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  1. Khat_Nip Augur

    My reference was to base security such as regular password changes, required length minimums, complexity, et al. Not additional out-of-pocket expenses such as physical authenticators/dongles etc. unless they are included.
    Simply put, security measures should not afford anyone the option to make the whole thing trivial.
    Do I wish we lived in a world where we didn't need passwords, two-factor authentication, PINs, door locks, alarms, etc.? Do I wish I would not have to worry that I left my purse on top of my car while in a crowded parking lot because it would still be there untouched when I returned? Certainly, but there's always going to be jerks that we have to account for and that will never change in the foreseeable future so as a baseline we have to make things as difficult as possible, as a standard, to try and stay ahead.
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  2. adinaei New Member

    it puzzles me that I have 3 accounts that haven't been hacked since EQ came out. And all of you guys are getting hacked all over the place
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  3. ohmy Elder

    gotcha! :)
    I agree.
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  4. ohmy Elder

    Now you did it!!!
  5. Eggolas Augur

    This is the first really good security related comment I have read and it should not pose a huge burden on DBG. However, it would be ineffective if the email address had already been changed. Therefore, I would recommend following a procedure used by some businesses where an address or email has been changed.

    Specifically, DBG should auto-generate an email notification of intent to transfer and ask for a reply within x days or forever hold your peace. Also, if the email of an account is changed, DBG should send an auto-generated email to the previous email address stating that an email change has been requested. I get this routinely from companies as I suspect others do. For a period of 5 days or so, no transfers should be permitted after an email address change, unless the person validates the change.

    If someone has been so hacked that their email has been compromised, there is not much DBG or any company can do effectively. That's why one should never use their email password on any other site. Ever.
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  6. Ferry-Tunare Augur

    There have been cases where someone received the email, immediately petitioned and Daybreak sat on the issue for days while the char was liquidated. While it's a good idea, I'm not sure DBG is capable of implementing it right now. I'm fresh out of ideas. The only thing I know is that I'm tired of apologizing on behalf of Daybreak to fellow players in the community for what they're experiencing.
  7. Tweelis Augur

    There in lies part of the issue. Some people will scream at the top of their lungs that any security "problem" is always the fault of the company.

    As I've said before.....regardless of how much security/authentication we (the players) have to go through there will always be people that will not use the tools given to us in the manner we're supposed to use them. Would a second or even third level authentication help the current two people in the spotlight? Who knows? Maybe it would have. Then again since we don't know the full story of what happened it might have made no difference at all.

    You can't make something foolproof as the world will just make better fools.
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  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    The skill level or at least creativity needed goes up a little bit when you are trying to send an email or create a website that will install a keylogger on someone'e system. Having access to the system physically means even a keylogger isn't needed since most people have their EQ game set up to log in without having to type in the password.
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Hundreds of people are transferring to FV? Is there that big a market of raiders sending toons to FV to sell the gear? Not sure there are hundreds of FV transfers going on unless people are transferring their toons a lot to sell gear there legally (ie not stealing another's toon). Though it would make sense some raiders gear up alts to sell the gear I guess. Not sure that many people are transferring to FV these days just to play there.... but Daybreak would have the stats on it.
  10. Aghinem Augur

    What I have seen, is a lot of people who want to retire off these servers because their schedule doesn't allow them to be more hardcore; so without losing everything they worked for - they rather just transfer to FV and enjoy the game on a more casual basis. This year, I have invited at least 50 or so people who have transferred either from Drinal, BB, Xeg, or Marr who have told me the same story.

    The biggest point I think I wanted to make is the problem is not as broad as some are making it seem. If you talk about something long enough, it manifests itself and turns an illusion into reality. On one of the 3rd party websites, of 19 accounts that are for sale - only 5 are FV. The other 14 are from the other servers; Cazic, Zek, Drinal, Marr, and Ragefire.
  11. ohmy Elder
  12. beryon Augur

    You've brought that up before, but I don't know why. This thread is about characters getting moved & stripped, not accounts being sold.
  13. Glace Journeyman

    Aghinem said:
    I have found that one can play casually on almost all servers (haven't tried the pvp server, can't speak for that). There are many servers with open raids and casual guilds. The only reason I can figure out for any preference for a dead-end transfer to FV is to gain cash by selling the character's gear as one exits the game. I can understand some people's wish to have that option, but it's not in DGB's interest to facilitate that sort of cheating.

    I find Illa's suggestion perfect for anyone wishing to block a 1-way FV transfer and an option to add an authenticator would give people peace of mind about any other possible intrusion. The only reason a total block was ever suggested by me was I thought it would be simpler to code and implement.

    I don't get anyone who is against the ability to add security to one's account. Whether you believe it effective or necessary, seems to be a personal decision. I do and you don't, so why not let me have the option and you don't have to use it.
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  14. Aghinem Augur

    The subject matter parallels accounts being transferred, stripped, and sold, through lack of security does it not? As this subject is brought up, people jump on the band wagon of "shut down all FV transfers". The point I was making is accounts are stripped and sold on many servers, not just FV. Therefore shutting off FV transfers will solve nothing regarding account security or solve the "temptation of hack, strip, and sell".
  15. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Still don't get what is more casual on FV then the regular servers. I must be missing something. I would suspect people are selling the gear piece meal and not as an account though I to be honest never looked in to how it is done. Since they always say the character is deleted... though I guess it could have been transferred to another account.

    Maybe that is why Daybreak doesn't stop transfers to FV they will have the stats on it so I don't think what we say in the forums will influence the numbers they are getting as to transfers. Maybe its a raider thing in 15 years of running a guild I never had someone mention they are going to transfer to FV. Some may have without saying anything but strange no one ever talked about it. But I run a casual guild... maybe its just peeps that still need raid items without raiding.
  16. ohmy Elder

    I believe that server allows you to use others gear since you can not transfer off the server?
    question 2 answers is, Its business. transfer tokens give the game company money.

    Spam for Rares are being sold for Krono right? why would they allow Krono to be traded more then once.. THAT would solve THAT problem.. if the Krono were only tradable one time.

    Again its good business.
  17. Schroeco New Member

    So for those who don't think there is a serious underground/blackmarket for stripped/hacked characters you are not very bright. And thats as nice as i can be

    I made a level 1 toon on FV today, and looked into it, I have an endgame geared tank, with near the best gear/augs in game, I was offered around 400 million plat for the gear, and was offered nearly 2000$ cash via paypal for my account. Of which the people i promptly /reported and logged.

    If you think there isn't a market in it... Grow up Current selling price for plat on scam websites on FV is 7$/mill so 400 * 7 = 2800$.... Ya its not the lottery but for a half an hour of time, I could see it happening
  18. Blankslate Elder

    One more time:

    Don't share account information
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  19. Aghinem Augur

    Did you come here to brag? It just seems that way given this really does not add anything to this subject at all other than to throw out a jab at some people and remark on how you have a toon so geared out - you were offered plat & money for it.
  20. Aghinem Augur

    THIS ^^^^^^^^^^
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