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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Brogett, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Brogett Augur

    In graphs, as a single dps figure is VERY misleading.



    Both times I used glyphs and had bst, bard, shaman and berserker all in same group, plus auspice out of group. Sync on 2nd one wasn't as sharply defined. Our strategy is wall pin (so rear arc entire time apart from the rear emote one, which we didn't get on 2nd go); wait for first emote before burning just incase it's run away. We had 1 run away both times, near end each time.

    So all things considered they're as comparable as can be. It's hard to see the average dps during the full sync + burn phase, but it looks like something like 330k before and 400k after. I also have (less clearly parsed) noticed a significant jump in the purple golem burn too.

    I'm more interested to see that the sustained portion (knifeplay long duration disc basically) looks to have gone up too, as I was less sure how much of that is flat +pierce-damage and how much was a function of AC.

    Anyway, forget about the huge jump in actual event dps. That's simply because we had a more full raid tonight making the event shorter (as well as more dps due to AC change of course).
  2. Songsa Augur

    I wish all classes would be as transparent as you are and you always been about their dps parses. This would certainly help balance. But of course some prefer keeping secrets to avoid nerfs.
  3. ~Mills~ Augur

    One parse means.... yada, yada, yada. So I'm sure we will see more data either public or in raids.

    But from these we have a 400K burst phase. You are holding just shy of 200K out to 3 minutes. And as a burst class your are still complaining there needs to be more. Im pretty sure your prior posts said melee needed AC fixed on raid mobs and then double or tripling of your sustained. And we have to ignore the novelty of you going back in prior content and tacking on even more power via special procs that rogues, zerkers and rangers get.

    Starting to see why you guys have zero credibility with anyone with more then two brain cells?
  4. Brogett Augur

    Firstly, one parse is one more parse than anyone else bothered to post.

    Secondly, where am I holding out for more? I posted data - no rhetoric, no comment, no request for buffs or nerfs. You're putting words in my mouth and trying to pick a fight. Pointless!

    If you'll look at my previous posts I said that I don't think fixing AC is the real solution; I even said before that AC on *some* mobs is high, but on others like Vitio I thikn we're just fine. It's the huge gap between burst and non-burst which is wrong. It's grown wider and wider year on year. It's not healthy IMO and I stand by that view.
  5. Bamkan Augur

    I like your parses Brogett.

    With short parse and sometimes spikeyness, it can be difficult to see a true change, i.e the 2 big spikes did 10% of your total damage - were they flukes?

    At least melee have got a badly needed gain.
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  6. Beimeith Augur

    How are you always at least a version behind Brogett? There's an auto updater now...
  7. AB-Muvien Elder

    Ooooh Im looking forward to his respons on this! I had to listen to him all night how the auto updater had changed his settings :p
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  8. Beimeith Augur

    It only does that on minor version changes, not build changes. It does that because that's when I add new stuff and I want to make sure everyone has clean settings and bad things don't happen.

    Aka: 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1 will cause a settings reset. -> will not cause a settings reset.

    The only except to the above is if there is bad data in the settings like happened before due to an old bug I corrected. Then I forced a reset.
  9. Brogett Augur

    Possibly because I don't like autoupdating of any software until I see the reason for the update. My distrust of autoupdate was bourn out when it turned out updating caused all my options to reset. I don't want things like that to happen when I'm in a rush.
  10. Beimeith Augur

    I'd say fixing the errors with DS messages is a good reason! And it won't cause a settings reset.

    The other reason I did it the way I did is it lets you compare between versions. You can load up and 1.5.0.x and 1.5.1.x at the same time and not have the settings file try to overwrite each other each time.
  11. Songsa Augur

    You really think you have more credibility providing 0 data, commenting things we never said and insulting people ?
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  12. Insanekitty Lorekeeper

    Sorry but plain and simple mills is just a troll and doesn't comprehend how other classes work. just a plain ignoramus. There is no point in reasoning with him to relay what you are saying as far as we need dps upgrades because we are so dependant on ADPS. Something that a caster wouldnt really notice as much as say a rogue or zerker or monk. Yes hybrids suffer as well just not as much as a pure melee , as a caster how often can u fade your threat? i wonder if its the same as my 6.5 mins with reduction cds

    IK was here , oh btw on the other post half of the zerker debuffs to increase our dps dont work so the whole you have abilities to increase your sustained already comments are moot at best.
  13. Insanekitty Lorekeeper

    Oh on a side note it would be nice to have a berserker only range item that we can aug and will allow us to have endless axes , this nonsense with using 1500 axes alone on arx 3 is just nonsense especially at 2500 pp a stack of components. i thought we were over this component retardation. current summoned Axes require to be equipped to be thrown and the stats on them are so absurd it feels like im back in kunark

    I would also like to have a second augment slot on a 2hander weapon and i would also like a 2 hand block ability that was initially introduced sometime ago in beta to help with the absurd dmg that berserkers and beastlords alike take. those 2 classes take more raw damage than any other clase in the game currently , and yes clothies are infront of chain wearing classes oddly enough. Imagine someone wearing cloth taking less of a beating oh wait ... u get a 2h block or have the ability to use a shield. my bad.

    there are alot of options to solve the current issues and many have been posted and layed out on the table for discussion. Ignore mills the troll , he is just sewing seeds of our channels being locked so we cant get our messages to the right people .

    Lastly Frenzy should be put in normal melee range not 1 foot from the mob to activate , its tiresome when other like abilities do not require the same range ,

    IK was here
  14. Brogett Augur

    My solution on arx 3 is to simply do no range dps at all. Once I realised that an entire raid of rogues would still be owned by one single necro on that event for the range dps, I decided it's not worth the effort. It's like having a no-nuke event and requiring all the casters to melee. Yes they could, but it's such a tiny drop in the ocean it's basically fruitless!

    As for bst and ber taking more damage, are you referring to the study I did on AE rampage rounds? I'd like to see more data from other guilds as fundamentally only 2 people posted this data. That makes it a very small sample size (in terms of number of characters) and so rather prone to variability through gear, skill, etc. I still believe it is likely true though. Casters absorb quite a bit of melee hits through staff block, runes, etc.
  15. Brogett Augur

    I found some old posts and parse images for fun :)

    Al'Kabor, with the obligatory bashing from the uber guilds (nothing changes):



    And older still, DoDH! Absolutely no clue on support- probably iffy back then. Looks like a Tango! screen shot.

    I think they show that the burst to sustained ratio has always been significant for rogues, but it's been slowly widening. The AC change *possibly* is (and counterintuitively) bucking the trend, but I need more data to see on that one. I'd expect high AC to actually bring burst closer to sustained as the flat +dam portion never changes with AC, but maybe I'm missing something there.

    And finally just for amusement - I just don't get time to do corpse art during wipes anymore!
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