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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ueauvan, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Ueauvan New Member

    I have played since 99 or so, real life stopped me raiding and playing but im retired now so im dipping my toes. besides figuring how to grind from 92 onwards solo i noticed some aas i should have when i levelled from 91 to 92 i dont have from auto grant, ambidexterity granted at 85 for example. how do i get all the aas i should have at 92, or is there a guide to what is granted etc.

    thanks inadvance
  2. Raytan Elder

    I could be wrong on this, going from memory (not so good these days) so take it with a grain of salt. As I recall, auto grant gives you the AA's for your level up to two or three expansions before current expansion. So some AA's, that you get at a certain level, may not be auto granted to you because they were created in a newer expansion. You'll have to wait until that expansion gets auto granted, or buy them normally, regardless of your level.

    I could be wrong and some may have just been missed, but the AA's usually show expansion for the creation or current level, and they may be from a newer expansion that hasn't been auto granted yet.
  3. CatsPaws Augur

    First off if you just returned and are playing free as a silver account then your probably maxed on AA. You are able to keep all those AA you auto granted in the past but cannot earn more since your over the cap of 1000 for silver accounts or 250 for basic free. So you may want to consider going with a paid subscription once you figure out why you are missing some. Right now your roadblocked if playing free since you cannot even go out and earn those missing ones until you pay up.:D

    Look in the box at the bottom of your AA screen and make sure your filters are not blocking so you seeing the whole story.

    Next look in the boxes above the filters and see the description of the AA - does it require a higher level of something else? Do you have the expansion it is tied too? (that one shouldn't matter as all players get up to EOK free now and it was automatically put on your account when you logged in ) And there is a tab to the right of that box that says "next level" and it will show you the requirement to get next level of that AA - check it anyway and see if it gives a clue.

    Now the other thing is since 99 there have been consolidation of many AA - just like there is another consolidation coming up. It may be that AA you are missing was not around back then or if it was it was something else.

    The only guides for AA are so out of date they would be no help. I think that is why the levels are shown in the AA screen
  4. Sarkaukar Augur

    Also, at one point last year some AA were also reset due to some being redone/combined, so logging in and not reapplying the extra AA could have some of the freed up AA removed due to exceeding the free AA cap.
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  5. Ueauvan New Member

    i have lifetime and all expansions, i kept it going even when i only logged in occassionally, so i have always been able to get autogranted aas. the expansion thing makes sense. be nice if lifetime they were all granted though :)

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