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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Moak, May 30, 2018.

  1. Explayer New Member

    When EQ stopped using XP, it created a bug. Now, I am no longer an active player. I would like to make everyone aware of the problem it created for gamers and ultimately doomed my account.

    I consider myself for the most part a honest player. I have never hacked the game. I don't box. I have bought kronos in the past and have converted them to plat in the game for various purposes. I have bought other gaming accounts from players in the past and tried to play by their rules to their licensing agreement. In every instances SOE/DB has locked out the account from me after the three month billing dispute cycle has ended. The accounts I have now are my own accounts and are free and clean from the darkness that has ruined the game. Now who has the "Clean Hands" I always wondered Daybreak?

    In my long EQ career, I have made a few enemies along the way because my big mouth. Some players have made it difficult for me to advance in the game outside regular groups. So I looked into the server transfer option. Now these trolls go around setting up alts on other servers looking out for players to get even with them as they join another server. Daybreak doesn't care as long as they get their station cash for the transfer. Its really sad that the game has evolved into this childish behavior. EQ used to be a proud community.

    Now in the process I uncovered a bug that could be easily exploited that Daybreak cant detect or stop. it. I went to the development staff and tried to work with them in order to reproduce the bug so they could learn from it and sweep accounts. I struggled with the dilemma of seeing my fellow players getting banned or rolled back. Why? They are cheaters, But there is something more important here. The bug makes a carbon copy of the toon on the original server and then moves the new character file to the new server. Basically it clones the toon. Everything including kronos in the their inventory. At that point they can change their toon name and it appears they never left the old server.
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    So you admit to buying accounts which is against the EULA ( The sale or exchange of accounts, Virtual Items, Virtual Currency, Krono and/or in-game currency for real world money or monetary value is prohibited, except when purchased from Daybreak or otherwise expressly permitted by Daybreak in its sole and absolute discretion.)

    And then you go on to post here something which is against EULA Rule 12. You will not exploit any bug in EverQuest and you will not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits in game), either directly or through public posting, to any other user of EverQuest. You will promptly report any such bug via the in-game "/bug" command.

    Yet you consider yourself an honest player.

    Sounds to me like just another banned disgruntled player who got caught.
  3. Explayer New Member

    -I never got caught. They had no clue that this bug existed or was on their radar.
    -I went to the development staff about the bug. Did you know Facebook pays people $15 k to find bugs and report them. All I asked for was a consideration in the game to be part of the lore. They told me they would consider it but highly unlikely.
    -They want me to reproduce the "trick" again at my cost so they could figure out how to stop it and take action against the other accounts. I was given immunity.
    -They didn't reimburse me for the previous charges to my card in discovering the bug. So screw them. I dispute my credit charges for the last three months. They banned my accounts and then send me an email saying they would reinstate me if I paid them back. No TY.

    As far as the buying of accounts. Yes it is wrong. But let me ask you this question. If there is a puppy wondering the streets, tired and hungry, and has no master. You take him in your home and give him a better life and provide for him. Then one day at the dog park, the old owner recognize his grown up puppy now and wants him back. He tries to exhort money from you now or he goes to the police and legally get his dog back. What do you do? The law would consider you for some type of compensation for your time and care, Daybreak goes and tells you tough . never mind you paid on the account for 6 years. What if you then find out he does this stuff to other people all the time? What if it was a Daybreak sting to begin with your purchase?
  4. Xiss Journeyman

    Sorry. Interesting as that whole story is, how is it relevant to account to account transfer - which this whole thread is about.

    Anyway, for what it's worth Govan that Daybreak don't seem to be listening to eight pages of requests for transfers, I'd add a +1 to the list of people waiting for the feature to be re-enabled.
  5. Explayer New Member

    They cant fix the account to account transfer option. They broke it when they stop using XP, It used to be back in the day a GM would move the toon if you provided the right info on the account back and forth manually.

    Not using XP, also, broke toon transfers from the same account, there is a process involving the crash bug and the database at DB that will allow you to clone your toon from the old server and transfer the new toon to another server, leaving a carbon copy on the old server.
  6. Explayer New Member

    Db tried to duplicate the process and couldn't do it. I did it twice with no problem. The bug is on the client side of the connection. DB cant see the clone unless they compare the toons on the account. DB needs to stop producing expansions and clean up all the known bugs in order to move forward. I am tempted to make a video on you tube,
  7. Ceffener Augur

    Extortion would be a crime and that is a separate issue. The dog (pending state and amount of time) would be returned to the owner if they can prove ownership. Especially if the dog is microchipped and you just happened to never go check. You would be legally be entitled to 0 compensation, because you choose to take care of the dog, as opposed to taking it to a shelter (the government funded organizations that exist for such problems).

    The much older EULA and CS department were very clear, accounts belonged to whoever could prove ownership. Having the original serial key or credit card used on the account was all that was needed to get an account back. Because at the end of the day there is no proof that you didn't steal the account as opposed to buy it. So whoever can prove ownership, is well, the owner.
  8. Explayer New Member

    My Credit card certifies the proof I paid for access for 6 years.
  9. Explayer New Member

    and the key codes for new expansions. The shelter would have killed the dog after 30 days. You need to research case law Bragg vs. Linden Enterprises (second life online). Then you can come and talk to me again.
  10. Aurastrider Augur

    Exactly and its for this reason I imagine why they ban the sales of actual accounts. I doubt they actually care about the sale itself as it really does not impact their bottom line. If anything it would help their bottom line if people would make a "living" creating top notch toons on an account and selling them. At the very least this would create a niche for people with deep pockets to spend money on the product. The reality though is the headache of dealing with claims of account theft vs account sales makes it not worth their time and they have no way of really proving an account was stolen vs sold so they have to default to what information they have available. Its tempting to buy that high level raid geared toon but its not worth it to only lease the darn thing until the original owner comes back and wants to start driving them again.
  11. Aurastrider Augur

    Here is how I imagine things work.

    You: I am the owner and provide your information.
    CS: Yes I can verify this information.
    Original owner: I am the owner and can provide you with my information. I stopped playing 6 years ago and when I came back my account was hacked/stolen.
    CS: Yes I can verify that you are the original owner and someone must have hacked your account.
    You: When can I have my account back?
    CS: Sorry but you are not the account owner. Records indicate a different owner even though you have been able to provide proof that you have been paying on this account you lack evidence to support ownership. If you can provide evidence of ownership please submit another ticket.
    Original owner: Thanks for the 6 years of paid time and progression. Hey do you want to buy an account?

    You realize it has to work this way right? For every person that finds themselves in this situation there are even more who actually get their accounts hacked. Buying accounts is a risk and unfortunately you are paying for your education as they say. If they cave in and start honoring the most recent person who spends money on an account it opens up the flood gates for some very bad things.
  12. Explayer New Member

    Lets talk about the data breach of 2011, Soe DB left the 100,000 accounts opened to hack using plain text for their billing info. If you dispute any charge you automatically get banned until MC-Visa investigates the claim and rules on the charge. Db will try to exhort the account but offering you a deal if you pay us the money again we will unban your account before MC VISA can rule on their decision. does not matter if it is one charge or 27. They have the burden of proof. If they don't response you win the case. If you lose then you got to pay the money.
  13. Ceffener Augur

    Let’s not forget that DBG didn’t exist in 2011 and if you are using the same credit card number 7 years after one of the most publicized data breaches in modern times you are just asking for someone to steal your stuff. Also if you have a problem with a product the first step is to contact customer service of which they will most likely tell you tough because you agreed to buy that digital pixel bag for $40 even if you regret it the morning after.

    Disputing a charge is for fraud, if you are knowingly disputing charges that you made your account should get banned.

    At the end of the day lots of people break RMT rules and even more the gray area of 3rd party tools, but if you get banned you knew it was a possible side effect. Coming to complain about standard company policy when you knowingly broke the rules and it caught up to you isn’t going to get much sympathy.

    I have an account someone gave to me that I can’t log into because the password needs to be reset but I don’t know the security password. Customer service says “Look multiple people have paid for this account over the years, it’s obviously been sold or transferred we are not giving you access”. (Which shows they have the account history to easily see if an account has been transferred). You just have to move on, it was never your account anyway.
  14. Gremin Augur

    Are you honestly telling me your bean counters cant tell you if hiring someone to do the transfers manually would be cost effective. I know of at least 10 in my guild who want one done.
  15. enclee Augur

    I agree. Here you go DBG, this is some consulting I'm going to do for free to increase revenue generation for the quarter when this feature gets fixed.

    - Account to Account Transfers -- $50 (I believe this was the old price)
    - Recruit a Friend program returns
    - Expansion Standard + 1 Year subscription -- $120

    Boom, there's a cash injection plus a recurring a revenue stream.
  16. Explayer New Member

    Hey Clearlee.

    I am going to be honest here.

    God gave me the power to analysis things and make sense of them even as a child. As much as we would like to have account to account transfers done. Its not going to happen. I will tell you why. They broke the code like a vinyl record when they did away with the old EQ developers and they don't have the staff who has any knowledge how the pervious way works anymore. I like to refer to it as the lost in translation mode.

    The developers they have now are good for newer code. That's why they move anyway from XP. Actually, Windows 98 was the best OS to run gaming modes. As a result of LIT mode, It has created a monster they are trying to keep in the closet, and old players want to let it out. Sometimes in life, newer doesnt mean better; it means different. For example, Vinyl vs. Blue Ray. There is a sound no matter how hard and good Blue RAY is there are sounds that have never duplicated from vinyl. The new people are like who cares Blue Ray is a superior product. "Do away with vinyl. The old dinosaurs will eventually die off."

    Now, how does it related to EQ and transfers? The game is approaching 20 years old now. In economics it is referred as a slaughter market. Yes the game makes money but the old populations are dwindling here. Eventually cede to exist. Its not cost beneficial to keep certain aspects of the game going cause "Lil Johnie" wants to dual box an old toon. People think of themselves first before a company does. As much as the company likes to make its people happy, their budget is tight. That's why you don't see any left handed scissors stores popping up across the nation. Sony know longer supports them financially. They are one good hack from going under again for good.

    Evolve or die with dinosaur mode here. Heroic toons are auto granting AAs up to level 105 now. There is no need now to server transfer a toon when can create a new heroic toon($35) on another account and lvl him up cheaper than a server transfer($50). They didn't have to hire anyone to assist you with this action. The company is better to try new things to make its self more attractive to gain more base. EQ has always been about the community. If you guys were to ban together then the game can move forward. The game is in disarray because the community isnt together anymore. Too much inference from things in and out of the game is causing the players perception to be warped like a vinyl record. The way the developers are doing it is the right way like a blue ray more clearer and a crispy sound. In with new order out with the old order. Its cheaper and more cost effective. Eventually, everyone grows up and moves on.
  17. Ringbairer New Member

    ever since it was Sony No More. this game has went down hill with alot of things. daybreak should be They broke. i wish i knew the character to character transfer would have been like this . i would have did it when Sony made sure everyone was able to do that. an to think i been playing for almost 15 or 16 years an cant move charcaters i want an used to be able to
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