AAs with cast time are kind of bugged right now.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Juzam_Djinn, Dec 5, 2023.

  1. Juzam_Djinn Elder

    This isn't exactly the same as the last time they were bugged, but you can cast an AA and then cast another AA or spell while the first is still being cast. Unlike last time, whatever you start casting first isn't being eaten, if I hit my hotkey that casts Nature's Fury, Frost, and Fire, all three go off and hit the mob. In fact, casting an AA and then casting a normal spell causes the AA to finish casting instantly as far as I can tell (can't really test anything with a longer cast time right now).
  2. Iuwene Augur

    I have been told the cast time of those quick damage AA was reduced to 0.1s. So it is probably Intentional.
  3. Kendeth Augur

    Yeah AA nukes had their cast time reduced to 0.1 seconds for mages, wizards, and druids and the mana cost was lowered. This makes them instant cast and castable while moving as well.
  4. Juzam_Djinn Elder

    whatever was going on last night isn't happening now. Tried doing stuff with AAs that had a longer cast time and couldn't start casting anything else. Maybe the cast timer bar is just messing up for stuff with fast cast time, hitting Blessing of Ro and then immediately spamming a key to cast a spell causes it to say that the other spell starts casting even though it's not.
  5. Soulbanshee Augur