Confirmed Achievement: Dwarf Heritage Crate: Dwarf Art Collector

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Froglok, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Froglok Augur

    The first line reads: "Display: Dwarf Heritage Crate: Dwarf Critters"

    Clearly that has to be very wrong.

    I only have the Dwarven ice Statue, Underfoot Monument and the Painting Froststone Gate.

    Oddly, I have all, but one of the achievement requirements checked off (there are, currently, 5 lines). Even more odd, I have the Temple Torchiere line checked off (that I don't have) but not the Dwarven ice Statue line that I DO have.

    I think line 1 should be for the Statue of Brell? And the check for Line 3 (Ice Statue) & 4 (Torchiere) might be reversed.

    There may also need to be a line for Dain's Throne Replica?
  2. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    It does look like that achievement has issues.

    as for the Throne...

    Check the reward of that achievement.
  3. Froglok Augur

  4. Khyrra Elder

    Just wanted to add something about this achievement.
    Display:DH Crate: Dwarf Critters is checked off after Underfoot Monument is placed in inventory. Underfoot Monument is not checked off (and spelled incorrectly on achievement list).
    Dwarven Ice Statue not checked off but Underfoot Monument is.
    Painting Frostone Gate is not checked off but Temple Torchiere is (which can't be claimed until Underfoot Expansion.
    Thanking you for your attention in this matter.
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    yeah, there is an "off by one" error in what I did :/
  6. Hadesborne Augur

    Music Box: Kaladim - isn't playing music. Though, this is on Aradune TLP in kunark era, no idea if that affects it. I have turned on music etc of course
  7. Hadesborne Augur

    NVM found the issue.
  8. Eril New Member

    So is it not possible to finish this achievement on a TLP until the Underfoot Expansion because of the Torch? I only ask since the reward would be useful in Velious.
  9. Kellan Journeyman

    Is the port item that should be listed in the first line of the bugged achievement dropping in the crates? It should have the Teleport: Kaladim Overlook spell, but I cannot find anyone yet who has actually gotten one (of whatever the name is).
  10. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Well, since the torch teleports you to an Underfoot zone... it would not at all be appropriate in Velious.
    So yes, a bit unfortunate, but I based the reward on what I considered the best looking item.

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