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    Hello there,
    I am a very old-school Everquest player - I started on Rallos Zek (after a very brief stint on Cazic Thule) before there were any expansions, when Lower Guk was the pinnacle of success (Frrrrroooak,) when there were no No Drop items, when players could be feared and charmed, when a /consent for your corpse would give the player the ability to actually loot all of your items and hand them back to you instead of just letting them drag your corpse back.
    I played very actively for 5 years, racking up over 200 days played. Then it happened. I'm not sure which year it was, probably 2004 or early 2005. My guild's forums got hacked, and anyone who had (foolishly) used the same username/password combo for the forums as for EQ had their characters stolen. I shake my fist at thee, hackers!!
    At the time, I was really burnt out and pretty much ready to quit in any event. I took it as a sign and just went forward with my life instead of trying to get my characters back.
    Now, however, I grow misty-eyed with nostalgia for the good old days of playing an enchanter and my click-happy clockwork gnome paladin. I'm interested in trying to retrieve my old account and hopefully the gear that was undoubtedly stripped when the account was hacked.
    Onward then, to the complication! Back in the halcyon days of yore when I first started playing, I had no idea what I was getting into was going to consume my life for the next five years. As a result of this, and also of my natural paranoia and zealous protection of my privacy, I completely falsified the registration information identifying me as the rightful owner of the account. Various different methods of payment were used over the years, including my own long gone card from my own long gone bank account, cards of friends and family members, and also game cards bought from video game stores. I have access now to none of this information - even my own card that I used was through Washington Mutual, now infamously defunct. I know the email address I used for subscription contact information, but it no longer exists, and probably was changed anyways as part of the process of hacking my account.
    All I really have on my side in backing up my claim that these characters are indeed the product of my own blood, sweat, tears, and curses, is a very intimate knowledge of what I did in-game. I know who my first friend was back on Cazic Thule. I know which guild I led for a very long time, and who led it before me, and which guild I settled into as a rank & file raider, and who led that guild as well. I know how long I camped straight for my Jboots (26 hours - blech,) and I know about the huge collection of clickable gear I had for my paladin.
    Answer me straight - Do I have a chance? If not, I'll pass on and leave EQ behind, and thanks for the memories (it was damned fun...) If so, what should I do to advance my cause?
    - Kurkati Copperclaw, previously 65th level Enchanter of <Seekers of Divinity> on Rallos Zek.
  2. ARCHIVED-Thulack Guest

    I'd have to say you have no shot in getting your account back if you dont know the CC info you used or even the account info who it is registered to and such. But anyway by reading your post if you were able to come back to you would be highly disappointed with what EQ has become. So my advice to you is forget the game you remember as EQ and go out and enjoy life cause if you do come back all you will be is frustrated.
  3. ARCHIVED-devilnis Guest

    Thanks for the answer even if it isn't exactly good news =/ I'd pay $2.50 just to be able to say hi to some old friends that apparently still play though heheh
  4. ARCHIVED-kit619 Guest

    Unfortunately you're S.O.L.
    Kinda stinky situation because rarely anyone keeps track of CC info from that far back, it's actually very highly recomended not too, identity theft issues a many if you've got that stuff around in old files or on your computer, and hell, with recent financial activity chances are your bank from then no longer even exists lol.
    Shoulda immidiately gotten account back when it got stolen though. I'm pretty sure even then in 04/05 the system was same as now so they couldnt have changed the password without secret question answer.

    Is kind of interesting cause who knew that they'd need info for a game in 1999 11 years later.
  5. ARCHIVED-yaddab Guest

    Well never say never, you could always try speaking to CS and see what they suggest.

    As a start though have you checked Eqplayers to see what state your characters are in ?
  6. ARCHIVED-devilnis Guest

    Yes I have. They all show a last online date of November 2005, but then I've noticed that many other players do as well so I assume that has something to do with the timing of eqplayers being in existance. One character had an X added to the end of the name, presumably to make room for another player with the same name when the Zeks merged. None of my characters show any gear :(

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