shaman are great regardless of expansion, one of those classes that continues to get better and better really. There are only 2 downsides to a shaman. 1. No port (but origin helps that quite a bit), and 2. Buffing raids early on is one of the circles of hell. If you are going to primarily be grouping, Shaman is one of the very best classes in the game in my opinion. It's an especially good starting class on a new TLP.
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  2. Kumiko_Lockjaw Elder

    Started playing EQ on 7th hammer in 1999.
    But it was casual at best.
    Then briefly on a German server until after a few kills from Aten Hara.
    Then Stromm server until shortly before PoTime.

    Then, after a long WoW phase, a few years ago on Ragefire until I killed Quarm a few times, with Darkwind.

    And now, today, I read about Mischief TLP server.... and not even 10 minutes later I feel this strong pull again.

    Tried so many games in the last 20 years, but basically you can forget all games except Everquest!

    Sucks, this addiction :)
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  3. WokeCat Augur

    Rogue with a Gnoll Hide Lariat and Dragoon Dirk will be unstoppable after level 25. Would be insane not to main this class.
  4. OldTimeEQ1 Elder

    That sounds...odd. How does the occasional stun proc (which is more or less fixed these days, unlike 20 years ago where with DEX buffs you could proc a LOT - think was changed around the same time they addressed the Shakerpage thing, not sure...) from the Lariat help do more than a mage or monk DPS in groups??
  5. OldTimeEQ1 Elder

    Haha tell me about it. Nameless from 99, then on and off - then Combine in 2006 (or so?), then ragefire few years ago, then phinegel! There is something about EQ - I suspect it is also more to do with something REALLY wrong with us also who want so badly to live in the past. I bet psychologists will have a field day if they could study us few 1000 maniacal TLP folks :D
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  6. Kumiko_Lockjaw Elder

    Can't help. It will be rogue again. And my real life identical twin bro will be monk again.
    Same as it was the last 20 years. 2nd verse, same as the 1st...:D
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  7. OldTimeEQ1 Elder

    Nice, my first char was a monk - on Quellious, and I decided I had messed the stats up by putting some points in AGI (got to level 21 or so I think - took weeks!), and when nameless opened, started monk on that day with +5 in STR (and felt I was badass heh). I got to level 42.

    It was a time before Allakazam or much clear info available to all - we had a forum for monks (Ezboard! It was moderated by "Q" heh), then we had the Dojo, then finally monkly business...

    The posters there figured out that Instill Doubt was a monk skill few months after release - watching the Freeport Monk NPCs spar - and Verant agreed it was a bug and put it in. We also initially thought the skeletal monks in unrest could teach secret skills and weren't sure how to raise faction with them :p

    In hindsight, EQ sucked you in 100% - hours flew by (you weren't doing anything optimal either!). Even now, though I stopped playing on Nameless in Feb 2000, I can list out a list of many of my ingame friends there....I can not do it for any other MMO (Except DAoC which I loved and played for 2 years) or even latest TLPs where I can do that.

    Guess the magic of the unknown is almost gone - and well, not as young as 22 years ago, so 14 hour sessions are out!

    That, and we are mental, as I mentioned earlier!
  8. Recondojoe New Member

    Guessing your new... the stun on lariat allows the rogue to backstab mobs without a group...
  9. Haze Journeyman

    I see you're bringing RnF over to the TLP forums lmao. Now we just need Snortles!
  10. Accipiter Old Timer

    Right, because soloing with a rogue is so profitable.
  11. tzeriel Lorekeeper

    Appreciate the feedback. After thinking and reading Shaman is out. Chanter is probably out. I’m likely on Bard though I’ve considered SK as well. Outside chance at Mage. SK will get groups easy, solos okay, can travel well with both invis + FD and on raids it seems like all you do is let warriors tank, monks pull, pump DPS and maybe taunt for DT.

    So like 60% Bard, 30% SK, 10% Mage right now. Why percentages? How else am I gonna roll a d10 for it?
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  12. OldTimeEQ1 Elder

    If you haven't played a necro, I would strongly suggest it. not a one-trick pony like a mage, and once you get used to FD it is really hard to play a class without it. While the necro pet is no beast like the mage one(s), with focus it does okay, well that and it is fun in sebilis to have like 4 or 5 frogs all snared and dotted crawling behind you while your pet beats them up.

    Also with self invis (and you get a clicky with almost insta-cast invis (in kunark) which will literally serve you well for lots of expansions to come if not for ever!), and ITU also - moving about is not an issue.

    I played a necro (human, race-changed to Iksar - with the innate HP regen of iksar, it is nice) on Phinny - had a blast all the way up to (I think) TSS or a couple of expansions before that. I stopped only because I get bored once I got too many stuff to track/on timer etc (whack-a-mole is no fun for me) - but I did complete progression in DoN and also DoDH (never thought would get that badass clicky + to all resists item), got anguish pieces by joining friendly guild raids, Had 1200 or so AAs also.

    One thing which annoyed me is that I could NOT filter out DoT crits to a separate window - I so badly wanted to see my DoT crits separately....Strangely, that was one of the reasons I kinda stopped too (silly and trivial I know but hey, for some reason, that really really got my goat!). The other was the DoT consolidation for necros which never happened (even after a year or two for other classes) which I think is now done?
  13. tzeriel Lorekeeper

    I’ve played a Necro a bit. Classic-Vel. Not a huge fan. Don’t hate the class, but not what I’m looking to do this time around.
  14. OldTimeEQ1 Elder

    Not being a huge fan of the master class (other classes, all inferior, exist just for variety!) - and if you go master race (iksar) oh my! - reflects very badly on you my friend :p
  15. aindriuc Elder

    My brother and I will be going two necromancers. I am tinkering with the possibility of going druid, as necromancer and druid may also be powerful, but will most likely go necromancer too, unless someone can convince me I am making a mistake! :D
  16. Barkodex New Member

    My wife and me went Druid/Necro some while ago, We originally started in launch date with Warrior ans Shaman (both Barbarians named Jurga and Turga). Stopped around PoP, switched to Daoc, WOW, but nothing is like EQ.
    Like all the others in this thread we getting dragged back into EQ once a while........So Druid/Necro is an awesome Combo its nearly unstoppable. Youd will find that the druid snare is the one to play with instead of darkness, its more stable and saves mana. You need to split dots between both classes so noone goes OOM. Snare, Fear, DOT, Pet, rinse and repeat and your 50 :)

    To be honest, im looking for a "new" combo. My wife will play Druid, the only class that exists in her universe, as she loves to support and help and to be honest druid is the most supporting class overall.

    As we mainly play as a duo im looking for some ideas to combine with the druid. We had Monk, but
    that starts to slow down a lot after a few levels as healing takes to much mana....
    Mage we tried, but to be honest, DoT and DD dont work well together :)

    Thanks for input from you all!

  17. Ruhi Lorekeeper

    Have you thought about shaman with the druid? does your wife like charming on the druid? I never went to max lvl, but i farted around with a sham/druid combo (psuedo seeing how a bl might work with a druid). I ended up charming a lot on the druid, and just using the sham for slow/heals.

    If you like charming, chanter/druid is a nice combo for classic-luclin - tapers down a bit pop and beyond, a whole lot after OoW.

    There's sk/druid - can still fear kite if that's your preference. You can also fd/split pulls.
  18. The Phoz New Member

    SK won't be a lazy raid experience or you'll likely not be invited back to raid. Bard is likely your best bet as you're going to be wanted in groups for your CC, haste, mana regen etc. Mages are good in group and ok DPS in raids but there are a lot of DPS options so more people to compete with for spots.
  19. tzeriel Lorekeeper

    As raids go, by lazy I just mean not balls to the wall, like a Monk or something. I don’t expect to just AFK and collect pixels on raids, I just don’t want S tier responsibility and action. I prefer leading the pace in groups but on raids, just silently doing my job while letting others make the decisions and initiate action. I’m fine being active and playing, I just want raids to be the time I relax and in chat and groups to be the time the Serious Pants go on and I’m pulling/tanking/squeaking out every advantage for myself and the group.
  20. Sycopata Elder

    Enchanter, full action on group, buff in raid