Add Time? Im a lifetime member

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Poyzen Frawg, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    Today I purchased the perks and now my market place screen is telling me I need to add time... What's going on? I am a lifetime member.
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  2. Thunderkiks Augur

    Same thing happened to me after I claimed my monthly DBC.
  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Yep same. They messed things up again on Lifetime.
  4. Rondor Augur

    This has happened a few times before, with the "Add Time" button appearing for Lifetime subscription accounts. It also happened to me this month on at least two Lifetime accounts I have.

    It seems to always resolve itself by the next time the monthly free 500 DGC allotment comes around, and then it won't happen again for a few months.

    Note that logging in via the EQ Launchpad patcher, or via "patchme" bypass, does not seem to change things for this "Add Time" issue.

    Some previous threads about this to get a feeling for how often this happens:
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  5. MisterShawnERS New Member

    Same issue here, never noticed it before, but can stand by and see if it fixes itself.
  6. Eaedyilye Augur

    I have 2 accounts I pay for once a year. On one of them I'm getting the dreaded add time warning. I've seen it before and it disappears when you get your 500 Daybreak Cash Reward.
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  7. Tishanian Journeyman

    Same here, happened today for me for the first time ever, guess I will wait for next month and see if it fixes its self.
  8. arkmaar New Member

    i have lifetime membership and i have gotten the add time bug before but it used to always fix itself, but not this 2 days past time for my monthly station cash and now instead of add time or claim it says click here...when you do that it prompts you to buy time....Ive messages a developer about it but no reply so far 24 hours later.
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  9. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

    under your account management you can see if your next date shows Dec or is it still showing Nov?

    and under account history you can see if the $5 was given and/or claimed
  10. Toadwater Journeyman

    I'm having the same issue. If they've cancelled the 500 DB coins per month for Lifetime accounts, I will probably quit for good.
  11. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

    Its a technical issue. No one has said or even thought about them cancelling the DBC. o_O

    Others, myself included have had no issue with our lifetime accounts and the monthly claim.
  12. Malbro Augur

    Never had a problem til I bought the perks.
  13. SirWrecksAlot New Member


  14. Makta Elder

    I haven't purchased perks, and it's done it to me today. I have a lifetime membership, and my 500 DB cash redemption day is today. I went to claim it, and instead of claim it says click here on the button and like arkmaar, it prompts me to buy time. As CatsPaws suggested, I checked my purchase history and my last 500 DBC grant and redemption was October 6th. Nothing since then.
  15. Malbro Augur

    If they can screw this up, what's going to happen when 64 bit comes in?
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  16. TarewMarrForever Augur

    So as I feared, the "Add Time" is now "Click Here" on all of my Lifetime accounts. It should be "Claim".

    In other words, I can no longer "Claim" my 500 DBC.

    Will this be fixed in time before this expires, or should I submit a support ticket to get the 500 DBC manually added to my account?
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  17. Dimuza Not New

    In general, does a rep answer these types of questions?
  18. Malbro Augur

    I submitted a ticket and they had to kick it up the ladder to Platform Engineers for further investigation.

    Hopefully it'll get remedied soon.
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  19. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

  20. Malbro Augur

    Just got an email from DB and it seems to be resolved. I was able to claim my reward.
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