Fixed Internally Aaryonar Raid Bugs (Same Seen In Beta)

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Cragzop, Feb 6, 2021.

  1. Axxius Augur

    This is how you get orbs 'staying up' after reset:
    [Wed Feb 10 20:20:44 2021] With no active enemies, everything in the temple tries to return to normal.
    [Wed Feb 10 20:20:44 2021] Elemental energies gather in the hallway.
    They actually spawn after reset, not stay up.
  2. The real Sandaormo Augur

    Another 6 attempts last night, another 6 reset hp's and lock at 87%.
    Question: for the people that have beaten this, Have you seen the lock at 87% and tried something else that worked? Don't have to say what it was cuz sekrets but just if you did something that fixed it. We are banging our heads trying to think of whats going on but no clue.
  3. Metanis Bad Company

    It would be nice if they would tell us what they think "might" be broken so that guilds could expressly try to deal with the brokenness and avoid/fix it!
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  4. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Honestly, German and I have posted what MS did. We didn't hit Grolik with fire proc, didn't have him in any aura. As a raid, we didn't chase the fire proc for guardians ... if we had it because of a call, fine. We hit all our auras for the most part (I'm sure we had a few failures).

    Our tanks did one hell of a job getting orbs into auras, especially during the 2 sets up when auras spawn times. We took Grolik down controlled. Once a wave a guardians spawned, we switch to get rid of those before anything else.

    We're not trying this again (I think) until after the patch because of V Day off. If we do, one of us will be sure to update what happened with our first attempt after a win.
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  5. The real Sandaormo Augur

    Sounds like your doing exactly what we have been. The Frustating part is the lock can occur from 80% to 28% with no warning or reason.
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  6. German Augur

    I've even gone through to see if aura spawns, or auras called, orb failures during all of our failures had a pattern. No pattern for when things started or when it locked. Our best runs were when we took it slow. We didn't start with the same aura call, we failed a few orbs during our win, and watching those who have beaten it before us, we were for the most part doing the same thing just a little different positioning to avoid the silence better. Once he locked, it was game over.

    For those frustrated, getting upset. Look at the bright side, this event is honing your skills to follow raid mechanics better. Practice practice practice. Try and see it like that, you're just going to be that much better as a team. My measure of best runs is that people learned the event and their surroundings.

    What I can say from looking at the data, we had a very small number of Roar hits and maybe two or three orbs get in the wrong aura.
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  7. The real Sandaormo Augur

    Learning is lame. I personally think there's 2 camps, those that beat it and don't know why it didn't lock and those that haven't beaten it and can't figure out why its locking. Learn part is over, we know what the strat is supposed to be. We don't wipe we just gate out when the lock occurs at any given time for what ever reason.
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  8. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    So ... we did this again tonight. After a Sontalak run that was 100s longer than our win the first time. Lllllllllaaaaaaagggggggggyyyyyy

    We had orbs in wrong auras. We had 3 orbs up of several types. We had 3 sets of orbs up of all types. We had slow spawning auras and looked like we may have even skipped an aura spawn.

    Still took Grolik down slowly to deal with 1 guardian set at a time. When we got Aaryonar down, we switched to Aary to kick back up before finishing Grolik. We saw raptors. It was the Benny Hill show the last 4 percent of Grolik with raptors and guardians (we got a triple spawn due to lag)...

    ...and we won. And then a ton of folks died at the chest with a dot ...

    I really got nothing for the folks who haven't won yet. Hopefully the patch helps.
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  9. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Forum time out double post.

    I <3 lag.
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  10. Fenthen Just a homeless burnout

    We had this pop up on my Saturday guild, Grolik locked at 87%, so we all TL'd out to let it reset. Confirmed reset. Came back via banner and the orbs started slaughtering people.

    On another fun note, out of line of sight from Grolik means you're still getting silenced. All night tonight we were out of LoS and still got hit with silence. One guy was all the way down the guardian hallway past the mission NPC, and still got hit by the silence.
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  11. Warpeace Augur

    That Silence really need to be looked at.
  12. German Augur

    I'm not specifically talking about the guilds who know it and are getting hosed, but there are guilds who streamed that are struggling with basics once things get busy and they are improving.

    We didn't deviate tonight from what we did last week, it worked first run. We are stopping around 40% and cleaning up anything lingering, even if it means leaving Grolik alone for two aura waves. That might be why we're getting by now. Both runs we blew up a few guardians around that point with the fire proc. Tonight we used the fire proc on Grolik after Aary came back down and went back up. He didn't heal.

    Why we chose to stop at that point is coincidence, that's when timers start to overlap and you get a double set of orbs and its close to Aary coming back.

    Our instance was the worst lag we've seen, and on our first win the lag was non existent. We had many orb failures because the orbs weren't moving or would stop for long periods of time.
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  13. German Augur

    In what regards? I'm not being snarky. We have people in our guild who gripe about it all the time, but I never really have issues unless Grolik isn't positioned right. When I go back and review the video the people who gripe are usually standing out of position and have zero reason to stand where they are.

    I think its a bit frequent and could be spaced out about 15 more seconds. Honestly I'd like to see all the timers be sequential versus independent and not overlapping but it is manageable.

    I think you're a tank though, so I suspect you're working an orb and cant hide get hit and lose most of your tools for a bit.
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  14. German Augur

    The forums lag like Sontalak......
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  15. Warpeace Augur

    Because I have been completely behind the rock. Bottom left middle right and can still get silenced. Completely behind it. It could be lag causing it to be applied to people , but its dumb when you break line of sight and still get it.

    The frequency I don't mind thats just EQ. But if you did what you were supposed to and the mechanic is still being applied??

    Actually we had someone go down the hall lastnight and was still hit with the silence:D
  16. Fenthen Just a homeless burnout

    Can you please define "out of place" when you're 500 feet and 3 walls away from Grolik? I'm a Cleric and trying 50+ spots out of line of sight.
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  17. German Augur

    I've only been hit when I can see his hitbox. I record the videos so have had a bit more reflection of where I was in relation to him and not being hit.

    I was hit twice last night, and sure enough I could see the RA markings around his name peeking around the corner of the rock, looked down saw a little of his hit box. Moved to the west a tad and kept on trucking. This usually happens after he comes back up from the ground or a tank ate it and he's not where he was on the previous appearance.

    It's big assumption on my part that its based on his hitbox. The middle rock has a little of a split in it, and if we tried moving west a little (closer to the west aura but on edge of path) we were hit all the time.

    If you've watched RoI's video, we setup to the east a bit more in the middle of the path intersection of where they do. I marked my map with an X and stand on it. If no aura I run right to the center column and stand there when the warning comes.
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  18. German Augur

    One thing we spent time with on Beta the two times we went there was his silence and trying to figure out a way to deal with it. We tried using cubbies and the hallway to mask. Tried the rocks next to the north aura and it was good but too far from the other three auras to manage healing and running that far 3 out of 4 times. We decided on a spot that he was at that let us mask.

    I'll see about taking a screen shot of the video and post it.
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  19. Conq Augur

    I have stayed out of line of sight from Grolik and not been silenced until the event locked. That same raid, an ogre shaman stood on top of me for the most part, and he was silenced, repeatedly. All night. Standing in my hit box. He was shrunk. Lev mechanics are cancelled for this event. Silence hitting one person while another person isn't hit - while standing in the same location...seems lame.
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  20. kizant Augur

    Remember to keep your feet low to avoid being in los of something.
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  21. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it appears the spec fix did NOT solve the problem.


    What changed:

    1. Golem now spawned locked.

    2. Successfully unlocked him fine.
    The message indicating you've succesfully made progress towards unlocking is working again, incidentally.

    3. Took him down to approximately 60%ish, relocked gave successful unlock message again, regenned immediately to 87% and stayed permanently locked despite hitting successful unlock after that as well.

    I would respectfully request, (and i personally think its fair, at this point, considering we're now looking at almost two week's worth of solid attempts and raids on this without a single unbugged run) that it sure would be nice if someone would explain what we are doing that is tripping the unlock after it is already unlocked so we can avoid doing it, considering we will probably have to wait another month for another fix attempt.

    Please -- if it requires begging so be it. Its extremely disheartening to bump into this bug run after run after run after run, and seemingly those that have skipped it don't really have any idea how, from the logs they've sent and statements they've made that are directly contradictory to each other, only that they've managed to get through. Now its also going to directly impact our ability to gain already limited currency, gear, etc on the ramp up to tier 3.

    Its not that we aren't trying. We have 26 attempts in this week alone. We've tried everything others have suggested along with a long laundry list of potential ideas assembled from other raidleaders, my own ideas, whatifs, and tearing this raid apart front and backwards.
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