AA: Malo Nerf

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Izzemelon, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. McDougal Augur

    The range is greatly reduced also if you haven't noticed.
  2. Eaedyilye Augur

    So I'm playing a different game? I'm happily going about my way and not knowing my class? I have mostly raid gear. My spell line up is the same thing is the same thing everyone else uses. I've played since 2002. My DPS and my ability to kill hasn't suffered. I still can kill ROS named molo.

    I'm annoyed that one of my long term abilities has been nerfed. I get around it. just like all the other mage nerfs we've endured. I'm usually # 1 or 2 in the parses I'm involved in, even after the nerf. So, if someone doesn't care for a nerf and just doesn't shrug it off, that hardly means they're playing a different game. But I suppose, when I said sarcastically when I was angry, "mages need help" that will be used against me till the end of time. Getting an unnecessary nerf isn't my idea of improving the game.

    I guess we'll see if this just vanishes into oblivion or will be addressed by the devs. I would appreciate an answer from them, I don't care about speculation.
  3. Desk New Member

    Where's the video of you moloing a grotesque succulent in OT?
  4. Eaedyilye Augur

    Now I didn't say I beat every ROS mob moloing did I? I believe I found a strategy to beat a grotesque succulent. I just got to tweak my approach slightly. Figuring out stuff and overcoming it is half the fun of this game. Right? I prefer it like that. There needs to be a challenge and a grotesque succulent is definitely one I wouldn't want it any other way. But if you don't believe me. Come on and hunt with me Desk..

    However, I don't get this attitude by some posters. I don't like the malo nerf and voice my displeasure yet I get attacked. I'm not the enemy but I'm treated like one. I just want an enjoyable game. No, I'm not asking to one shot current content or insane DPS. All I want is malo back, or make malos less resistant. It's not fun hitting malos AA over and over hoping it will stick. If it reverted back to the way it was before the last patch, I would be happy.

    Anyway, some stats. In OT. I killed 44 mobs in this session. Malos was resisted 15 times. Not that bad so I went to HS. I was so tired I didn't stay long. I killed 8 mobs and malos resisted 10 times. Last night in HS the the % of resists seemed about the same. Arisen Fenistra the named that spawns in the pit popped twice for me. The first time I got molos to stick on the third try. The second time it stuck on the first try. Remember though, maloseniac eminence was on it so malos usually has no problems when the pet procs this. Maloseniac Eminence needs to be upgraded if malo/malos doesn't get addressed.
  5. It's Not A Rabbit! New Member

    Sorry if I missed this, but did a dev actually say WHY this was changed?

    TBH there have been a lot of 'we meant well' kinda changes with the current team (really not being sarcastic here).

    Maybe they meant it to make it easier since in theory you would free a current rank spell slot.

    Does anyone know?
    Maybe they can put it back the way it was.
  6. segap Augur

    The way I read your post was that mages are weak and need a boost. That is most definitely not the case. Perhaps you just used a poor choice of words, or I just misread what you wrote.

    Then again, using the argument of raId gear, same spell set, played since, etc doesn't demonstrate any sort of mastery. It shows a misunderstanding of what it takes to maximize a class.
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  7. Eaedyilye Augur

    OMG, I do not have misunderstanding how to max the class. I don't have any idea why people get this idea. I've studied and played the mage for years, read message boards about how to improve and tried different things. I've moled/soloed, grouped and raided. But who cares what I've said or done. . Come hunt with me. See if I don't know how to play.

    Now where did I say mages are weak? I never said that? I said in an angry sarcastic way that mages need help. And now I'll have to live with that for eternity. I should've put a sarcasm emoji by what I said, maybe then people would get it and not accuse me of not knowing how to play because they disagree. Sometimes I hate message boards. I try to get people to agree that the malo nerf wasn't right and all I get is grief. WTF man.
  8. smash Augur

    You a lorekeeper, so you been around for long, so you should know by now, that if things can be twisted to another way that you intended, it WILL be.

    So be more careful.
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  9. Cicelee Augur

    With all due respect, your first posts on this thread talked about the AA malo change as "destroying magician DPS" and you said something to the effect of that if this is not changed then our class will be "broken".

    I think when a player reacts to a change with the words "class is destroyed, class is broken" or equivalent, it is going to be met with some feedback that said player may not like. Especially when every non magician (and the overwhelming majority of magicians) think the class is doing just fine and far from "broken" and "DPS destroyed ". Yeah we do not like these changes, but to reach for those two words that *you* used is a bit much...
  10. Eaedyilye Augur

    Sometimes one must exaggerate a bit to get heard. I was angry and said things in haste. I also care about the fate of the magician class. We've endured nerfs in the past and basically had to change our approach because if it. While this turns out not to that big a deal after testing, which I pointed out in latter posts I'm still not happy about it and would like an explanation from the devs. That would put this to rest.