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  1. HBGooch New Member

    Hello there,

    I've asked a few people in game but have gotten mixed answers (probably due to the changes in how AAxp works over the years). My question is this: If I kill a level 50 mob, will I get the same amount AAxp on a level 60 toon as I do on a level 51?

    I've had both yes and no answers and everyone seems to think their knowledge is correct. I spent 20 minutes tonight trying to find this specific answer while googling but to no avail.

    Any help is appreciated. A developer statement, whether in a link or in the forums would be amazing!

  2. Karanthal Augur

    Less AA per kill the higher your level vs mob level.
  3. Vumad Augur

    A current example...

    In ToV (most recent expansion) against the undead dwarves in Eastern Wastes (easiest zone), which are L114 to my L115, I get about 1AA per kill.

    In RoS (2 expansions old) against any of the mobs in Howling stones (second hardest zone), which are about 110 to my L115, I get about 30% AA per kill.

    Yes, you absolutely get differing amount of XP based on the level spread. The issue is more about the mobs you are fighting than your level. The XP rate apples to apples (RoS current vs ToV current) is about the same. But apples to oranges (mobs 10 levels lower) will yield more XP than mobs the same level as you.
  4. Daedly Augur

    If a level 60 and a level 51 are grouped together, they SHOULD both be getting the same amount of AA experience. Unless it was changed, the amount of AA experience is determined by the highest level in the group.
  5. Cragzop Augur

    The difference you are seeing in AA xp between a level 51 and a level 60 is probably caused by the bonus toons get when their aas assigned are under 4000.

    At some point around SoF-SoD, the developers added a bonus to earning aa xp to help those just starting/restarting to catch up with players who had been playing the entire time. The bonus goes down as your assigned aas increase, going away completely at 4k aas assigned (it's a straight linear function).

    So if the level 60 character has more aas assigned than the level 51, the level 60 character's aa bonus will be lower and thus, the level 51 should get more aa xp per kill.

    Remember that the bonus decreases as you assign aas. So to maximize aa xp gained, you will want to gain aa points (unassigned) to the maximum allowed (2 x nearest multiple of 5 level rounded up) before spending.

    The earlier answers are correct in that the base aa xp should be the same going to each toon (before the low aa bonus). And that the level of the mob killed matters. But the base aa xp earned is adjusted by the color con of the mob (it's also true of regular xp). But in aa xp, it matters what color con the mob is on the highest level in the party.
  6. HBGooch New Member

    I'm playing on Mangler (TLP) and am wondering if I should level up my 60 shaman or get AAs while I level up a 45 bard. I will keep him 60 if it will allow me to level up my bard faster. I'm also wondering if staying a level and getting aaxp in an area that isn't as crowded will net me more aaxp or less than if I were to play solo at higher levels while waiting for groups.
  7. Karanthal Augur

    There is no definite answer to that, it depends on your play style.

    Deep AE groups are about the best XP you will find from mid 40s maybe all the way to 65 excluding some well geared EP groups.

    Assuming you stay in the Deep for the entirety of lvl45-65, gaining AAs as you level would require less time overall, each pull would yield more AA at level 51 than it would at 55, so at leach level buy the AA you need and bank the max AA you can before turning back on level XP.

    If you are soloing or duo with your bard on the other hand, having that next level and spells available might mean a boost in kill speed and XP rate. The pull to get to max level and chance of finding more groups is also there.

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