Add Undead Dragongut Strings to non-UDB Trakanon Please...

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Soon, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Poydras Augur

    Seems to me you're twisting his words just to be argumentative. Or do you think the entire concept of instancing on phinny equates to unearned progress?
  2. AllahuAkbard New Member

    I hate that this isnt added. This was meant to help bards get their epics and now hurts them. Come on DBG...
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  4. Frags Journeyman

    Definitely is frustrating that something which was added to help bards, now hurts them. It's not as if moving the guts to regular Trakanon would trivialize the bard epic. There are still multiple raid targets that need to be taken down for the epic.
  5. Soon Augur

    Phinny Backbone is PITA. Red/White Scales comes easier but you still require a small raid. Fear piece. Guts from Skyfire, BW. Those requires some camping. I would say add a 20% drop rate of guts to instanced Trak if you don't want it being given.
  6. Sophism Lorekeeper

    I'll toss in a +1 for this, even though I'm not a bard. I do enjoy having an epic bard with me.
  7. Laok Journeyman

    So let's throw insults. Do you really think you should be talking about maturity?

    I'm only asking DBG to change the game BACK to the way it was and allow the guts to drop off of regular Trak too.

    Shut up.
  8. Laok Journeyman

    Let me also add that I'm on a trueboxed, instanced, anti-poopsock server. If I wanted that , I'd go back to P99.

    I love these guys (all 2 of them) arguing against making it a little easier to get the guts. I can't tell if they're argumentative trolls or hyper-competitive neckbeards. Don't you guys have riots to incite elsewhere about the slow experience on TLP or something?
  9. Syrup Augur

    We know....
  10. Laok Journeyman

    Well, that answers that. Argumentative troll it is.

    Do you work for mainstream media editing quotes and removing them from context? If not, you'd probably want to submit resumes. I think you've missed your calling.
    Go home troll, you're drunk.
  11. Syrup Augur

    Best of luck getting the game changed.
    You'll need it.
  12. Laok Journeyman

  13. yerm Augur

    After almost a decade of people saying Obummer and the like and thinking it's witty, I suppose I should not be shocked that witless people are now throwing out a new and even more awful name-joke about the next guy.

    Removing a bucket from the drop table (which is filled with BPs) and removing the MOTM tag from the mob, and/or adding a single item to a single mob with no variance or percentages to toy with... not that hard.

    That Trak was missing a couple BPs that have since been added and then blocked on TLPs until X expansion. It also drops less teeth. While I think your idea is simple enough, Syrup is totally correct that it's a game change no matter what - it can't be a mere reversion.
  14. Laok Journeyman

    I guess I'm not asking for a reversion as much as an addition. Adding the possibility for guts to drop off instanced Trak wouldn't be a big deal. The additional teeth were a concession for the compressed timeframe of TLP. Why give less BPs and no guts then? They're already making concessions, what's one more? And it's not really even a concession. The guts don't even drop on open world Trak anymore. They used to. It was a concession put in place many years ago to break the bottleneck that we had to face by adding UDB. This is a regression.
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  15. GuardDorko New Member

    Has a dev or community member read any of this?

    (stealth bump)
  16. Elrhon New Member

    Precisely. When the game had no instances Trakanon was timed and killed usually by one guild until they managed to lose the timer, but often they'd maintain it forever / til they got bored / etc - and cblock everybody else on the server from finishing the epic.

    So the devs removed the strings from his loot table and created the undead bard spawned version, with a breastplate drop on the spawned version to give incentive for folks to help bards with it.

    Now that the problem of 1 guild being able to cblock the rest of the server from raiding/progression is gone, the problem is UDB is only spawning in open world, allowing the few to cblock the many, again.

    This is why many people are calling for a change back to how the guts originally dropped (on regular trak, or motm trak as the case may be), either instead of or in addition to the undead bard.

    For all you p99 people who love to cry "keep it classic".. undead dragon strings on regular trakanon is about as classic as you're gonna get.
  17. uk6999 Augur

    Bumping, hoping to see a dev response.
  18. Soon Augur

    When will it get fixed?

  19. cptnflowers New Member

    Is this just getting ignored? I don't see a GM comment on this.
  20. cptnflowers New Member

    Why would this not be the case...