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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-bone_dawg, May 7, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-bone_dawg Guest

    I have heard it rumored that you only have to acquire a key once in game because you can add it to your keyring and then you can destroy the key. I think I have misplaced my key ring, maybe someone can help me out by explaining how this works. Thank you for your constructive input.
  2. ARCHIVED-Belthil Guest

    The first time you use a key that can go on the keyring you should get a message stating that it has been added. You can check your keyring with the command /key (or was it /keys?).

    The only way to put a key on your keyring is to use it. Not all keys go on your keyring.
  3. ARCHIVED-Nolrog Guest

    The keyring is an imiganary thing that keeps your keys. You don't have an item that is a keyring. When you use a key the first time, it will automatically get put on your keyring. The next time you go to that door, you don't need the key, you can just click on the door and it will open. The keyring also keeps track of your flags (I have the CoDb flag, and it gets listed.) The command to see what is there is /key. Not everything will go on the keyring though.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gamaddor_nameless Guest

    After using a key for the first time, you may see the message "Trakanon Idol has been added to your keyring" or something similar. Also, there is the /key command which will list all keys on your keyring.
  5. ARCHIVED-swordofruin Guest

    Unless it has been changed that key can not be put on the key ring. Been a bit since I was in seb but I kept my key when i zoned in
  6. ARCHIVED-Turlo_Lomon Guest

    You keep the key after it is added onto the keyring. Once you confirm it is on the keyring, you can then delete the key. A few keys I would hold off destroying, as they are also used in additional quests (such as Sleeper for example).
  7. ARCHIVED-PC_Load_Letter Guest

    Very few PoP flags get put on your keyring. The alt quest to tactics and I think HoH does, possibly POI factory.

    Once you use a key and you don't get a message don't destroy the key. If you get the message and the key is easiely obtianable, like TOFS keys, then you can delete them, but I would never destroy hard to get key that are on the keyring.
  8. ARCHIVED-Gamaddor_nameless Guest

    He is right, I'm sorry I didn't explain further. The key doesn't physically disappear from your cursor after it gets added to your keyring. You will see the message and then when you type /key it will be listed there, but you can still keep your idol in the bank if you like. You will be able to zone into OS without it for the second time and so on.
  9. ARCHIVED-Mirajoy Guest

    seb, and howling stone keys go on keyring (that i know of, only keys i have :)
    the keyring thing isnt too old, so maybe, since you said its been a while, you need to go there and add it?
  10. ARCHIVED-Castaa-Wizard Guest

    Do the all the Plane of Sky keys go on the key ring?

    I've used mine but the keys don't appear when I type /keys only my Trak idol.
  11. ARCHIVED-Izcurly Guest

    Castaa-Wizard wrote:
    No, not the last time I checked. I don't remember how many times I destroyed those keys for bank space back in the old days.
  12. ARCHIVED-WyreWintermute Guest

    I don't know all of the keys that go on the key ring, but here are a few SS's of ones up through DoDH and at least one from PoR:
    Here is an example of PoP backflagging (not sure what exactly... this toon has the PoTime backflag and maybe some misc others. It has been a long time).

    And no.. PoSky keys do not go to keyring ;)

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