Accountability- it's time to demand some.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by XavierSelos, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. XavierSelos New Member

    I started Everquest in May of 1999. I've always loved it- even when I've hated it.

    It's extremely ironic that the server meant to honor Aradune's memory is playing a key role in burning his legacy to the ground. This server has been a disaster for three weeks, and forum apologies without meaningful action are not enough.

    You cannot justify the decision to not open a clone of Aradune by claiming it would divide the server when daily four+ hour queue times are already creating division: the paying subscribers able to access the game, and those who are regulated to a queue. You cannot use the threat of a potential weakening of the population as a reason when you continually open new TLPs every 6-12 months when the previous generation of TLPs are just beginning to grow interesting.

    Despite Mangler struggling with instability issues for months, you still had the hubris to push out and promote two new servers. You opened this server without the support it needed and without the ability to adapt to high demand conditions. You claim that every server would be in jeopardy of instability if you were to open a clone. I say that that if just one additional server has the capacity to bring down every server, you probably shouldn't be opening new TLPs and promoting them to encourage new players until the infrastructure the servers rely on can handle the task.

    You've failed your players, and your response to that failure has been laughable. A 25% experience bonus that players cannot login to enjoy? Notes from your community managers that despite this being a "top priority" issue, three weeks wasn't enough time to come up with a solution? For years I've been one of many who complain about the problems caused by Daybreak's management of the franchise while continuing to throw my money at them. For me, that ended tonight. It's time for real accountability, and I'm convinced you won't accept that need until the money stops flowing. Until Darkpaw makes the necessary changes to prove that disasters like Aradune can't happen again, that they actually care about the player's experience and not just the player's potential 40-slot bag purchases, I've unsubscribed my account.
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  2. nagash101 Augur

    all of this.
  3. Darafel Journeyman

    I've just cancelled too. I can't support this, its not good enough.
  4. Relentless Insomnia

    Another Aradune would solve a lot of strife.

    Name the Server Mithara ... Aradune's surname.

    Double down on celebrating this mans legacy, and giving your players a second chance at a fresh TLP server since this launch was a little scuffed for a lot of them.
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  5. Pikles Journeyman

    I like this idea and support it. I know everyone is saying that a 2nd server isn't a good idea and it will die in time. But sometimes the current state is more important than the state of something 6 months or a year from now.

    All servers "die" in most peoples eyes. Go on most of the live servers and check out the bazaar and see how many are selling, it's hard to support new players... Most TLP's populations of course will drop over time, but that's no reason to ruin a full month+ of the experience for everyone on a single server just because the company cannot figure out a resource issue.

    Lots of people will jump from Aradune - Mithara, but a lot of the higher raid guilds and people who feel like they have invested too much time won't. It's a great idea honestly and could be done fairly quickly and solve this issue.

    The main problem is a merger later, as it's apparently very hard to merge databases in EQ (i'm sure it's not easy merging late 1990's data with anything, haha). But I believe they are losing all the momentum they have gained, and will crash and burn if this is not addressed in the next few weeks...
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Absolutely no TLP will have any effect whatsoever on Brad McQuaid's legacy.

  7. strider209 New Member

    Very well written post. I have also cancelled my subscription, though it will still be active for a while. If they've fixed things before it expires I may extend it. I'm hoping for the best, but it's hard to be optimistic given that there's been 0 improvement since the server's launch. There are countless threads in which people offer reasonable suggestions to help alleviate some of the problems, but if DBG is even considering any of them they haven't said a word. And that in itself is another problem. Their lack of communication regarding any of this only complicates things further.
  8. Sterling-Silverfox Elder

    I petition for a new server...
  9. Zee_Rex Journeyman

    Best case scenario at this point is the game gets bought by a bigger/more capable company.
  10. Citrus333 New Member

    True, however they are doing a disservice to his name. The way they're treating this server named after him is certainly disrespectful.
  11. Relentless Insomnia

    I have all the faith in the current development team to correct these issues long term. I just think for now its ruining a lot of players experiences in the short term that Mithara would fix.

    I can't even switch account sot log in another character to play with getting back into a queue. Feels bad man.
  12. Creedmonk Augur

    I cancelled my 2 Aradune accounts. I plan to just stick to Mangler where things are stable. I'd support playing on an Aradune clone. Don't see why it would be such a big issue. Make it merge in Kunark or Pop or something with Aradune
  13. Pikles Journeyman

    I agreewith you Creedmonk! Other than the merger not going "well", there isn't too much risk according to the information we all know. Sometimes solving the issue quicker is more important the long term hoop that we may have to jump through.
  14. Relentless Insomnia

  15. Loze Elder

    How do you cancel Aradune accounts? Aren't they accounts for Mangler too? Am I doing it wrong?
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  16. Creedmonk Augur

    Made separate ones since I still play on Mangler I wanted to be able to raid and play on Aradune at same time.
  17. Redgnome1 Lorekeeper

    AAAAAND The que just got shorter folks !

    Another unappreciative man baby bites the dust !
  18. Sheil New Member

    I'm still in a 2hr que (which likely means 3hrs right?), so I'm not getting your point. This is an unacceptable que time for me even if it's OK with you. I didn't pay to play quetime. I wanted to play EQ and do it on my schedule for a bit of a pleasant diversion from RL. This que just doesn't scratch that itch and never will.
  19. Redgnome1 Lorekeeper

    The reason theres a que is a significant portion of the population is using auto movement programs to stay in game or auto clickers to stay on char select so these children can login when they wake up or get back to their computers.
  20. Nasst New Member

    Can you really blame them though? People will find a way to get what they want, and they want to play. If you can't make a way for them to do it fairly, they will cheat. Decry the moral failing all you want, it is human nature, and the more important failing is on the part of Daybreak in not making any effort at all to give people a fair way to play.