Add maps to the game.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Strawberry, Jun 12, 2021.

  1. Leerah Augur

    Include a high contrast option because we're all aging. Light blue lines on grey-beige isn't working for me anymore.

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  2. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    If you right click the non button area of the map frame, - select alpha - normal and change the value to 50 or 75 to change the fade on the map, it allows the darker background of the game to make lines clearer on some maps.

    One of the benefits of not having to outsource maps would be consistency. As it is now, packs of maps were not made, nor edited by a single standard and line colors, label colors change from map to map.

    Everquest having a base set of ingame maps could homogenize and standardize them. (AND REQUIRE PROPER LAYERS / HEIGHT FILTERS FOR ZONE GEOMETRY!)

    -also sadly missing from many maps.
  3. Leerah Augur

    "Proper height filters/layers!"

    Be still, my heart! I still effin' hate to go to Kedge Keep.
  4. Leerah Augur

    But I don't ever use fade and white on black isn't very easy on the eyes anyway.

  5. Leerah Augur

    Someone told me about Notepad ++. It does a global search/replace on 500 files without opening them. Maybe during the patch, I'll try replacing the tan with white on all the maps.
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  6. Strawberry Augur

    The lines can be annoying on maps.

    I really don't understand why EQ doesn't simply use a satellite view of the zones, WoW and other MMO all do this for their mini-maps, and the drawn map is just based on that.

    It seems so counterintuitive to literally draw everything out when you have the data of the zone available.

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  7. Igniz Augur

    While I do like WoWs maps (both the look as well as the "go there to explore") what I miss is the ability to add my own markers (without using an add-on).
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  8. Valdest Journeyman

    Yes, don't download from unknown zip files and use them... Yes, do download known and popular zip files from a secure source and use them.
  9. Venau Augur

    Killer thread!

    Since I haven't played in quite a while I feel as though I'm impartial enough to render a final verdict (take note Devs)......Please?

    Strawberry wins!

    The game needs new blood. An increasing subscriber base. A basic map for each zone should be included. A very reasonable request.

    Gratz Strawberry! And isn't it amazing how people resist change for the sake of resisting change?
  10. Roxxors Journeyman

    FYI: When you read a text file into allocated space it goes in something called a "Data Segment", executable code goes in the "Code Segment". If you attempt to fetch and execute an instruction in the data segment/heap you get a Segmentation Fault exception and your program crashes...

    I also find it funny that he has an issue going to a well know trusted site and downloading a zip file, but had no issues going to a well know and trusted site called, downloading an unknown executable (setup file) and running it... Weird.
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  11. Bardy McFly Augur

    This much I will agree with. EQ2 has this. But as with most things EQ, we are where we are because of being tied to a very legacy game engine with minimal resources to work on it.
  12. Igniz Augur

    Sorry to break it ti you, but "we" or rather "I" do not resist for the sake of resisting. As I already explained, I on one hand am content with being able to create my own maps if I wish or get the high-quality maps that Brewall or Good provide (and fear what kind of useless s*itpile of "basic map" would be provided by DPG) and on the other hand would like the very limited dev-time available be put somewhere more important. Like a new expansion, and not getting old expansions with half the content the original provided, distributed over two years. But that's just me ...
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  13. Bardy McFly Augur

    One other thing of note, though, with regard to satellite maps is that most games that use them have a fairly (mostly) flat area/zone layout. Those games don't have a lot of vertical overlap, mostly just a flat zone with maybe single-layer tunnels or a very rare double layer. EQ is absolutely littered with zones that have 5 or more vertical layers, lots of winding tunnels or staircases, buldings with a bunch of floors etc. Satellite view can still give general area, but wouldn't handle the EQ zones built like that (Howling Stones comes to mind). Multiple layer and verically aware satellite views would be the only right way to handle that.
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  14. Vumad Augur

    I wonder how many hours it takes good's/brewall to make a basic zone outline including zone boarders and roads (no named spawn locations etc).

    Anyone know? I would think them being proficient a zone like EW or WW would be pretty quick. Mapping every ice pillar in EW isn't necessary on a client included map download.
  15. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I am not sure, but haven't they already done this? The basic layout is in one layer, while labels and "points of interest" are in the 2 other layer files. Or do I remember wrong?

    It would be trivial to only offer the basic layer...
  16. Raccoo Augur

    During COV beta I watched Goodurden map out Temple of Veeshan (I think), as he streamed it on twitch. I only watched him part of the time, for a couple hours at least.
  17. Tarvas Augur

    Personally, I wouldn't mind something akin to Elder Scroll III, but not at the expense of anything else that is important. The solutions for downloading map packs that have been presented are more than adequate for the community's needs with minimal risk. These mythical new players that are turned off by not having modern maps wouldn't survive much past the tutorial anyways, so there is really no need to expend energy on this.
  18. Jennre Band Leader

    Please give me a million dollars
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  19. Cloud the Third Augur

    I would be happy with some new base maps for stuff like this. However I still would like to have the ability to make my own upper levels of a map. There are special things in zones that I would not want to be documented in the base maps.

    Some of these things may not exist really in new maps but zones like PoM and other zones back in early EQ was like a maze to find your way around and part of the game should be requiring some exploration to find all the hidden things. So maybe if you want good base map it should hide parts of the map until you have been there then unlock it. I think WoW did stuff like that where the map was hidden until you have been there then it revels the secret stuff.

    I also have a color blind friend and you know how often people don't even think about making stuff color blind friendly?
  20. Igniz Augur

    I'll have to kindly decline, but top o' the morning to you, sir.
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